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Desperate is a sentence mostly used to explain some few attempt of careless actions. Alice was no exception. She had a good husband and lived a peaceful kingdom but she was not contend and needed even though him continuously disapproved of her attempt. She still stubbornly went in search for a child and ended up with zero achievements. She involuntarily gave up the search however a woman came to revive her hopes. She followed the woman with a high hopes to a forbidden forest to acquire for a child one could tell that the forest speak of danger as the clouds bright sky changed into darkness. She was to far deep to back down. "Alice why? why? you know very well about the predicament of your actions I guess you don't want to enjoy your baby." "Come on Rebecca you worry too much nothing happen to my baby and I promise I will go see the Goddess." "When? When? When Alice? It has been seven months since you got pregnant and you have not gone to see her. This is the kind of greedy people I was talking about when they get what they want they forget how to be grateful and thankful. They forget about their own end of the deal." "I beg your pardon Rebecca!!. What do you mean by that?" Alice Shouted at Rebecca. "You have no right or what so ever to say that to me or do you think you are the only one with problems? Now let me tell you I can choose to go to the Goddess or not. It has nothing to do with you, you have helped me and I am grateful. But you have no right to tell me what is expected of me. To hell with her and her stupid exchange. What can of Goddess will give someone something and required for an exchange tell me Rebecca?"

Chapter 1 Successor

A Raven bird flew across sky, finding a place to rest. It aimed for a building and landed on the roof.

A young woman came out holding a basket. She hummed a song and went over to feed the animals in the cage.

"Hey dear, have you missed me?" She laughed "oh I'm sure you have" she spoke to the animals.

She noticed a hen struggling to move with a broken leg "oh no poor you." She spoke, her eyes were filled with pity.

"You know I can't do anything right?" She whispered as she checked the animal's leg. It was broken bad, probably when it was dragging for food. She thought she gave them abundantly.

She stood "I guess it's a goodbye then" she took the animal with her and locked the rest in the cage.

The woman went back inside and head to a room with a burning fire at the corner.

She placed a pot on top of the fire. "Don't worry Mr hen. I'll make sure to remove your feathers gently" she rubbed the back of the hen.

After preparing everything, she carried them with her to drop it on the table.

A man not as young as the woman walked in elegantly, he was handsome even though he was older.

The woman smiled when she got a glimpse of him.

"Honey You're back" she cheered.

"Honey how are you doing?" The man query as he stepped inside the dining room.

The woman envelope him in a tight hug.

"You should freshen up first dear" the woman suggested.

"Sure I will do that, but just a minute, wait before I go or don't you miss me?" The man acted pitiful to which the woman laughed to.

"Of course I do, but dinner is going to get cold if you don't go any moment from now." She informed.

"Okay fine, since you don't miss your husband enough to at least spend a moment with him." He pulled back and walked away.

She smiled sheepishly. She sat around the dining table. Her mind became overwhelmed with the thought of a child as she looked at the three set of chairs.

She needed to give her husband a child, he was getting old day by day and needed a successor.

She was so deep in thought that she didn't even notice that her husband was done, and was already sitting before her.

"Hehehe." He cleared his throat to get her attention.

"Ohh dear, you scared me. I can see you are so clean now." She smiled "alright let me dish your food my sweet looking husband." She said trying to hide the sadness she was feeling.

"My wife sure knows that her husband is good looking." He replied giving her a simple smile. But worries were hidden behind that smile.

"Hahahaha yes I know my husband is good looking and most of all he is adorable." She said presenting his food before him.

"Yummy." He said dipping his spoon inside the food to his mouth.

She smiled seeing her husband reaction.

"Go easy on yourself there's still plenty to eat my husband."

"How can I go easy on the food when my darling wife prepared it herself."

"Hahaha stop being such a sweet man. alright eat up okay."

After the couples Were done eating, they got ready for bed. Alice couldn't sleep so she stayed up thinking.

Alice thought about her arms around her baby as tears filled her eyes. Her husband Thomas couldn't help it then turned and wrapped his arms around her so she won't feel alone.

"Thinking again?" He asked in a low tone

"Hmm. Thomas what do I do to get pregnant and make you happy Thomas?"

"Who said am not happy Alice? I am happy as long as I have you am happy, you do not have to worry okay, I will always be by your side." He kissed her hair.

"Thank you Thomas for being patient am lucky to have you."

"No. I am lucky to have you Alice. So let's go to bed and try not to think anymore okay."

"Okay good night Thomas."

"Good night Alice."

They both hugged each other to Bed.

Chapter 2 UnHappy

"Good morning honey." Alice greeted her husband who was already dressed for work.

"Good morning my beautiful wife."

"I see my husband is dressed and looking handsome as always."

"Yes I am. And I will see you later in the day when I am back." He said, planting a kiss on her forehead.

"Huh? I thought you said you are going with me to the market today?"

"Yes I did say that. But the knights from the palace are coming to get some Swords for the king's guards."

"As we all know the king is doing everything possible to keep the kingdom safe for the arrival of his unborn child." By saying that Thomas realized he had made a mistake.

Thomas Aberforth was not bothered about the situation. But his wife Alice was seriously in need of a child. that she could do just anything for it.

Alice Visited so many temples to pray, so she could get pregnant but everything was pointless.


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