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In the peaceful kingdom of Bryxton, two centuries of harmony and tranquility suddenly come to a shattering halt as chaos erupts. The once serene city is now gripped by fear and despair as the people of the Devil kingdom launch a ruthless war, mercilessly killing and infecting the inhabitants of Bryxton. Amidst the turmoil, the citizens find themselves torn between overwhelming terror and the allure of power. Some opportunistic individuals, sensing a chance for personal gain, begin flocking to the Devil's town, hoping to align themselves with the forces of darkness. In the midst of this turmoil, the king turns to the ancient prophecy that speaks of saviors who will come to rescue the kingdom from its darkest hour. The prophecy holds the promise of hope and restoration, but it also raises many questions. Who are these chosen ones? Can they fulfill the prophecy and save Bryxton from its imminent destruction? As the kingdom teeters on the brink of annihilation, the chosen heroes must embark on a perilous journey to uncover their true destinies. They will face daunting challenges, confront their inner demons, and forge unlikely alliances along the way. With time running out and the fate of Bryxton hanging in the balance, the chosen ones must summon their courage, harness their unique powers, and ultimately fulfill the prophecy to restore peace and harmony to their beloved kingdom. Will they succeed in their quest against the forces of darkness? Only time will tell if they can overcome the obstacles that stand in their way and emerge victorious, bringing light back to Bryxton and ensuring its survival for generations to come.

Chapter 1

Elkano, the king of Lucia, was a powerful and respected leader among his people, the Devils. He ruled over his kingdom with fairness and justice, but he was also strict when it came to certain matters. One day, Elkano scolded one of his warriors who had gone on a blood lust, killing mortals to feed on.

"Our kind is to stay in our world," he said firmly. "They do not walk amongst the living, killing mortals to feed on. Isn’t this why we are created? We are called Devils for a reason, we feed on blood."

The warrior seemed to challenge Elkano, and the crowd that had been roaring in loud noises went silent immediately as they saw the head of the warrior falling from his body and dropping to the ground. It all happened in a flash, as Elkano dashed towards the warrior and with his bare hands ripped off his head from his body.

"Let this be as a warning to everyone present," Elkano declared. "Because of his act, we would be going to war, and lots of our dear ones would be lost, for we know not the kind of magic or powers the mortals possess. No one is allowed to leave Lucia and feed on any mortal they see."

Elkano's words echoed in the silence that followed. The other Devils knew better than to question their king's orders, and they knew that Elkano's warning was serious.

"Brother dreams do have effects upon the choices we make," Lokia whispered to Elkano, who was his elder brother and king of Lucia. "The mortal kingdom seeks our destruction, and we must give them a taste of what destruction feels like."

"The deed has been done, and we cannot change that," Elkano said, his voice firm. "But we will fight." And with those words, the war between the Devils and mortals began.

As time went on, Elkano and Marie fell deeply in love with each other, and their marriage brought peace and harmony between the two kingdoms. The people of Lucia were amazed at how the once feared Devil King could fall in love and marry a woman from Bryxton. Elkano showed the world that he was not just a powerful king, but he was also capable of love and compassion.As the war between Lucia and Bryxton raged on, Elkano, the Devil King, led his armies into battle with fierce determination. The sound of clashing swords and screaming soldiers filled the air. Suddenly, a horn blared from the palace, signaling danger. Elkano knew what this meant – it was time for the Devils to be Awakened.Bryxton began to retreat, but it was too late. The armies of Lucia, now strengthened by the Devils' Awakening, had the upper hand in the battle. Elkano fought at the forefront, taking down Bryxton soldiers left and right. Unbeknownst to him, this was a trap. The mages of Bryxton had planned to lure Elkano out so they could capture him.As Elkano faced off against Luta, the King of Bryxton and a powerful mage, the two engaged in an intense battle.The battle raged on for days, with both sides suffering heavy casualties. Elkano himself had fought tirelessly, leading his army of Devils into battle. As he faced off against Luta, the King of Bryxton, he could feel victory within his grasp. But just as he was about to strike the final blow, he was suddenly surrounded by mages from Bryxton who cast a spell on him.Elkano felt his powers wane, and he fell to his knees, stunned by the sudden turn of events. He was captured and brought before King Luta, who surprised him with a kind gesture. Luta recognized that the two kingdoms had no need to fight each other and could become stronger allies. He proposed a peace treaty, and Elkano eventually came to terms with the decision, putting aside his pride and trusting Luta's word.Elkano was captured, and the war came to an end. The two kingdoms agreed to a peace treaty, thanks to the kind gesture of King Luta. He recognized that the two kingdoms had no need to fight against each other and could become stronger allies. Although it took some time, Elkano eventually came to terms with the decision and decided to trust Luta's word for peace. The two kingdoms began to work together and prosper, putting their differences aside and forging a new path forward.

Marie, on the other hand, found herself in a strange world, surrounded by creatures she had only heard of in stories. But she was determined to make the best of her new life, and she soon adapted to her new surroundings. She was accepted by the people of Lucia, who came to see her as one of their own.

Elkano and Marie's love for each other grew stronger every day, and they ruled their kingdoms together with wisdom and compassion. Their love story became a legend that was passed down from generation to generation, a symbol of hope and peace in a world torn apart by war and conflict.

Years went by, and Elkano and Marie grew old together, but their love never faded. When Elkano eventually passed away, the people of Lucia mourned him deeply, and Marie continued to rule the kingdom in his memory. Her reign was one of peace and prosperity, and she remained a beloved figure to the people of Lucia until the end of her days.

Over time, the two kingdoms began to work together, forging a new path forward. Elkano and Luta became close friends, and they spent many hours discussing ways to improve the lives of their people. They worked to bring about a lasting peace, creating new trade agreements and building bridges between the two kingdoms.

There was news of a recent alliance between two kingdoms, and a mortal had married into a kingdom that people feared. Everyone wondered about the fate of this woman - would she survive to see the next dawn? Eventually, the marriage brought peace back to both kingdoms, but not everyone was pleased with the truce.

As the years passed, Lucia and Bryxton prospered, and their alliance became stronger than ever before. People no longer feared the Devils of Lucia, and the werewolves who lived within Bryxton's borders were no longer hunted. Elkano had learned a valuable lesson about the importance of peace and cooperation, and he was grateful to have such a wise and compassionate friend in King Luta.

Lokia, the brother of Elkano, had always wanted their kingdom, Lucia, to be superior to all others without any alliances or compromises. He despised his brother for marrying a wolf girl, who posed a threat to their kind because any vampire bitten by a wolf could not be healed. Lokia's hatred made him stay away from his brother, but he never acted against him.

Twenty years later, Marie became pregnant with Elkano's child, and she gave birth to a son. However, during childbirth, Marie's power was being drained into her son, who was destined to become the greatest in all the kingdoms. With the help of her husband's strength, Marie managed to conceive a boy named Azazel before passing away. The news spread, and King Luta paid a visit to Elkano to offer his condolences and pay tribute. With the passing of Marie, the wolf clan became extinct as she was the last of her kind.

Elkano found some solace in Luta's visit, who reassured him that everything would be alright. He now had an heir to the throne, and he should be happy that his wife gave birth to a strong child who would be the beginning of a new era. Luta also brought a seer who would reveal the prophecy for the future. The seer prophesied that a marriage between a male and female child would bring about the end of the world and the beginning of a new age. The world would enter a golden era, where everything would return to normal.

The seer looked at the king and spoke confidently, "I foresee great things happening for you and our kingdom. Your son, who has just been born, will be able to change everything for us." As they both looked around the room in confusion, the seer suddenly announced that there was someone who wanted to speak with them. Before the king could react, a woman dressed in white robes entered the room and greeted Luta politely. The king was intrigued and willing to listen to what she had to say. However, before he could speak, Elkano suggested that Luta should take the woman as his wife. Although taken aback, Luta was seeking a wife, and he couldn't resist the urge to accept Elkano's proposal. The woman's beauty was astounding, with a face as radiant as the sun and a smooth figure. Luta couldn't keep his eyes off her, mesmerized by her small but ample breasts. He accepted Elkano's offer, and they spent the night feasting together before Luta returned to his kingdom the next day with his new bride.

After Marie's passing, Elkano's brother Lokia plotted to overthrow him and take the throne. However, Lokia knew he needed to wait until Elkano's son, Azazel, was older to make his move. For 15 years, Lokia waited and watched as Azazel grew into a handsome young man who showed no signs of having any special powers. When Elkano's family finally returned home, Lokia struck at night, as if he knew that was the best time for a coup. Elkano had his suspicions about his brother but never thought it would come to this. Nevertheless, Elkano became extremely cautious and stationed five men to guard Azazel's door at night. Unfortunately, Lokia managed to kill all the guards and murdered Azazel in his sleep. He then disposed of the boy's body in the river to cover up his crime. When Elkano received the news that his son was dead, he was devastated.

After the tragic loss of his son Azazel, Elkano was consumed by grief and unable to sleep. He spent every night awake, drowning his sorrows in drink and tears, unable to find solace or comfort. Despite the efforts of many well-meaning friends and advisors, no one could console him or alleviate the weight of his suffering.

As days turned to weeks, Elkano's advisors grew increasingly concerned about his state of mind. They feared that his grief and despair would lead him to make rash decisions, and that his kingdom would suffer as a result. They began to plot ways to help him heal and move forward, but none of their plans seemed to make a difference.

Meanwhile, rumors began to spread throughout the kingdom about the circumstances surrounding Azazel's death. Some whispered that it was the work of an enemy kingdom, seeking to destabilize Elkano's rule. Others claimed that it was the result of dark magic, wielded by an unknown and sinister foe. While some were aware it was the work of Elkano's brother Lokia. As the rumors grew more wild and outlandish, Elkano's advisors struggled to separate fact from fiction and uncover the truth behind Azazel's untimely demise, but as they kept getting closer to the truth, Lokia kept buying them over to his side, and whoever refuses, he sanctions and orders for his death.

Despite their efforts, however, the kingdom remained in a state of mourning and uncertainty. Elkano's grief was a palpable presence in every corner of the land, and his people looked to him for guidance and reassurance. But as the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months, it became clear that Elkano was a changed man, consumed by a grief that would not be easily assuaged.

Elkano, still reeling from the loss of his son, began to notice a strange shift in the behavior of his advisors and elders. They were more distant and unresponsive than usual, and Elkano couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. He knew that his brother Lokia had always been power-hungry and manipulative, and he began to suspect that Lokia had somehow managed to buy the loyalty of those closest to him.

Determined to uncover the truth, Elkano launched an investigation into his brother's activities, enlisting the help of a trusted few who he believed were still loyal to him. As he delved deeper, he discovered a tangled web of bribery and corruption that had ensnared many of his advisors and elders. Lokia had been using his vast wealth to buy their loyalty, and many of them had been secretly passing information to him.

Elkano was heartbroken to discover that those he had trusted and relied on for years had been corrupted by his own flesh and blood.

Elkano knew that he had to take swift action to prevent his brother from overthrowing him. However, little did he know that his brother had already made plans to attack him that very day.

As the day wore on, Elkano received news that Lokia is already launching an attack on his castle.

Chapter 2

In a small town called Tania, there lived a fisherman named Klaus who had a routine of fishing in the sea every evening. On this particular day, Klaus felt a tug on his net and pulled it out of the sea, expecting to find a huge fish caught in it. But instead, he found a boy tangled up in his net. The boy seemed lifeless, and Klaus feared the worst.

However, Klaus quickly sprang into action and pulled the boy out of the sea, taking him back to his home. He lit a fire and heated some water to treat the boy who had been in the sea for over a day. Klaus sat by the boy's side as he drifted off to sleep, hopeful that he would recover.

As the sun began to set, the boy opened his eyes, much to Klaus's relief. The boy introduced himself as Azazel and revealed that he was supposed to be dead. Azazel explained that he possessed the blood of the Devils, making him immortal, and his powers had awakened at the point of death. When his uncle had attempted to kill him by slitt


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