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You are forever mine

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Maybe before now you thought it's safe to walk alone at night or stay alone in a dark room, it's not. You are thinking we humans are the only beings living on Earth, then here's bad news for you, we're not. Other beings exist. Immortals are real Werewolves are real Vampires are real The earlier you start believing in them the better, if not you may end up like me. Even though I was born in a wealthy family, I lived like a pumper, praying to have a well paying job one day,, that prayer was answered, even though it took a long time. I signed a contract with the most notorious player as a nanny for his adorable son, but I never knew I just signed my soul away, a heavy price I paid for discovering a shocking truth. Can you keep a secret? If "no" back off now, because you may be the next.


Torak Donovan stared blankly at the window, his troubled mind wouldn't stop thinking, he felt so uneasy like never before.

How will the night end?, he asked himself for the hundredth time. In just that few minutes, he got the news. The old man must have set up this family to get together because of her.

How could he even imagine Anastasia would turn him down at the last minute?

What meeting is more important than going to see his father ?

Even though the windows are open, he still feels suffocated. He roughly un_do his tie. frustrated, he threw it on the floor.

The old man will never stop pestering him until he gives him solid proof that he's in a relationship now. That was why he mentioned Sia to him.

Out of my numerous girlfriends, Sia has proven to be different. That is why our relationship has successfully exceeded the normal six months and is now going to two years.

Apart from being good in bed, Sia is a social person and very understanding, unlike my other girlfriends who are after my money and want me all to themselves. Sia knows her limits, she knows that she is never committed to a lady and she never mixed business with pressure. That was why I chose to bring her along to the family gathering. If it were some other woman she would have started making noise, even involving the press, but with Sia ,I know I am safe, since we both know what our relationship is all about.

Now I will have attended the gathering alone, thanks to Sia calling late to inform me that an important meeting had come up.

" Why isn't this car moving?" I shouted at my driver.

" Sir, I can't go any further than this. I've already exceeded the driving limit. If I go more than that, we might... "

" Shut it ". His explanation is not helping. The road is free. Why would a young man be this law-abiding? I asked him to shut up so that I could return to my mental struggle.

I tried closing my eyes to help stay calm but it was no use. I feel like I am traveling on a snail instead of a car.

" Caleb , add a little speed, so we get there fast. I feel like I am on a turtle " I ordered, gritting my teeth in frustration.

Not long after he increased the speed, I heard Caleb screaming and the car stopped.

" What happened?" I asked in panic.

"Sorry sir, I think I ran over some..." Caleb didn't finish whatever he was saying before he hurriedly stepped out.

" Please this shouldn't be what I am thinking"I silently prayed.

An accident is the last thing I want to get involved in that night.

Can today get any worse?


Lola took another look at the reflection in the abandoned car's mirror. She smiled, satisfied with what she saw.

" Perfect " she praised her work .

I think I would look better if I were at home, where I had all the time. Unfortunately, I had sneaked out of the house. I would have looked better than this, but all the same, I still look different compared to normal days.

Today is Jeff's birthday and he's hosting an important party with some business partners. I don't want to appear there looking like a ghost . My parents are not aware of my relationship with one of the most prominent young heirs. That is why they keep comparing me to Leah, my twin sister.

Talking about Leah, I really don't blame them that much. My sister Leah is now a doctor and her boyfriend is even building her a hospital. Leah has everything I dreamt of having. We are just like those sisters in one of the Disney cartoons I watched. What is the title again? ENCANTO , Leah could be said to be the family's pride, while I'm their disgrace , while she's set for life. I am still struggling to survive in the music industry.

The only person that still sees me as important is my Jeff and that is why I took the risk today just to spend the night with him.

Well, today happened to be Leah's engagement day. My father swore to disown me if I dared to be absent for the event and blah, blah, blah, you have all these threats most angry parents spat out, but it is not as if he cares about my whereabouts . He just doesn't want to lose face in front of his friends and the media, but I would rather not go because if something goes wrong. Don't get me wrong, I am happy for my sister and I don't wish anything to go south, but if it indeed happened while I was present, my poor head would have to carry the blame and would be better safe than sorry.

Adding another touch to her lips, Lola was good to go. She didn't have much to dress thanks to lack of money, but a short black gown perfectly hugged her body, bringing out curves she never knew she had , yet it was nothing like her beautiful long black-haired curved sisters.

She almost gave up on herself until she met Jeffrey Jones, who pulled her back up and made her see this life in another light. It was time to make her man's night special, picking up her handbag ready to hit the road.

Already on cloud nine, Lola made to cross the empty ground when, out of nowhere, a fast running car appeared out of God knows where, and in the next second she found herself on the hard concrete floor.

" This is what I am talking about, bad luck follows me around like a second skin. Everything happened so fast, in the next second I felt pain all over my body, as I tried standing up."

" Are you okay ma'am? " I heard someone ask, probably the reckless driver.

" Do I look okay to you!" I retorted, glaring at the young man standing a few miles away from me.

"Am really sorry ma'am" he apologized again, helping me up, but I swelled forward because of my heels. Fortunately, he has good reflexes, so he was quick to catch me.

I frown at the bruises on my arms and kneel. What a nice body to please Jeff with. The poor guy will probably be worried throughout the night because of this, and it's all this man's fault.

" Were you blind? If you can't drive, why not stay in your house or get someone to drive you around? " I was so worried about destroying my Jeff's day so I allowed my anger to get the best of me, but the man never stopped apologizing and bowing like a gentleman. His actions got me even more angry.

"That's enough!" A voice boomed behind me. I directed my angry glare towards the person.

But low and behold, a Greek god was standing just next to the car. I looked at him up from his perfectly styled hair to his well-ironed black custom-made suit down to his shining black shoes.

"OMG mi! " I screamed inwardly, looking at this new man's domineering Aura and that of the first man. I came to understand the situation. This person is just a chauffeur, while Mr arrogant over there, is the big fish sent to me by the Lord.

" Amen " I joined my two hands together in prayer with my eyes closed.



I held my Chin gracefully high, as I used my a*s to push his chauffeur aside and boldly walked towards him, looking up at him I scoffed loudly " you hit me and you can't even apologize, mister", I drawled.

" Sorry, but you're mistaken ma'am, I didn't hit you, my driver almost did. Now get into the car. " He ordered, pointing at the car.

" What is the difference? And why will I get into your car? When I'm fine"this guy must be an arrogant fish.

" I have to make sure you won't come after me in the future with fake injury and blackmailing me, so please" he stood his ground. It looked like this person wouldn't take no for an answer.

I looked up from his expensive shoes up to his neatly styled hair. I really like running into weirdos. What is so special about him? Is he a celebrity or what? I'm also from a wealthy family. Why will I go about blackmailing some arrogant celebr


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