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Sarah Daniel

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About me

Hi Readers. Am Author sarah Daniel. I will like you guys to always drop a comment on my books and show some love be nice I promise I will always give you guys my best.


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Desperate is a sentence mostly used to explain some few attempt of careless actions. Alice was no exception. She had a good husband and lived a peaceful kingdom but she was not contend and needed even though him continuously disapproved of her attempt. She still stubbornly went in search for a child and ended up with zero achievements. She involuntarily gave up the search however a woman came to revive her hopes. She followed the woman with a high hopes to a forbidden forest to acquire for a child one could tell that the forest speak of danger as the clouds bright sky changed into darkness. She was to far deep to back down. "Alice why? why? you know very well about the predicament of your actions I guess you don't want to enjoy your baby." "Come on Rebecca you worry too much nothing happen to my baby and I promise I will go see the Goddess." "When? When? When Alice? It has been seven months since you got pregnant and you have not gone to see her. This is the kind of greedy people I was talking about when they get what they want they forget how to be grateful and thankful. They forget about their own end of the deal." "I beg your pardon Rebecca!!. What do you mean by that?" Alice Shouted at Rebecca. "You have no right or what so ever to say that to me or do you think you are the only one with problems? Now let me tell you I can choose to go to the Goddess or not. It has nothing to do with you, you have helped me and I am grateful. But you have no right to tell me what is expected of me. To hell with her and her stupid exchange. What can of Goddess will give someone something and required for an exchange tell me Rebecca?"


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