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Cold Wave, Superpower Reanimator's on Judgment Day

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In the aftermath of a frigid apocalypse, a protagonist is reborn gifted with a mysterious spatial ability that sets him apart in this desolate world. He emerges as a powerhouse with the ability to manipulate space, enabling him to swiftly escape crises and amass a wealth of precious resources amid the lingering chill of the cataclysm. As the protagonist rises to prominence, he establishes a formidable stronghold amidst the ruins, attracting the attention of other survivors. However, this new world is rife with unknown dangers and conflicts, and the protagonist must continually develop his supernatural abilities while navigating the complex tests of human nature. In a world where resources are scarce and trust is as precious as betrayal, the protagonist must find a path to survival in the icy wasteland, leading readers on an adventure filled with uncertainties in this post-cold apocalypse.

Chapter 1: After the end of the world, I was reborn

Pain, too much pain!

Bone-deep pain permeated Zhang Yi's entire body.

This was not a feeling, but a reality that had actually happened to him.

At this moment, he was mercilessly trampled on the ground by his friends and neighbors who he had once trusted and helped, with fists, feet and even sticks raining down on him.

In this post-apocalyptic world where supplies were scarce, they even disregarded the help that Zhang Yi had given them in the beginning and moved against him!

In his dying moments, he vaguely saw the goddess of his heart, Fang Yuqing, standing behind the crowd, shouting with force in a pitiful manner, "I was the one who let him open the door, you guys have to give me an extra share of the supplies!"

It was this woman who tricked Zhang Yi into opening the door and then killed him.

Zhang Yi looked at her, his eyes filled with hatred and remorse.

He could only blame himself for being too stupid and too kind to be reduced to a stepping stone for others in this post-apocalyptic world.

How he wished that everything could start over again.

At that time, he would no longer be merciful to anyone and would only live for himself!

Zhang Yi soon went dark and lost consciousness.

However, in the very next moment, his eyes snapped open before he sat up from the sofa.

The hellish scene that he had just experienced, the horrible pain was fresh in his mind.

Zhang Yi panted heavily, and his body was quickly drenched in sweat.

"What's going on? Wasn't I killed by those beastly neighbors?"

After regaining his senses, Zhang Yi began to survey everything around him.

This place was not unfamiliar to him, it was his own house.

The cozy temperature in the air, however, made him feel unusually surprised.

It was because in December 2050 of the Western Calendar, the Blue Planet was affected by the explosion of a supernova half a million light-years away, ushering in a global Cold Weather Storm.

The global temperature plummeted, and the daily temperature in Tianhai City where Zhang Yi lived was 60 to 70 degrees below zero, and the blizzard continued for a month, flooding the entire city.

It is said that in the north of China, it even reached a horrible minus 100 degrees, and the earth was buried in ice and snow.

All sorts of creatures are extinct on a large scale, even human beings have died more than 95% in this disaster.

Zhang Yi stood up, took out a bottle of water from the refrigerator, and drank half of it.

Although the temperature of the refrigerated water is very low, but for him now, this kind of water is like a magical liquid.

In the last days, the only way for people to get water was to go out and brave the extreme low temperature of minus sixty to seventy degrees, digging snow to melt into water.

Such an operation could easily cause people to freeze to death.

After drinking the water, Zhang Yi opened his cell phone and took a look.

The time "November 12th" was displayed on it.

There was still a whole month before the end of the day.

"It looks like I was reborn."

Zhang Yi took a deep breath and quickly realized what had happened.

That month's experience could not have been a dream, especially the pain of being disintegrated was too real.

Zhang Yi lifted his head, and after being reborn after the robbery, his heart was a million times more grateful.

At the same time, his eyes flashed with an incomparable glare.

Those people who had killed him in the beginning, he remembered them clearly.

In this life, he must live well and would not show kindness to those beasts again.

Moreover, under the premise of guaranteeing his own safety, he had to ruthlessly take revenge on those รท beings!

However, right now, the first thing that Zhang Yi needed to consider was how he could keep himself alive in the midst of the end of the world that would descend in a month's time.

Zhang Yi's own living conditions were quite good.

His parents had died years ago, and he had inherited a house in Tianhai City with 120 square feet.

He has more than 2 million dollars in savings, which is quite generous in normal times.

However, with the advent of the end of the world, there will be a great shortage of materials all over the world.

With this amount of money in his hands, it wouldn't last long.

After all, it took a massive amount of supplies to keep a person alive.

With the ability to prepare in advance, Zhang Yi did not only want to stay alive, but also wanted to have a certain quality of life in the future.

Food and entertainment had to be taken care of, otherwise, the spirit would definitely be broken after a long time.

And weaponry was also a must, only then could he protect his safety and complete his revenge on his neighbors.

Just then, a ray of white light suddenly appeared in front of Zhang Yi's eyes.

He felt that it was his right eye that was a bit blurry, so he reached out to rub it.

But all of a sudden, an odd thought sprang up in the middle of his brain.

It seemed that the ray of white light was itself a part of him, and the information of the white light appeared in his mind.

With a thought, Zhang Yi's consciousness instantly entered that white light.

As a result, when he went in, he realized that it was an immense and incomparable white space.

The area inside was unknown how big it was, and there was only a large blank space.

"This is ...... an alien space?"

"It seems that I have some special abilities after being reborn."

Zhang Yi's heart was instantly delighted.

It looked like the passage of the gamma rays had mutated his body and produced transcendent powers.

With this huge space, it would be much too convenient for him to store supplies for Doomsday.

However, Zhang Yi wanted to know how many things could be stored in this space and whether there was any limit to the objects that could be charged.

His consciousness immediately returned to his room and then began to try to put things from his home into the space.

At first, he started with the teacups and washbasins, and they were easily put in.

Zhang Yi began to try to put all the big appliances inside.

Color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, computers, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners.

The white space came and took all these things in.

Moreover, as long as Zhang Yi had a thought, he could take things out of the space.

However, some objects that were subjected to strong external forces and did not exist alone were difficult to be included in the space.

For example, if he tried to gouge out a piece of floor from the ground, there was no response.

"There seems to be a lot of rules in the alien space, I need to take my time to figure it out."

"But this huge space alone that can organize objects will allow me to store vast amounts of resources!"

He licked his lips and had a bold plan in the center of his mind.

Zhang Yi's job was that of a supervisor at the Walmart Supermarket's South China warehouse.

As the world's largest supermarket, Walmart had all the goods it needed.

It had three giant warehouses in Central, South and North China.

The size of these three warehouses is terrifying, especially the South China warehouse.

It was built in 2040 and was 1500 meters long and 720 meters wide, covering an area of millions of square meters! It was the world's first giant warehouse!

It was once hailed as the eighth wonder of the world by the president of Wal-Mart Greater China!

Of course, there are only seven wonders recognized by the world, and the eighth wonders are all rated by themselves, as many as a few thousand.

But the area and storage capacity of the South China Warehouse is indeed the crown of the world's warehousing field.

The supplies standing inside it could supply the consumption of tens of millions of people in several cities for a week.

In other words, as long as Zhang Yi emptied all the supplies of a warehouse and carried them to his own space.

Then he would not be able to use up that much supplies even in ten lifetimes, not to mention a lifetime!

The most crucial thing was that Walmart's quality control was very strict.

There were no miscellaneous goods of too low a grade inside the warehouse.

Whether it was food, departmental supplies or luxury goods, they were all big brands with a good reputation.

If Zhang Yi could empty one of the Walmart's warehouses, he would not only not need to worry about the supplies for the coming apocalypse, but he would also be able to live a very dashing life.

As the supervisor of the warehouse, Zhang Yi was incomparably familiar with every shelf and monitoring equipment in the warehouse, as well as the personnel scheduling.

Wanting to empty the warehouse was definitely not a difficult task for him.

After making up his mind, Zhang Yi's heart was much lighter.

"Gu Gu~"

Right at this moment, Zhang Yi's stomach let out a protesting growl.

Zhang Yi touched his stomach and glanced at the cassoulet rice bought on the table.

Zhang Yi stroked his chin and hesitated for a while before he finally smiled and shook his head, choosing to give up eating takeout.

"It's the end of the day in a month, so many delicious things have to be eaten in a hurry, or else we won't have the chance to do so in the future. Why bother still being so stingy with yourself."

He had survived a month in the midst of cold and hunger, and at this time, he desperately hoped to eat some hot and delicious food.

What was the point of keeping this money thing?

After the end of the world, the money would all become waste paper, so it would be better to spend it all now so that it wouldn't go to waste.

Zhang Yi turned around in a dashing manner, ready to find a high-class restaurant that he couldn't afford to go to before, and have a good meal.

Chapter 2: The Serpentine Woman

Zhang Yi stepped out of his house, and there was a peaceful scene outside, filled with the joy and coziness of the earth.

Many parents brought their children and played in the square of the neighborhood with happy smiles on their faces.

However, Zhang Yi knew that in a month's time, all of this would come to nothing.

He quickly stepped out of the neighborhood, not far from the neighborhood there was a Michelin three-star western restaurant.

A meal will cost at least five or six thousand dollars, in the past, Zhang Yi could not afford to go in for a meal.

But now he doesn't care.

He had come back from the dead and had to celebrate!

After entering the restaurant, Zhang Yi found a window seat, and then the most expensive dishes above all ordered, and asked for a bottle of Lafite Rothschild red wine.

This set down, fifty thousand dollars spent down.

Even the waiters inside the restaurant looked at Zhang Yi with ambiguous ey


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