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Attracted to You

Attracted to You

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Author: Pluto
  • Chapters: 1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 12+
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  • 3.0
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She has returned after five years to fulfill the promise she made with him. But five years is a long time. Things have changed now. She was wrong to assume that he would be the same. What if he is not the boy she fell in love with anymore? What if his heart had changed? What if he's attracted to someone with the same gender as him? Will she be able to love someone else again and accept the fact that he is not the guy who's destined for her? Will there still be a spark between them? or will they end up becoming rivals for someone else's heart?

Chapter 1

She ran out of the car when they arrived in front of the big house that she had left for a long time. Five years have passed and she is very eager to see everyone she left behind in the Philippines: his grandfather Gorsing, his dog Tobby, their helpers and especially the person she loves the most.

She spent five years in America and while she was there she prayed every day that the day would come when her parents would allow her to return to the Philippines. It's not because she was very patriotic, it's just because she left the person very close to her heart.

"Welcome home, Miss Sofia!" Greetings from the people inside their home. There was a big banner their two maids were holding, she only remembered their faces not their names. There were also party poppers and cake. You'll probably think there was a birthday party but no, Filipinos are just really hospitable and they love greeting their visitors with such warmness and enthusiasm.

She showed respect to her grandfather and to the other elders in the house my doing the "mano", the standard greeting gesture which is frequently translated as "bless" in English. In order to show respect for elders and to receive their blessing, mano is performed.

But her eyes were looking for someone only. Someone she longs to embrace.

Where is he? Is he still angry? Why isn't he here?

When she failed to find what she was looking for, she was disheartened. She immediately walked upstairs to her bedroom to express her frustrations. He was the only one who had given her the enthusiasm to travel to the Philippines, but now that thrill has been replaced with sadness. She knew it's her fault.

"Is he so angry with me that he can't even show up when I come back?" She whispered as tears ran down while lying on her wide and soft bed. She was so tired that she didn't realize she had fallen asleep.


He has been watching himself in the mirror for almost two hours, but he's still unsure of whether what he is wearing is appropriate or overwhelming. When he saw the arrival of her car, he knew she's back and now she had been there inside her home for an hour. Their homes are directly across from each other. The only thing separating these gates was a narrow road.

Should I go or not? Will I really show up?

He didn't know what to say to her. Will he tell her the whole truth? How? He sat quietly on his bed. "I can't," he mumbled.

"Dave, aren't you going to see her?" his mother asked while keeping an eye on him at the door,

He let out a deep breath before speaking. "I'm not ready to tell her yet."

His mother approached him while he was sitting. In the mirror, he can see that his mother has lovely eyes that are similar to his own. Of all people, his mother is the only person he trusts. Even though nothing is simple, he can manage because of her.

"Tell me when you can." His mother said. "For now, go to Sofia first, Grandpa Gorsing said she was looking for you a while ago."

"But I don't know if--"

"She is your best friend and I know Sofia will understand. She is a good child. You will know when the time is right. For now, let us get to know one other's new personalities." Mila interrupted what her son was about to say. She knew it's hard but she also knew that everything happened for a reason.

David seemed to gain confidence from his mother's words. He will face Sofia, he will face his best friend.

Dave hurried to his friend's house. He found her grandfather on the balcony. The old man said that his granddaughter was in her room. So, he sneaked into Sofia's room. They have been together since they were babies. It's like a magnet that can't be separated easily. Many people say that one day they will be married. Back then, he loved those words but now he doesn't know how to face the reality that those comments won't come true.

He saw her sleeping. Sofia has changed a lot, from her face, her skin, her height, her hair and even the shape of her body. His friend is not a child anymore, she is now a lady.

They were only the same age but Dave noticed all the changes in her. She's beautiful as ever, actually, a lot more beautiful now. This is the moment he's been waiting for, to see her again.

He watched the girl while sleeping. He wanted to hug her but something stopped him from doing that. He was pleased to simply look at the woman he had once loved.

Will you love me again? Do I deserve that love? No, I can't. I don't.


Sofia woke up when she heard someone's crying next to her. She got up and saw a young man. His face was buried in her bed so she couldn't see the man's face. His skin was white and smooth and he's wearing a black T-shirt. The young man had thick, straight black hair and a medium build physique.

"Hey." His face lifted up and she saw the handsome face of the man she had been looking for and waiting for. She gasped, "Dave?" and couldn't believe he was already in front of her. She thought he would not really come at all. "Dave, you're here!" She embraced him tightly.

She greatly missed him. Dave was startled by her hug, a hug he had wanted to do for a while but he didn't know why he couldn't do it. He wiped the tears from his eyes as he hugged his best friend.

Did she see those tears?

"Why are you crying?"

He didn't answer right away. Making a lie so that Sofia wouldn't get angry at him for not showing up earlier was so difficult.

"Sofie, I... I mean--" he stuttered. He didn't know where to start. He didn't know how to say it because even he himself was very confused.

"Ssshh. Dave, if you can't say it now, it's okay." Sofia said to her friend. She would not force the young man. She didn't want problems to arise immediately when they just meet again. She wanted to tell the man a lot and she also wanted to hear a lot from him.

"Thanks." Dave said.

"Dave, I have "pasalubong" for you!" She quickly got off her bed and went straight to her big suitcase that she hadn't let the servants open earlier. She looked for the pasalubong, a Filipino term for a gift or souvenir given to a friend or relative by a person who has returned from a trip or arrived for a visit.

She opened the suitcase then grabbed the CD which has the image of the English-Irish pop boy band in London, One Direction. "I got autographs from them during their visit and concert in Toronto, Canada. Don't ask me how." Sofia said happily. "Here, you said you wanted their autographs, right?" The girl added as she handed the CD to Dave.

"Wow! Thank you, Sophie!" There is a trace of happiness on his face. "Sofie, what... I was going to confess something to you... Sofie, uhm.. what.. I'm not--" He stuttered nervously. He was determined to say it but his mouth seemed unable to speak. It's because he didn't know what and how to start. He stopped when he saw that his friend was still wearing the ring he had given her five years ago.

"Dave, is there a problem?" She snapped at him. He stared seriously at her face.

"You still wear that ring?" He asked, more like a whisper.

Sofia smiled at her friend while reaching for his right hand. "Of course I'm still wearing it. Isn't this the symbol of our promise to each other?" The girl said. "You promise to marry me someday, Dave. And I'm holding to that promise. That's why I came home to the Philippines because I want us to fulfill our promise to each other." She added.

It broke his heart. He still loves her but he knew he can't fulfill that promise anymore. Everything changes since four years ago. It hurts him a lot! He couldn't do anything but to keep quiet and hug Sofia. He didn't have the courage to say anything to her because even reminiscing the past was a nightmare for him. He didn't want to talk about it anymore. He didn't want her to know, at least for now.

"Dave, do you still love me?" Sofia asked him. He broke away from their hug and looked at her straight in the eyes. He wanted to tell her the truth about him.

"Sofie, I love you but not like before. You know, right, it's been five years. Sofie, why--"

"Dave, I understand. I know you're confused." She sincerely said. "Do you have a girlfriend?" She asked.

"No, none. Of course none!"

"Relax. Maybe you want someone else right now but I will do everything to make you love me again. Dave, I will try and please, let me try to bring back the love we had years ago. We may be too young back then but I know it was real. It was real and this also proves it." She said then showed him the ring she's wearing. "Where's your ring, by the way." She asked the young man.

"Here." He showed her the ring he made as a pendant on his necklace. It was not a real golden ring but it's the sign of their promises. Back then, all they wanted was to stay with each other. They were young but love is not about age, it's about them, it's about what they felt and they believed it was real.

"See? Maybe we can bring love back to its old home, our hearts. If it won't work out then we'll find someone new, okay?" She said with a smile on her face. She was hurt when she heard from him that it isn't the same as before, but she can't turn back now. She loves him so much and she is willing to take the risk trying to bring love back to its home.

"We'll see. I'll try too but I won't promise because I don't want to promise without certainty. I'm sorry if I fail you this time. I didn't mean to hurt you." He said and he meant it a lot.

They do not hold destiny. They don't hold the weather. They do not hold the world. Change is inevitable even with our own feelings.

He will try even though deep down he believes it's impossible. He will do it even though he knows he can't. He'll take the risk. She'll take the risk too. All they have to do is try and wait if it will work out well.

Am I able to do it? Can I really bring back his feelings for me?


Will it work? I'm not sure. I'm scared. How can I tell her I'm gay? Will she hate me more?


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