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Immortal Lover

Immortal Lover

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Andrea Dale will never know how fate cheats on her. After her father left her with nothing and gave everything to her stepmother, the bad luck keeps following her. Andrea thought that she was so lucky when she met Edgard Ashford, a man who helps her but... she was wrong because of the fact… Edgard is not Edgard is something dangerous. "What... what do you want?!" Andrea shouted towards something dangerous that imprisoned her body as she was still insisting to break free even though she knew that's impossible. "Ariadne, I am waiting for you all this time." Edgard stared at Andrea with his amber eyes. His sharp gaze fixed on her as if he observes his prey carefully. "What... I am not Ariadne..." Andrea took a deep breath before she looked up and stared Edgard back bravely. She wanted to show him that she is not afraid of him even though his evil smirk framed his cold face. "Then prove it." Andrea is trapped because of Edgard always following her as if she is his slave and what she wants is free from him but how?

Chapter 1 : History Of Sleeping Leader

The old people told us so many stories and as the times passed by… No one believes it and story after story becomes a myth, buried in the darkness and let fate reveal it one day.

Immortal Lover


Year of 1789

In the dark night, there is a young woman in a carriage. She wears a new beige gown as her beautiful petticoat folded gracefully while she sits quietly as if there is something in her head. She looked at the crescent moon that was hanging on the dark sky through the carriage window beside her. Her gaze implied the emptiness that she felt in her heart all this time and she knew that she would meet her end soon. She also realized that she couldn’t ever cheat her destiny.

“Madam, we arrived.” The driver looked so hesitant. He looked to the right and turned to the left several times to make sure that everything would be alright to make sure that everything would be alright because everyone had known the bad rumor about the mansion. The driver looked so pale when he saw there was a man standing right in front of the mansion gate as if the lady was the one that he was waiting for.

The man wore black tuxedo with white linen shirt. He looked so amazing. An enchanting smile framed his cold beautiful face before he took a step to open the carriage door and offered his palm to help Ariadne who was still in the carriage to get down.

Ariadne looked at the gentleman and smiled. Actually, this kind of smile was something that the man was waiting for all this time because he wanted to be with someone that he loves with all his heart but Ariadne looked a little bit hesitant before she took a deep breath and accepted the gentleman’s palm to help her.

“Ariadne, are you ready?” The gentleman smiled again while he put Ariadne’s palm on his arm before he took the other steps into the mansion, but not long after that, Ariadne stopped and that made the man startled before he looked at Ariadne, “Ariadne, what happened?”

Ariadne stared at the luxury mansion that was just a few meters away from their spot. Her lungs burst as the loud music heard from the mansion. For a while, Ariadne looked at the man who stared at her in curiosity. She knew after she got into the mansion, she would never be the same anymore or perhaps, this would be her fate.

Ariadne looked at the man again while her palms slid on his neck as she took a move to kiss the man who stood in front of her at that time. Ariadne knew what she had done was insane but she didn’t want to regret not taking this chance, before everything became too late so Ariadne had decided to took the risk.

Ariadne admitted their kiss touched something in her heart. Even though his lips felt so cold like ice, she loved how he treated her gently. He treated her like a precious thing. She immersed in his gentle kiss but her awareness made her stop. At that time, Ariadne tried to compose herself and not let her heart lead her mind.

As for the man, he looked so startled but later, he just let Ariadne sweet lips touch his lips gently while she just let the man cupped her jaw while she took out a dagger from her sleeve as the man thought Ariadne wrapped her arm on his waist. Actually, Ariadne was prepared to die in that man’s palm since she had decided to took out the dagger.

At the time…

Ariadne stabbed that man’s back so hard. She knew that she had to kill him before her time was over. At another second, the scream and growls broke the atmosphere. The music played from the mansion stopped. Suddenly, the mansion wrapped by the darkness along with the dark mist surrounded Ariadne as the young woman could feel her death was near but one thing that she had never known before…

Ariadne had never thought that witnessing the man who was in love with her in great agony would cause more pain in her heart. Something that she had never experienced before.

“Edgard…” Ariadne’s voice trembled as her tear had fallen down and made her face wet instantly. She was shocked when she saw Edgard’s body collapse in her embrace. “Edgard, you can kill me,” she pleaded as if she didn’t care there were a lot of creatures that wanted to hunt and kill her after what she did to Edgard.

Ariadne also didn’t think if the kiss become painful memories for the young man as the burning sensation and the pain from the wound torture him so bad. The dagger that Ariadne had been used to stab him was not just a common dagger but the dagger of the vampire slayer. It used to kill the vampires and now he was trapped because of the fake love that Ariadne showed to him.

Actually, Edgard could hear Ariadne’s plea but at the same time, he also didn’t want to hurt Ariadne after he saw her devastated face. At that time, he had thought about how to survive. He would make this woman regret, after what she had done to him. Edgard is a leader and he had had to survive no matter what and he needed the fresh blood but looking for the blood at that time seemed impossible.

There was a part of him that felt so hesitant to kill Ariadne because his feeling towards Ariadne is real, but the betrayal that she faces felt so painful but to kill her felt more tormenting. Edgard also had never felt something like this before and this made him angry, sad and a lot of emotion that he felt at that time and made him so confused.

“Kill her!” Edgard heard someone from his clan ordered to kill Ariadne. He realized that he must be insane because he didn’t want to see Ariadne die in front of him or let Ariadne become his clan’s prey. No one can touch Ariadne, but him.

Edgard wrapped his arm around Ariadne’s waist. He knew that they had to go soon if he wanted to save Ariadne. Even Edgards felt hatred towards Ariadne since she betrayed him but at the same time, he couldn’t deny that he loves this woman with all his heart. He also realized the worst case, he would die because of the dagger effect on his back but he hadn’t any intention to kill Ariadne.

“Edgard,” She whispered as Ariadne’s devastated face was ignored by Edgard.

The misery and agony reflected so clearly through his pale face but Edgard kept the pain for himself so he decided to escape alone but soon Ariadne wrapped her arms around Edgard’s neck. At that point, she was ready to die if Edgard threw her body but Edgard didn’t do it. He stopped at a dark forest, the quiet place as the white mist made everything seem blurry and there were both of them.

“Edgard, you can kill me.” Ariadne trembled when she saw Edgard’s body collapse again.

The thick darkness surrounded them until there was nothing that they could see but each other’s face. Edgard chose to keep his mouth closed because he didn’t have any energy left. Even if he got the fresh blood, it couldn’t help him from this dagger effect. Even though he knew that woman had betrayed him and even wanted to kill him, he still loves her.

Edgard’s eyes almost closed when he heard Ariadne’s voice calling his name a few times. He could sense the pain when Ariadne’s scream filled this place before everything became so dark. As if the world had closed for him as the memories and agony were buried with his cold body in the deep of darkness.



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