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I Turned Gay After A Drunken Night

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Author: Rosel.Ly
  • Chapters: 242
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 6.5K
  • 7.3
  • 💬 255


“What's done is done! Let's just forget it!” He said and acted nonchalantly, even though he was cowering in fear because something was telling him that the stranger in front of him didn't intend to let go. The man's frown increases and Hayden swears that the temperature in the room increases multiple times. After winning over his heart and stealing his first, this boy wanted to avoid responsibility, which made Zenos annoyed. “You want to run away from me?” He asked in annoyance, and suddenly Hayden found himself under the man without even knowing how. “I'm just…” Hayden wasn't able to finish his words before he was domineeringly kissed by the stranger. Zenos used his left hand to pin Hayden's hand on top of Hayden's head effortlessly. Hayden tried to struggle and blocked the stranger's tongue from dominating his mouth by pressing his lips against each other stubbornly, but the man unexpectedly bit Hayden's bottom lips, making Hayden yelp in pain. The man used that chance to clean all the taste of strawberries in Hayden's mouth, while his right hand continued to stroke Hayden's body wantonly. When Hayden was starting to go dizzy due to shortness of breath, he was released by the man's assault. He breathed in and out rapidly and thanked heaven for the chance to live again. “You can't run away from me… You are mine” Zenos growled into Hayden's neck possessively. Hayden felt a shiver run through his spine after hearing the stranger's words. His breath hitched as the man licked his earlobe and kissed his neck with extreme familiarity, domineeringly. “Mine,” the stranger proclaimed again. The stranger gave a low curse word and rolled off Hayden's shivering sensitive body, “I'll spare you because you're still in pain. You won't be as lucky next time” he said and lifted Hayden's chin to peck him one more time while Hayden stared dumbfounded. As if thunderstruck, Hayden's inner self yelled as if he was finally enlightened, 'Next time?' Cover isn't mine, found online



Years back

On the outskirts of the city, the road was deserted with hardly any cars passing by except an expensive car that was parked near the road. Heavy rain was falling, and it was very chilly that late afternoon.

“Mom! Please don't leave!” A little boy of 6 years who was just dropped from an expensive car cried out, he was afraid of the things to come if his mother dumped him in an unknown and deserted place where there appears to be no signs of humans.

The little boy was a bit thin and malnourished, he was dressed in dirty and worn-out clothing from head to toe, but that couldn't even hide his handsome and noble expression. He cried out pitifully with tears streaming down his handsome little face.

He was trying to pull the woman's gown, but the woman looked unfazed, dressed in expensive luxury from up to down, she coldly pushed the small boy away with contempt and disgust written on her face while the guards watched everything nonchalantly.

The woman pushed the boy again when he tried to hold her expensive clothes with his dirty hand, which caused the boy to land on the main road while the woman turned away.

Unfortunately, a car was passing by at speed, and it was too late for the driver to avoid hitting the little boy.


The sound of a car crash filled the woman's ears, which caused her to turn to look back. There he was, the little boy crying a minute ago lying listlessly on the floor with blood filling beneath him, the woman's face didn't change. She turned back and continued on her way.

“Mom.” The little boy cried out in pain, the last scene he saw was his mother unfazed and turning her back on him as he fell into death's hand, yet he couldn't understand why she had always hated him.


'Hion has once again released an outstanding project that takes the whole world by storm. Well, no one expected that, not even me!” A newscaster reported. Her excitement could be clearly heard in her tone.

“Well, his project actually beat Company President Ryan's latest project. And the most exciting thing is that Hion, who just entered the business industry 3 years ago, is now the leading company in City B. It's just a pity that no one knows who the real owner of Hion is” Another of the four radio broadcasters announced that early evening.

“Actually, some people believe that Hion is a team made up of anonymous business wizards while some people believe Hion is a one-man-owned company, Newscaster Noah, what do you think?”

“According to my belief, Hion is probably an old man….”

One of the newscasters interrupted. “I believe women's capability shouldn't be underestimated these days. Hion is more likely owned by a woman. Women have shown great intelligence in the business world…”

“Turn it off,” Zenos said coldly as they made their way home that evening. Annoyance was written on his face as he listened to the endless banter that seemed to be broadcasted on every broadcasting station these days.

David immediately turns off the radio. “It's too much these days, can't they find something else to say? It's not like they'll find the real Hion unless he/she/they wanted to appear,” David was saying when a sudden ring interrupted his words.

“Jade called again.” He turned and said to Zenos, but Zenos ignored him. “Don't pick”

The car environment was silent until Jude broke the silence to discuss LIVE company matters while typing something on the laptop, “The stock rose by 3.49% tonight, the prediction is right…”

“Hm,” Zenos suddenly groaned, which interrupted Jude's report, and caused his friends to turn to look at him. Zenos then rubbed his forehead. He closed his eyes silently as the pain began again.

Jude stared at him worriedly and stopped his typing actions on the laptop, “You aren't sleeping enough these days?” he asked in concern. “The heating?”

“No, it's not,” Sean answered. “I heard him last night, the nightmare, and trauma are recurring!” Sean said as he peeled a banana away from its wrap and put it into his mouth.

“Eat fruit, eat fruit. That's all you know!” David scolded and smacked Sean's head. Sean waved him away and signaled him to keep his shut and not to disturb him.

Jude powered off the laptop, closed it, and placed the laptop beside him. He lifted his hand and tried to touch Zenos's forehead to feel his temperature, but before he could, Zenos coldly opened his eyes and stared at Jude coldly, making Jude's hand freeze in the air.

Jude snorted angrily and turned away from Zenos, his concern disappearing immediately. “I hope you're pained to death!” he said sarcastically.

“You'll be disappointed!” Zenos replied without opening his eyes.

“Did I say we were going home before? I changed my mind.” Jude said. “Let's unleash this lonely billionaire, as you said!” He muttered.

“I told you it was written on the search engine that the method has always been effective in letting off steam. He'll probably see someone that'll catch his eyes this time!”

“Hopefully, his little brother would rise for that person too!” Sean joked, causing laughter, while Zenos scoffed at the lame joke.

After the laughter, David turned to Zenos with seriousness. “Zenos, when are we leaving that family?” He suddenly asked, which caused Sean and Jude to nod heavily.

“Not yet!” Zenos without hesitating replied coldly.

“Ok.” His friends agreed because they believed every one of his moves had always been well-thought-out and well-planned.


Hitchville high school is one of the most expensive schools in Country L. It is situated in Green City, one of Lake State's reputedly most expensive, opulent, elite, and rich man's cities.

Only the wealthiest out of the wealthiest and the most brilliant children have the qualifications to get admitted into Hitchville!

Just by attending Hitchville, all the students know their future is set to be boundless because the school only accepts brilliant, knowledgeable, and intelligent students, and it's only the extremely rich and well-connected that are accepted into the school.

However, Hitchville senior high school made an exception, allowing 10 brilliant and impoverished students chosen by any junior high school to write the Hitchville yearly exam for free. And they can enroll in the school provided they pass the Hitchville entrance test.

In the quiet and beautiful Hitchville school garden, two teenagers sat close to each other.

The one with brown hair was scrolling through his phone, while the other that had blonde hair was drawing something on paper. They both have impeccable, outstanding features.

“Woah, it's estimated that Hion's owner net worth should be over 400 billion now because his company is presently worth over 100 trillion, he's making his way to the top 100 billionaires in the world.” Andy lifted his hand to his chin and muttered. “I wonder who he is! I want to grab this billionaire's thighs,” he joked playfully.

“Good for you!” Hayden said without lifting his head.

Andy shook his head at Hayden's uninterestedness in the business world. Sometimes with the boy's hidden secret and talents, he occasionally wonders if Hayden is Hion but seeing Hayden's lack of interest in the business world, he tends to think against it. He immediately switched the subject due to Hayden having uninterested in the most popular topic in town.

“Jane's having a cool party tonight at Aires Club? Yo interested?” Andy questioned Hayden, who was gazing at his beautiful handiwork. He just finished drawing and painting the school's beautiful garden.

“I'm not!” He muttered bluntly as he slowly outlined the painting, giving it the last stroke.

“Beautiful!” Andy commented on the artwork sincerely: “You've improved these days!” He continued.

“Really? I thought my skill had faltered!” Hayden said.

“You should sincerely think about this becoming your job in the future, Hayden will become a household name. Hay&Den” Andy fantasized.

“It's just a hobby!” Hayden replied. “Don't disturb me!”

Andy snorted at him and waved to a girl who was peeping at them, making the girl blush and ran away. “Talking about the party, I heard the girl is coming!” Andy said talking about the girl who caught Hayden's interest and Hayden has been trying to win over.

Hayden's movement on his drawing subconsciously stopped for a few seconds. “Rose?” Hayden's eyes unconsciously lit up as he turned to look at Andy.

Coincidentally, a unique ping sounded, which made him stare at his phone eagerly. 'Let's meet at the party tonight, I'll give you my answer!' Rose's text concluded with a winking emoji, which made Hayden smile.

“Rose replied. It seems she'll be giving me the answer I want!” Hayden's eyes lit up, and he turned to Andy. “Hell, I'm gonna. Follow me to the shopping mall after school”. He said with excitement.

“Love-struck fool!” Andy scoffed and turned away from Hayden with annoyance. He has been persuading this person all day, with the person not sparing him an eye glance, but when he read Rose's text he immediately wanted to go. How can he not be annoyed?

Chapter 2– Did Your Little Brother Come To Life For Him?

“When is that little doctor coming back?” Zenos questioned as he made his way to the club's private lobby calmly amidst ambient lighting, blasting music, making out couples, dancing and sweating bodies, etc. He coldly ignored the people who were batting their eyes at him seductively.

Thinking that it would help Zenos relax and let out steam as the search engine said; Zenos's friends decided to drag him to a popular club in the city to make him lose his composure and probably act like the teen he is or hopefully finds someone who'd catch his eyes.

“Michael is older than you!” Jude interrupted with amusement, making Zenos scoff at him. A dancing girl passed by them while throwing a flirtatious gaze.

“He should be back before next week, his seminar has been extended,” Sean said calmly while eating a banana.

David and Jude shook their heads at Sean's eating fruit habit, but it's known among them that messing with Sean's fruit is equa

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