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Lucifer's Seeds

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The fallen angel, Lucifer tends to revenge on humanity through his apocalypse. With this, he bore six daughters to help carry out his wrath on humanity, five from his demon concubines but one from a human princess whom Lucifer fell deeply in love with. Unfortunately, this last daughter of his, Maria, a human, raised in a convent as a nun, who was said to be the greatest among her sisters will end up becoming a torn in Lucifer's flesh. Will Maria join Lucifer and her sisters in the destruction of the human race or will she fight to save humanity?


Darkness replenished everywhere as the screams of dying souls could be heard from afar.

Deep inside the Underworld, a bottomless pit of shadows with a labyrinth of darkness.

The thick coldness was felt mixed with the burning heat of a fire.

Seated on the throne was Lucifer, surrounded by the six princes of Hell. His eyes shone with anger and discord as he looked at each one of them with fiery eyes.

"Silence!" He roared with authority bringing fear into their hearts as the room became silent and cold.

Beelzebub, the lord of flies, was seated before him. Her overflowing white hair swayed in its beauty. Her eyes were red as flames, crimson irises with a cloven tail. White terrible-looking horns with chitin spikes cutting through her hair. She sat opposite Lucifer with her flowing white gown, jewelry, and bracelets on her as she stared at the others with pride.

Abadon glanced at her with deception; he is known as the demon of destruction. He has the body shape of a horse with crowned human faces, women's hair with sharply pointed lion teeth that made him so terrifying to look at—long wings with iron breast-plates and a tail of a scorpion stinger.

"We are sorry, my Lord," Mammon let out, daring not to look at Lucifer's face. He is the demon of greed and wealth—a soft, handsome feature but with the personality of a wolf.

Belphegor, who sat beside him, nodded slightly. She is a beautiful woman with no clothes on; she is known as the demon of seduction. Smiling, she turned her gaze to Asmodeus, who rested on his seat, stroking his beards as he stared at his companions.

He is the most handsome of them all, good manners with the spirit of calmness engaging nature and its beauty. But he has a clawed leg, which makes him walk in a limp; he is the demon of Lust.

Finally, Sathanas is the last prince of hell. His dark and short features with horrible-looking horns, claws as he breathes in the smoke of fire as he puffed out, showing no sign of fear but anger.

Lucifer stares at them, rubbing his long claws on his seat. He slowly touches his beards, thinking in deep thoughts.

"You all are wasting time!!" He roared fearfully as his eyes flared.

Placing his claws together, looking at his demons one after the other, they stared at him in a panic, wondering what was in his thoughts.

A smirk came across Lucifer's face. "I will take care of this myself, I have been waiting centuries for this, and I won't let it fail."

" You!" He growled, pointing at Mammon, "I want you to go into the world and plant beads of greed; men are so attracted to wealth, this will be my first hook. Go and come back with nothing but success!" His red eyes blaze in rage as the whole room shook, filled with his power.

This is just the beginning, a war between good and evil!.


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