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Alpha Arthur

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He challenged a witch and lost to her. A curse was placed on him. He will suffer before he finds his mate and he must do so before he turns thirty-five. Only when he finds his mate will this curse be broken. And for many years, Arthur Murray, the most powerful Alpha, searched for his mate and Luna. But when he finally finds her, he discovers she carries a blood that he has hated all his life. The blood that has hunted his clan down for decades. A human! His next hated people after the vampires!Eleanor is the future Luna of Crescent pack and mate to Alpha Arthur. Something she would learn and detest. In her parents and the world's eyes, she is just a human but could she really be more than a human? A mysterious circumstance surrounds her birth. One that took her mother's life and made her family hate the werewolves blood with everything in them. Although she was taken away after her birth to a far away land to evade her destiny, only time will tell what fate awaits her and her destiny. Find out in this thrilling read the fate of Arthur Murray and Eleanor Samuel. Will love conquer at the end or will they both rather die than accept a different blood in their lives? How about their families, clans and root, will they sit and watch as the blood of a human and a werewolf merge?


His paws thudded heavily against the rattling leaves as he ran in the woods hoping to evade the hot chase from the human hunter. He could hear the loud yelling from the human ordering him to surrender or risk losing his life. But he would rather die than heed to his wish. He thudded deeper away from the woods.

Instinctively, he knew immediately that the human was on the verge of releasing an arrow towards him. His eyes caught a tree a few steps in his front. He swerved with full force and dashed behind the bark of a tree. The arrow missed him and flew past the tree. As the man made to pick another arrow, he snuck out of his hiding place and ran off.

He was able to lure the man away and slowly crept out once he was sure he was gone. His face rumpled with a deep snarl. Fuvking humans! He hated them with everything in him. With a growl, he started off to their hideout still fuming.

Still in his wolf form, he crept into the place through the backdoor which only he knows and changed back to his human form. His teeth clenched hard as he located his clothes and bundled himself up.

His name is Arthur Murray. The Alpha king of the Crescent moon pack.

The image of the human hunter that had chased him in the woods still lingered in his head and made his blood boil the more. He had only let his wolf out for a little hunting, having no idea he would bump into the one he and every werewolves dreads the most. Pure Humans! The sight of a werewolf makes their fingers itch to kill.

In the last decades, they had chased and made sure to end the lives of any werewolf they set their eyes upon.

From a distance, their hatred for the werewolves could be smelled. Arthur scoffed with irritation. If only they knew he hated them as much as they do. It wouldn't take him a sweat to kill them as much as they hunt his clan down but then he wished their existence remained known to only those that deserve to know.

But something baffled Arthur the most. It has been some years since peace returned to the werewolves and the humans believed them to have finally disappeared until all of a sudden a particular human family picked a strange interest in seeking them out, ending their long run of peaceful times.

He swore to find out everything about the human family coming after his clan.

Seconds later, a rap sounded on the door and someone barged in.

"Who are you? Show yourself!" A voice bellowed behind him.

Arthur, who had been facing the window in the half thickness of the room slowly turned around to meet the gaze of Dennis.

"Oh, Arthur? It's you." He gently lowered his guard. "It's so dark in here. Something wrong with the windows? When did you get back?" He asked, stepping further into the room towards the windows. He pushed them open and the breeze rushed in almost instantly.

Arthur shrugged, forcing his stifled shoulders to relax. He wanted to share his latest ordeal with Dennis who happens to be his Beta but thought against it on a second thought. He would have to find out for himself.

"Take me to the men." He said with a deep voice mentally ignoring his questions.

Dennis nodded and started to lead him to a room. They walked past a poorly lighted passage, past a few rooms before getting to the last of the rooms lined up in the building.

Dennis pushed the door open and they stepped into an empty room which led them outside of the rooms. There stood huge able bodied men in training. As soon as they saw Arthur coming down towards them, they halted and waited for his arrival.

Getting to them, Arthur casted a look at them. Their muscles and broad abs shoot out quite well enough to convince anyone they have been training really hard. He nodded within him without saying a word, his facial features still as hard as a rock.

"You are dismissed!" He told them before turning to walk away.

He got into his car after mind linking Dennis to round up everything else and head home before he drove away.

The sourness of the morning event was still fresh in his head and had s*ck*d up any iota of happiness he might have been lucky to have that very day. Still he has important things to take care of and couldn't afford to let it dwell in him for long.

Minutes later he drove into his house in the crescent pack. Parking the car in the car lots, he hurriedly stepped out of the car and started towards the house.

"They are here sir," one of his men approached him and said to him. The man, Jeremy by name, hastened up trying to meet up with Arthur's quick long strides.

"Start sending them to me at once." He ordered without stopping or decreasing his pace.

Jeremy nodded and turned around quickly. He hurried into a room where some women were gathered.

"Quick, the Alpha is back. Get them ready at once."

"They are ready," a woman in her mid forties announced, getting to her feet. Her eyes strayed and rested on one of the girls. "You! Go first!" She said pointing to one of the girls. The girl nodded shyly, feeling both lucky and pleased at the same time. "Yes ma'am."

The other girls weren't so pleased that she was chosen first ahead of them and kept on shooting her jealous glares.

She sent them a smirk after which she followed Jeremy out of the room.

Jeremy led her upstairs until they got to a door. He tapped lightly on the door announcing his presence. Not a single sound came in from the room. He waited for another few seconds before he slowly pushed the door open and stepped in. Then he scanned the room for Arthur's presence. He was about to call out for him when Arthur's voice sounded from the washroom.

"You may leave."

Startled, Jeremy nodded, "Yes sir." Then he turned to the now awed and overly excited girl. "Sit here and wait. Do not touch anything. " It was more like a warning but the girl didn't mind so long as she gets the opportunity to be in the arms of the most handsome and most powerful Alpha.

As soon as Jeremy shut the door behind him, she gently lowered and perched herself into the bed as she let her eyes fed itself with the beauty of the room she was in. As opposed to what she and every other girl had thought, it was exactly the opposite. She had fancied seeing an eerie feeling atmosphere room filled with dark wallpapers and decorated below with really dark marbles. One that would suit the exact personality of the owner of the room.

She sighed as she let herself sink properly into the cozy bed while running her hands softly on it.

It was finally her turn to meet with the Alpha king. She has waited so long for her turn. It was a moment every werewolf woman dreamed of.


While in the washroom, Arthur had heard Jeremy walk into his room but had waited for a while before announcing his presence. He sighed, breaking out of his worrisome thoughts. Grabbing the large towel and wrapping around his body.

The presence of a girl in his bedroom, just like any other day in the last years reminds him of a time he wished never happened yet couldn't find himself regretting his actions.

Challenging a witch and losing to her was one thing but living with the burden of her curse is another. Many years have passed yet the curse has followed him ever since then.

He would suffer before finding his mate. To make it worse, he must find his Luna mate before he turns thirty-five or else he will die.

Ever since the curse was placed on him, Arthur thinks the day suddenly goes faster than normal. Now he is on the verge of clocking thirty five and yet to find his mate. His fears are heightening as the days go by. With the time ticking faster than anything he had ever known, Arthur could feel all the toughness he thought he had masked himself with all wearing away.

All he had done ever since then was search for his mate at all corners of the werewolves world. But he keeps meeting disappointment.

Where in the fuvking world is she hiding? He keeps asking himself. He hoped one of the ladies he would be meeting that day would be her. He wasn't sure how much longer he would go on searching. It wasn't only time running out of his hands but his strength and patience as well.

His wolf let out a deep grunt within him. He stepped out of the bathtub and slid his feet into his flip flops after which he began to walk out of the bathroom with water dripping down his body and trailing his path.

Getting into his room, he could see his guest already comfortable on his bed. Just like every other girl brought to him, she was dolled up real good. His mood switched up instantly and like a predator that just sighted his prey he marched towards her.

The girl was startled at first as she had wandered off in thoughts and didn't know when he walked up on her.

"Urhm…" She stuttered but Arthur was quick to place a finger across her lips. That was enough to render her already jittery body speechless. "You don't say a word. I do the talking and you only respond when I ask you to…"

She nodded hurriedly as if in total surrender with a gulp as her heart pounded with pleasure and excitement.

He began to lean in towards her and with a snap, he tore off the tiny weak strap hand that held her skimpy dress.

He let out a deep grunt, sniffing her scent and approaching her face slowly. With a quick reflex, his hand circled around her and he shoved her bosom to meet his hard chest. He stared at her eyes for a second, a minute and a little more time. He felt nothing. Not a feeling to go further but a clear feeling that she was nothing close to being his mate.

She isn't the one. He needed no soothsayer to tell him. There isn't a connection nor the bond that his mate should carry. He let his face fall and swallowed past his clenched teeth as he straightened up.

But he wasn't disappointed. Although sad to have yet another fruitless search, Arthur had long forgotten how to feel disappointed with time.

"Leave." He said to her quietly and started out of the room.

"But… haven't…" the girl tried to protest but her words had only hit Arthur's back and bounced back to her as he vanished from the room.

Sadness engulfed her as she picked herself up to leave. She had thought she would be the one. The long awaited Luna of Alpha Arthur and Crescent moon pack. And like every other girl that had stepped into the room, she made her way out, sad and disappointed.

The other girls were sent in and as usual, Arthur sniffed and sought for his mate in them but in all, he never found his mate. He was left disappointed once more with no hope of finding his mate anytime soon.

"Get out!" He ordered the last of the girls as he sank into the bed breathing heavily with disappointment. He barely sat for a few seconds before forcing himself to his feet. He briskly walked to the large calendar board. There, it was. He only had but three weeks to find his mate or he would die. His feet fell back and his breathing hiked. A sudden tightening tied around his chest and then the numbness came. He staggered away from the board.

"Jeremy…" he called, making his way out of his room.

"Jeremy!" He called again this time with more strength.

Jeremy dashed into the room as soon as he heard his master's voice.

"Speak my Alpha." He bowed.

"Search all the nook and crannies of the City

and bring every single werewolf lady to me right now…every single one of them without a mate that hadn't appeared in my front…bring them all to me!"

"But the…"

"I said now!" He roared, flashing Jeremy a sharp glare. One enough to shove back his words down his throat. Since they had searched in the packs and not his mate was found then amongst some of the werewolves families that migrated into the nearby city, Arthur believes his mate must have to be among them. Whatever it takes, even if it means disrupting the peace of mere humans which could bring attention to them, he was willing to risk it all.

Without another protest, Jeremy turned and walked out to do as his master had ordered.


"Damn! That bastard wolf! I missed him!" Bob cursed bitterly bringing his horse to a sharp halt. His teeth gritted coldly. He scanned the woods for any sight of him or even another unfortunate one of their likes. The werewolf he thought he had just caught had disappeared. He knew a little more distance and he could find their hideout or something that might lead him to them. But he would only be asking for his death if he walked in there. He was totally outnumbered and would be peddling.

"Nuisance!" He cursed again.

Disappointed, he turned around and headed home knowing he would fume the rest of the day for missing such a great opportunity to bring his enemy down.

"Uncle Bob!"

It was the sharp squeak of his little niece that greeted him as he entered the house. A wide grin spread in his big face as he rid himself of his boots and proceeded in whilst Eleanor ran to meet him halfway. She jumped into his big arms and he scooped him up as if she weighed nothing.


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