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His fated obsession

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"Yes." Her voice, loud and clear, resounding in the silence of the cold car. "I will do it." She said and paused. "But on one condition." "And what would that be?" he asked impatiently with brows raised. "Be my Lover." *** A senile father, a demeaning slave-driving job, and a life devoid of joy were the perfect descriptions for her life. Avery, a regular human girl never thought it would get any worse but it did. Everything was falling apart and as inconsequential as she was in the grand scheme of things, she couldn't do anything to stop her government and the famed and powerful vampire clan from doing whatever they wanted. Damien had never been one to submit to power or will and not especially now when his vampire counterparts and even the weaker humans were blindsided by the power they thought they had. They were causing havoc in the name of making peace and he wouldn't stand for it. Power he would lose, acceptance and dignity would flee from him but he wouldn't stand and watch injustice take place. What happens when these two determined souls find each other? Do they connect beyond understanding and achieve their common dream or would everything that separates them be what would end them?

Chapter 1

"Thank you," Avery said with a smile as she received a tip from the last customer. Gathering the nearly empty bottles and glassware from the table, she proceeded towards the counter. Her muscles were tense, and she felt fatigued from the demanding workload. She glanced at Jeffrey, who was meticulously wiping a wine glass while wearing a smirk. Having worked tirelessly throughout the day without breaks, Avery noticed that her colleagues would take their lunch breaks while she remained at the bar. Their boss had promised to increase the wages of the employee who demonstrated the most dedication, and Avery needed the additional income. Facing financial constraints at home, Avery intended to restock their food supply from the local grocery store. However, given her current state, she was limited in what she could accomplish. "Would you please refrain from staring?" she politely requested, following it with inaudible mumbling that only she could hear, while Jeffrey chuckled to himself. Avery sighed and eventually collapsed into a chair, utterly exhausted. "You appear fatigued," Jeffrey commented as he draped a linen towel over his shoulder, observing her intently. Without waiting for a response, he proceeded to gather the bottles from the table. "You shouldn't be exerting yourself to this extent," he advised, carefully placing the bottles into a crate. Avery sighed once more as she leaned against the counter, resting her head upon it. "Goodness, I believe I'm experiencing a migraine," she lamented, disregarding Jeffrey's comment. He glanced at her briefly before attending to the glassware. Avery sat up and sighed again. Surveying the nearly empty bar, her gaze shifted towards Jeffrey, who clattered the glassware back into their designated spots. "You really shouldn't be assuming my responsibilities," she reminded him, although her remark went unnoticed as he continued washing, wiping, and returning the items. "Jeffrey, I am capable of handling this myself..." "Is it true?" Jeffrey abruptly interjected. He ceased his wiping and stared at her, placing his hands on the table. Avery furrowed her brows in confusion. "Is what true?" she inquired, studying his facial expressions. Jeffrey let out a deep sigh. "Are you doing all of this in pursuit of a raise? You do realize that he won't provide any additional compensation, right?" he asked, displaying genuine concern as he maintained direct eye contact. "And why are you so invested in my decisions?" she countered, rising slowly from her seat. "Please take care not to break those," she cautioned, pointing towards the glasses. As Avery made her way to another table, the door on the left side of the room, leading to the office, creaked open, and a young woman entered the bar. Avery's gaze followed the girl as she emerged from her boss's office, seemingly searching for someone. The girl's eyes eventually locked onto Avery, and without giving a second glance, she approached and delivered a message. "Hey Avery, you're being summoned," the girl stated, pointing towards the closed door, before swiftly departing without further acknowledgment. "What am I being called for?" Avery inquired. "How would I know?" came the dismissive response. Avery glanced at Jeffrey, who returned her gaze after briefly observing the departing girl as she exited through the main door. Avery shifted her attention back to the office door and took a deep breath. Why would Mr. Liam's son want to see me? Could it be... Oh my gosh! Could it be that I'm finally receiving a raise? Avery wondered with delight, hastening her steps towards the office. She lightly knocked on the door three times and awaited permission before gently opening it. Inside, she spotted him sitting behind the office's solitary desk, intently typing away on the computer. Since joining the establishment, Avery had often wondered why her boss had a computer in his office. On multiple occasions, she had glimpsed him diligently working on it, resembling a professional in a corporate setting. Perhaps he was a writer? This was the only conclusion she could draw, but she hesitated to pry into other people's affairs. "Ah... Miss Avery," Sabastian greeted, briefly glancing at her from his computer. He smiled, abandoning his work to focus his gaze on her. "I must say, you have been performing admirably in recent days. How is your father doing?" he inquired, reaching for a drawer. "He's..." "Please, have a seat," he interrupted, pulling out a cigar from its box and lighting it before placing it in his mouth. "Um... I would appreciate knowing how I can be of assistance. It's getting late, and I would like to head home," Avery informed him, while he exhaled a thick puff of smoke from his cigar. "Ah, yes... my apologies," he said, staring at the cigar in his hand for a brief moment before extinguishing it under his foot. "Avery, I was thinking... why don't you take a break from work for a while? You seem quite exhausted..." "You don't need to worry about that," Avery chimed in with a chuckle. She ran her hand through her hair and sighed. "And why is that?" Sabastian inquired, slowly standing up and walking around the desk, eventually sitting on its edge right beside Avery. "I'm perfectly fine, and I'm not feeling fatigued at all. You needn't worry, but thank you nonetheless," she replied, offering a faint smile. Avery's smile gradually faded as Sabastian's hand slowly moved towards her cheek, intending to caress it. Subconsciously, she leaned back slightly. "Is something amiss?" Sabastian asked in a disappointed tone, frowning at her reaction. "Why do you keep pulling away?" he questioned again. "I don't understand what you mean." "Avery, I know our initial encounters were not ideal, but..." Sabastian began, pausing momentarily before continuing. "In these past few days, I've realized that I'm starting to fall in love with you. I just can't..." "It's getting late," Avery interjected, forcing a smile as she stood up from her seat, a furrowed brow on her face. "I'm sorry, Sabastian, but I'm simply not interested." She declined his advances and proceeded towards the door. However, before Avery could reach the door, Sabastian swiftly positioned himself in front of her, blocking her path to the office's exit. "What are you doing?" Avery asked, and at that moment, her instincts kicked in. She noticed a glass jar on a nearby chair, not too far from where she stood. "Avery, I..." Sabastian paused, contemplating the right words to use as he slowly advanced towards her. "What? You know, you..." Before Avery could complete her sentence, Sabastian 's lips suddenly landed on hers, his tongue slipping into her half-opened mouth. Avery's eyes widened in shock, and for a moment, her mind went blank as she struggled to process what was happening.

Chapter 2

"What the hell?!" She exclaimed and forcefully pushed Sabastian away from her. With a bewildered expression, she questioned his actions and instinctively took a step. For several tense moments, Sabastian remained silent, his disappointment evident. As he approached her, Avery retreated, her gaze fixed on both Sabastian and the jar. Confusion clouded Avery's mind as she demanded an explanation, 'Why are you doing this?' A sense of urgency surged through her as she realized it was nearing curfew. She needed to leave before risking arrest by the military. With an imploring look, she locked eyes with Sabastian. 'Please reconsider,' she pleaded, tightening her grip on the jar. Suddenly, the door burst open behind them, startling them both. Avery's heart leaped, fearing it was a patrolling military guard who had overheard their conversation. Escape seemed impossible, as the government had declared


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