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Goodnight Katelyn

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Katelyn can't let go of her past, which has caused her trauma and fear of men. She is unable to get into a normal relationship due to her mother's engraved words that she should not trust men since they are wolves in sheep's clothing. Her father abandoned them to marry another woman, causing their family to collapse and, especially, to believe her mother's words. Until she grows up and experiences a strange dream. In that dream, a man always visits her every night and helps her overcome her fears. A man she didn't know made her feel a peculiar thrill she'd never had as a woman. What if she somehow learns the man in her dream is actually someone she knows? What if she discovers his true intentions for her? Can she learn to accept it? Can she learn how to love that man? Or will she escape the beautiful dream it brings?



My mother has constantly told me not to trust men and to be cautious when they are near me because you never know what they hide behind those lovely smiles they offer every woman.

My mother's remarks that men are all ravenous wolves pretending to be good-hearted sheep have been instilled in me from an early age.

She stated that men would only be good at the beginning. That they will only show you their positive aspects at first, that they will give you everything you want, show you everything you want to see, say you the words you want to hear, and make you feel special with their love—but only until they have your whole trust and heart.

Everything guys do or say is a ploy to get a woman to say yes.

And it is only when you ultimately enter a relationship with a man that you will begin to notice and see the truth behind those lovely words, chocolates and flowers, and fleeting pleasures. You will witness a wolf disguised as a sheep, waiting for the ideal chance to bite your heart into bits, leaving you all alone as they look for their next victim while you are left behind, struggling to mend your broken heart on your own.

My mother taught me many things, especially about men, and I have all of those things engraved in my head, and it has always served me well as a weapon against those men. But now, I'm not sure I'll be able to protect myself against a wolf lurking around me, let alone the temptation that this strange man offered me. Every night, this man comes to me in my dreams and whispers my name in my ear in his seductive voice.

A man whose face I shall not remember long after I've opened my eyes.

C H A P T E R: 1

C H A P T E R: 1



The sun's brilliant light woke me up early in the morning. As I opened my eyes, I noticed my bedroom window was open, allowing a fresh gust of air into my room as well as the sun rays that passed through the sheer curtains.

I carefully stepped down from my bed and moved towards my window when my eyes had acclimated to the brightness. I pushed the curtain back, stretched, and peered out the window to see the magnificent view outside my own bedroom.

"Hmmm... that explains why it's a bit chilly this morning. It was because the rainy season had already begun," I uttered. Then I noticed the dream catcher that was hanging just next to my window.

It has been a long time since I had this thing with me. This dream catcher was a gift from my mother when I was a child, and she told me that this dream catcher would catch any bad dreams that might enter my bedroom.

She kept reminding


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