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Shadowed Crown

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Author: Ewu_Rama
  • Chapters: 49
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 808
  • 7.5
  • 💬 68


In a realm fractured into sixteen kingdoms, Princess Rama finds herself thrust into a realm of dark enchantment and extraordinary abilities following the tragic demise of her parents. Intriguingly, Rama's uncle employs a mysterious and captivating instructor named Ivana, who harbors a secret lineage of ancient witches. Gifted with potent powers, Ivana becomes more than a mentor to Rama; their connection deepens into a profound and forbidden love that resonates with the intensity of a thousand stars. As Rama and Ivana navigate the labyrinthine politics of their world, their love becomes a beacon of light in the face of encroaching darkness. Their powers entwine, blending Rama's newfound archery skills with Ivana's spellbinding abilities, forming an alliance that challenges the very fabric of the kingdoms. As they face off against witches with twisted ambitions, power hungry monarchs, and the looming threat of an ancient prophecy that threatens to unleash chaos upon their realm.


old people would say, being a child and growing up into adulthood was also part of the life process. Never will I think that, becoming an adult after so many years of being a child and having so many freedoms will actually end after losing both parents. Yes! l lost both parents at the age of fifteen, when it was time for me to start having my classes of becoming the next ruler after my parents passed away. Life became difficult though I had so many privileges of being a princess but that wasn't enough. I felt my whole life had crashed ever since my parents passed away. My uncle who was around at the time my parents passed away took care of me and made sure I never lacked anything.... To be the next ruler of Zelad was not easy because I had so many obstacles and so many enemies who wanted me dead so that they could have their way to the palace and capture everything in it. "Your highness" a voice suddenly woke me up from my thoughts. "Your uncle wishes to have a word with you" I didn't want to get up from my bed but hearing my uncle wish to see me got me standing on my feet. I walk past the maid without raising an eyebrow to look at her and head towards the garden I mostly spend my time at. "Rama" my uncle said as soon as he saw me approaching him... "Uncle" I quickly hugged him as soon as I got to him. It has been days now I felt warm in his embrace but those days felt like ages. "I'm sorry... I didn't keep the promise" he said, breaking the hug. "It's okay uncle. I'm not bothered". I realized my uncle was contemplating on something and that increased my curiosity. He hasn't mentioned anything to me concerning the meeting he had with the other state and seeing him in that position is getting me worried... "Rama.... I don't know how you will take this but you should know anyways. the meeting went well as we planned but"......He stopped talking and took a careful look at me before finishing his statement.... "they don't wish to finalize on the deal" "And what was the reason?" I asked without waiting for him to explain everything to me because I was getting impatient. "All they said was, you can't rule over them your highness" I don't know how and when I lost it. The words I can't rule over them hurt me to the core. Though I know the reason behind that statement is because I'm a girl and to be a ruler , I have to possess enough qualities including me being a boy. "but..... that shouldn't be a problem, your majesty. there are other states we can have the deal with and I promise to make things right this time" uncle zeke said when he realized I was lost it thoughts.... "I know you can handle things uncle.... but I don't have enough time on my side" I told him and he understood what I meant. Without me not sitting on the throne, my people won't pay attention to every rule I make and talk less of it, they won't accept me as their next ruler. I left uncle Zeke and went back to my chambers and asked to be left alone. I needed time for myself and I needed to sort things out the earlier the better. I started spacing up in my room thinking of what to do. I wished my parents were here with me to make things right. I thought uncle could handle things but I started losing faith in him not because I didn't trust him but because everything was not going according to plan..... "Princess Rama, your food had been served" my personal maid informed me after running into me on her way to my chambers. "Okay," I said and followed her to the dining table. Uncle Zeke soon joined me after having a stroll with his men. He didn't want to interrupt my quiet time so he just sat down and made himself comfortable and started eating. I had no appetite to eat that evening so I excused myself and went out to the garden. While I was lost in thoughts, something caught my attention and I quickly left the garden to check what it was. "Your majesty, it is not safe to leave the palace as at this time" a guard blocked my way preventing me from going out of the palace. "these d*mn rules!" I gritted my teeth. "Stop this nonsense. Are you preventing me from going wherever I want to go?" I asked, getting angry. "I'm not your majesty. I'm just doing my duty. please understand" he said, bowing to me. I had no choice than to go back to the palace since I wasn't going to be allowed to leave the palace alone. Rama walked back to the palace and stormed inside her uncle's chamber without knocking. She knows she can go anywhere she wants and nobody can stop her. Her uncle saw the look on her face and wondered what got her in that mood. He just hoped it was nothing concerning the deal he couldn't work on. "Who put you in this mood, your majesty?" he asked, removing his sword, ready to feast on whoever it was.... "I was denied the opportunity to leave the palace," she said. Her uncle blinked his eyes after hearing what Rama said. He calmed his nerves and placed the sword back at its position before answering her. "ohh that..." he just whispered. "Yes that" she repeated putting her hands on her waist. "It is because of your protection that you are not allowed to leave the palace alone". Rama didn't want to be curtailed in the palace forever. She wants to go out and have some quiet time with herself but looking at how everywhere is guarded, she doesn't stand a chance to leave. "And why are such rules made?" she asked again knowing the answer already but she asked again. Her uncle creased his brows not knowing what answer he should give to her "just because of everyone's safety especially you" he finally said. "Is it because I'm a girl so you're treating me like an egg?" Rama didn't know why she felt that way after asking that. She felt miserable because she couldn't do anything on her own ever since she was a child until now that she's turning into an adult. "I'm sorry your majesty but that's not it. if anything happens to you, the throne and the kingdom will be in trouble and I can't let that happen so please understand" She hates it when they keep reminding her of all of those things. "Excuse me," Rama said, turning. she didn't want to argue anymore with her uncle so it was better she left his chambers and went back to hers. "Yha!" she called out to her personal maid, who rushed to her service. she didn't want to get into trouble because of the Princess.... "At your service your majesty" "Get me a glass of wine" She said and dismissed her out of her chamber. Yha came back after a short period with the glass of wine and left it on the table close to Rama's bed. "Is there anything else you want me to do?" she asked with her head lowered on the ground. "leave... when I need you I will call you". She left quickly without raising her head. No one dares to look at the princess at her face because you will find yourself facing her wrath.Rama disliked it when people looked at her face apart from her uncle so she made a rule for it. whoever refused to obey the rule finds herself or himself to be blamed. Rama took the glass of wine and stood beside her window and saw the birds playing in the trees. she felt a bit relieved the moment she saw the birds playing around. She ended up smiling for the first time and that amazed her. "So birds could make me smile after a long period huh" she whispered to herself and kept watching the birds play.


Rama decided to spend time with herself while staying alone in her room without going out.She didn't find it worth it going out since it would be useless because she wouldn't be allowed to leave the palace without being guarded.Uncle Zeke decided to visit Rama in her chamber since he hadn't seen her coming out of her room the whole day.He left a heavy knock on her door and Yha quickly opened it for him.Though Rama was his niece, he doesn't have the right to enter her chambers without being allowed.He saw her lying on the bed with her legs swinging up and down.He smiled to himself since he quickly remembered when she was young, she used to act like that when she's struggling within herself to come up with something."Your highness," he said calmly. Rama recognized her uncle's voice so she quickly raised herself and supported her arms that were still resting on the bed with her


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