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A wolf in Oakville

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A widow's only son left his hometown to find means of survival. He couldn't help being lazy while his mother starved to death. In the faraway country, life was so unfair. He is used and dumped by a sly philanthropist who robbed him of his earnings. On the payday, a tussle broke out between the widow's son and his manager who was a beta wolf. The course of the disagreement resulted in the manager's transformation into a wolf, as she attacked the widow's son. Jordan's return to his hometown has brought a once peaceful place to its knees. After series of attack, Jordan, was declared wanted. However, the lycanthropic spell spread over the land, and those affected were hunted down. The only way to resolve the issue was a war between humans and Werewolves. Werewolves' had their ways in the fight and their freedom was inevitable.


A wolf in Oakville is a fictional work of art, couched in the genre of "paranormal."A widow's only son left his hometown in search of a greener pasture. His hope to bring home the bacon is thrashed in a country where wolves walk the day as humans and cause calamity in the night as wolves.He is scratched by a wolf in the course of a tussle over his earnings. His return to his hometown has brought a once peaceful community to its kneel. Oakville is on the run!AuthorTo my readers, this work of art is purely the product of merging ideas together. However, I am sure that the plot of this work which is filled with suspense, cliffhangers, among other writing techniques, would surely keep you thrilled as you embark on the journey of reading this piece. Also, Jerry Okon, is the rightful owner of this novel. Therefore, no part of this novel should be plagiarized or published elsewhere without the author's copyright.

Contents Chapter 1: Wise Man on the sick bedChapter 2: Brandy is missingChapter 3: I have to goChapter 4: Azazka is filled with wolves Chapter 6: A Wolf in Oakville

Chapter 1: Wise Man On The Sick Bed

The room is dark and the man on the bed is half-dead. This is the fourteenth day after he was attacked by some wild beast while embarking on a hunting trip. He is a hunter, who met a bad fate two weeks ago.

The time is about a quarter to 3 AM in the village of Oakville. The village is known for its accommodating atmosphere of crime-free episodes, harmony and love among its inhabitants. The village bond among its inhabitants is strong to the extent that the village sets out dates, probably, once a year, to mark the anniversary of another peaceful year in Oakville

This was always done because Oakville had had a series of wars in the past, which almost saw its disintegration. Thanks to Lord Kemuel.

The only son of the sick hunter has been keeping watch over him, just after his mother had completed her watch shift. The lantern in the room, which gives brightness to it, has been put off because the sick man could not sleep with it being lit.

The son had jus


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