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50 ghost stories

  • Genre: Paranormal
  • Author: Mn
  • Chapters: 103
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 157
  • 7.5
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"Unlock the door to a world where the boundaries between the living and the dead blur into chilling tales of the supernatural. In this haunting collection of 50 ghost stories, prepare to be transported through time and space, from the shadowy corridors of Victorian manors to the eerie silence of modern urban streets. These tales will grip your soul with heart-pounding fear, send shivers down your spine with spine-tingling suspense, and touch your heart with ghostly encounters that linger long after you've turned the last page. From spectral apparitions seeking justice to restless souls seeking closure, each story unravels the mysteries of the afterlife in its own unique way. You'll encounter a diverse cast of characters, from the living to the dearly departed, as they grapple with the unexplained and confront the unknown. With every turn of the page, secrets will be unveiled, and the darkness of the supernatural world will envelop you. As you journey deeper into this collection, you'll question your beliefs, your reality, and the very essence of life and death. Are you brave enough to face the ghosts that dwell within these pages? Turn off the lights, lock the doors, and start reading if you dare, for once you enter this spectral realm, there's no turning back."

Chapter 1 [The Home of Ghosts]

The true home of ghosts—their graves—is what the Hani couple dug! This Haney couple is Sam Haney and Judith Haney. In the eighties, they bought a house in Houston, Texas, as a hobby. Seeing the house, they felt like it was their dream house. And after buying a house, they also started the state’s business.

So, Sam thought, what if a house with so many hobbies didn’t have a swimming pool? They decided to build a swimming pool behind their house. But without thinking about the swimming pool, a strange-looking old man appeared. Come and say, ‘Where you are thinking of building a swimming pool, there are many old graves. You have no less courage. You have already built a house in the cemetery, and now you are thinking of digging a grave and making a swimming pool!

Sam fell from the sky. That is called If there is a cemetery here, why was the house built? Have you ever heard of building a house in a cemetery? Still, when the old man said, Where is the problem to dig? He started digging with a spade. After a while, the spade started to know what to do. See what? Pine wood. Looking at the topsoil by hand, it’s really a coffin! When opened, it looks like a skeleton inside. Digging a little further, he saw another coffin. Inside this coffin, on the ring finger of the left hand of the corpse, it means that the finger on which the wedding ring is worn also has a wedding ring! He immediately informed the sheriff. You think, Who is the sheriff again? Hey, in that country, the police officer in charge of the police station is called the sheriff. It was found that this is a very old grave; most of the bones have crumbled. Most of what is there is getting crushed without being caught. Digging around, it was found that there were many more coffins. That means the strange old man’s words are true. There was a cemetery here long ago.

What else to do? Sam pushed the thought of the hobby swimming pool out of his head. But a new insect has entered the head; whose cemetery is it? Whose graves? And how is this cemetery abandoned? Sam finds a man named Jasper Norton to investigate. He lived in this house long ago. He learned that not only their house but many houses in the neighborhood were built on top of an abandoned African-American grave. Do you know who is African-American? Those Africans who settled in America are called African-Americans. And earlier, they mostly went as slaves. Why, before the white people of Europe and America used the black people as slaves, don’t you know? Of course, this was a few hundred years ago. No one in the world is a slave anymore. The household servant is your hired servant. But by no means a slave, but a man. How will you treat him like that?

Not only that, Sam collected much more information about this cemetery. A total of 60 people were buried in this cemetery. The last burial was in 1939. No one else was buried here after that. If not, can you build a house in the cemetery? And the two graves that Sam dug—the two graves of 1930, Betty and Charlie Thomas — They were husband and wife again.

This is just the beginning of the story. The real story started then. Whether you know it or not, Sam dug two graves. Now who is stopping the owner of the grave, Betty and Charlie? They started teasing. Why don’t you start? Tell me. If you break your happy home like this, do you not tease? At first, they were just teasing Sam and Judith’s house. It was seen that the battery of their watch was left open. Or the water tap is opening and closing again. Sometimes the TV switches off. Or turning off the fan. After a few days, the haunting of the ghosts was not only limited to their house but also started in the neighboring houses. Day by day, the level of irritation increased so much that it became impossible for them to stay at home normally. One day, a funny thing happened. At night, Judith was alone, and Sam went to do night duty. That night, Judith heard someone push open the sliding porch door. But the door was locked. He knows that this cannot be the work of anyone else but Betty and Charlie.

He spent the night lying down with his eyes closed. In the morning, Sam actually got out of bed, opened the closet, and saw that his favorite pair of red shoes were gone! I can’t find it. The two of them searched all the rooms of the house, but they did not find any sign of the pair of shoes. I finally went to the back of the house and saw a pair of shoes beautifully arranged on Betty’s grave! After noticing that it was Betty’s birthday that day, Charlie gave him a birthday present—Judith’s pair of red shoes! Let’s see who is not angry! But there is nothing to do.

Day by day, their irritation started to increase. There are no trees anywhere in the neighborhood. If you plant a tree as a hobby, it will die after two days. Who knows how that dies? Whatever you do, nothing happens. And turning the switch on and off, opening and closing the water tap, turning the stove on and off—these are all there. It is connected to talking. Often they heard someone talking around them; a soft muttering sound could be heard. Now Judith girded her loins: Either yes or no. Ruined their graves, freeing them from the bonds of the grave. What more could they ask for than the life of a great man? If necessary, he will give his life, but this irritation and mental pain will not be there. He went to the backyard of Sam’s house and started digging a grave himself. After a while, his elder daughter, Tina, also came and put her hand in. Both of them dug a big hole within half an hour.

After that, Tina’s body started to feel different. He went to the drawing room and fell on a sofa. After a while, he started saying, ‘Mother, father, look at my baby. And what fear started playing in his eyes! And then his eyes began to close. No more words came out of his mouth.

Everyone was very scared. A psychologist was informed. But until he comes, Tina has to stay awake, or? Everyone started talking to him and trying to wake him up. The psychologist came and examined him and said that he had a major heart attack. Everyone tried hard to save him. But in the end, there was no benefit. Tina died two days later.

And what! Sam and Judith are going crazy over the loss of their daughter. Soon they left that cursed house. Settled in Montana. Thus, Sam and Judith were cursed by a gravedigger after losing their daughter. Curse of the gravedigger, what he and that!

Chapter 2 [Vivahati Bought The Flat]

Thus, Vivahati bought the flat. The flat is an old, dilapidated house built on some swampy land. Once, there were hardly any houses in these areas. The house that broke this flat It belonged to a zamindar at a dock site. When the zamindari went away, the descendants of the zamindars were also scattered in different parts of Calcutta. But the old zamindari mood did not go away. The zamindar’s sons did not like the old houses of that period. So it was left behind. Sometimes one or two tenants would come. He would leave again. A small fee. So the zamindar’s sons were not satisfied. They decided to sell the house. That’s why the new tenant did not sit. Because no one wants to buy a house with tenants.

Vivahati buys a two-room flat here. He lives alone with Pujo-Accha. Very devotional. He cooks himself.

He has a maid who helps him throughout the day. He spends his time talking with her.

Everything is good, but there is a feeling of discomfort. Vivahati found some eviden


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