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Witch Queen Forged Bonds

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Warning: This content contains BDSM themes, explicit scenes. One Book : Two Stories **Blurb for Irina's Story:** Irina Baker, the newly crowned Witch Queen, faces a dire predicament - cursed and unable to have a mate, she must quickly marry and bear a child to secure her throne against the threat of her cousin, Sister Violet. Desperate, Irina attempts a fake mate bond using a potent spell but mistakenly uses the blood of Jax, the Vampire King, and Denvor, the Dragon King. Now connected to two powerful men mourning their lost mates, Irina must navigate the consequences of her magical mishap. Will she reveal the truth about the spell? And when faced with choosing between Jax and Denvor, Irina finds herself entangled in a web of difficult decisions. **Blurb for Clarissa's Story:** Clarissa Miller, a hybrid of Dragon and Witch powers, battles the shadows of her past. Betrayed by her ex-fiancé, Drex Greenwood, who tarnished her name and stole her wealth through deceit and abuse, Clarissa struggles to reclaim her identity. Denvor, the Dragon King, becomes a flicker of hope in her life, but Clarissa is haunted by the knowledge that she is Denvor's second chance mate. As she fights against the wrongs inflicted by Drex, Clarissa realizes the challenges of competing with Denvor's affections for another - Irina. In a journey filled with unexpected revelations, Clarissa must confront her past and navigate a path towards a future where she can stand tall, despite the enemies she unwittingly made.

Forged Mates - Chapter 1

Irina – POV

The doctor exited my room, leaving me with unsettling news I hadn't anticipated. "What did the doctor tell you?" Kim, my advisor, asked, her face etched with concern. I hesitated, pondering whether I should confide in her. Kim wasn't just my advisor; she was my childhood friend who knew more about my past and mistakes than anyone else.

"Why so silent, Irina?" Kim inquired.

"If you don't tell me, I should go. There's a meeting I need to prepare for," Kim said, leaving.

"Wait," I managed to say, rising from the bed. Surprisingly, my body felt energized, not drained as it had been. "I've been cursed."

Kim halted, turning to face me with the same look of shock I had when the doctor explained my condition. The symptoms? Every time I cast a spell, my health deteriorates, and I experience severe exhaustion.

"What is this curse called?" Kim pressed, snapping her fingers. A book materialized out of thin air - a result of her magic. She was ready to search for a solution, waiting for me to provide the curse's name.

"Mateless," I whispered. The book in Kim's hand dropped to the floor. This curse was incurable. I sighed, feeling overwhelmed by the reality of it.

"You mean you can't have a mate?" Kim exclaimed.

"Shh! We need to keep it a secret. My throne and power are at risk if others find out," I urged her in a hushed tone. Kim quickly understood and nodded.

"If people discover this, you might be forced to leave the throne. As per our culture and the balance of power," Kim explained, having a mate is essential for our kingdom to have a king.

"I'm aware. I wish I could pretend to have a mate, but it's impossible. The coven members perform a ritual to confirm the mate bond. If I fake a relationship, they'll know the truth," I admitted.

Kim's eyes widened. "We might need to look into forbidden magic books for a solution," I said urgently.

"If anyone catches you using forbidden magic, not only will you lose the throne, but the Witch Coven - who judge all, including the queen and king of the witch realm - will sentence you to death," Kim warned.

"I know, but we must take that risk," I responded.

"I can't help you with illegal actions," Kim retorted sharply. "I want to live peacefully and find my mate someday."

"I understand. Just guide me, and I'll handle the rest myself," I reassured Kim. Kim looked at me, her eyes filled with worry and concern.

"Being the Queen of Witches and Warlocks, you can access the forbidden book without triggering any security spells," Kim explained. This was a small comfort after the devastating news. She handed me a palace map showing a secret basement and library. I committed the layout to memory. After attending to my duties and meetings, night fell. I donned a black cloak and concealed my energy. Instead of using the main door, which was guarded, I climbed out of a window.

I floated magically to an old building on the other side of the palace that had been shut for many years. Using a spell Kim had provided, I unlocked the basement sealed with ancient magic. Inside, it was dark and dusty, filled with cobwebs. As I walked, magical lights illuminated my path. I coughed from the dust, but pushed on, finding a massive bookshelf. I began searching for a book that might cure or solve how to find a mate.

After hours of reading, I found a solution: a spell to create a mate bond using the blood of a desired person. I memorized the scripture of the spell and the ingredients for the ritual, then sneaked back to my room, avoiding my guards and feeling weary and achy. This was a sign that my power was unstable due to the lack of a mate.

The next day, I called Kim. She immediately asked, "Did you find a solution?" Kim asked, and I told her about the mate spell that could deceive the witch coven because it acted like a real mate, though it was forged.

"How do you want your mate to be?" Kim asked.

Surprised, I questioned her, "Why are you helping, Kim? You wanted out. What changed?" It seemed odd, as she was eager to know the details about last night and whether I found the book. I thought she wouldn't care.

"I'm sorry. I was scared, but I couldn't leave you alone when facing this. I'm your best friend. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't help?" Kim expressed. I smiled at her heartfelt words, pulling her into a hug. She hugged back tightly. Kim had always been there for me, understanding me better than anyone else. Even when my cousin didn't support me, she remained my steadfast companion after losing both my parents at a young age.

"Let's get to work and find this man. I know just the place," Kim said, pulling away from our embrace. I followed her, donning a black cape that concealed my identity and energy. Kim led me to the warlock training office, where our soldiers were based, to find the file of candidates and select the right type of guy without a mate. I didn't want to complicate things. Kim and I scanned the files. Searching for a mate like this felt weird, but it had to be discreet; it should appear like the mate bond happened naturally. If someone saw us, especially if the warlock was from here, it could raise suspicion like I cast a spell.

I found a man named Edgar, who looked handsome and strong. I asked Kim to check on him. As days passed, information from our spy indicated that Edgar, a warlock, hadn't found a mate yet. He respected women, and our spy mentioned that Edgar's ex-girlfriend cheated on him, leading to their breakup.

"Kim, I need you to obtain Edgar's blood for me," I said.

"You can check our blood bank. They have samples collected," Kim said. "I'll cover for you at the meeting. I've told the witch coven you're sick." I nodded in appreciation. Kim was a great help. I headed to the blood bank. They stored vials of blood there, used to make cures for anyone in our realm who got sick. Even the blood from our elite members was kept here, trusted to us so we could heal them if they ever became gravely ill.

I located Edgar's blood using magic, but a blood bank receptionist suddenly appeared. Startled, I quickly grabbed the blood vial before being caught. In my rush, I darted into the elite blood bank section for cover. I accidentally bumped a shelf, causing two vials to fall. I managed to catch them just in time. The labels read "Dragon King Denver" and "Vampire King Jax". I remembered Luna Alana's request to find a cure for these two who were affected by dark powers. Deciding to help them, I placed the vials in my ingredients basket, planning to work on their cure after casting the mate spell.

On a full moon night, I walked up to the rooftop. I asked my guards to leave me alone, assuring them there was no need to keep watch. I cast a barrier spell, ensuring my magic wouldn't alert anyone nearby. Carefully, I gathered the necessary ingredients for my spell. I began with a chant, then added a single drop of my blood, setting it aside for later. Reaching into my basket, I pulled out a vial filled with more blood. I combined it with my own, then mixed the concoction with the prepared ingredients. I transformed the liquid mixture into a solid form using my magic, amplifying its power. I released it into the wind with a deep breath, chanting again to seal its potency.

After performing the ritual throughout the night, I was exhausted. My body felt sore, and my eyes drooped heavily. I didn't have the energy to work on a cure for Dragon King Denvor and Vampire King Jax. Surrendering to my fatigue, I drifted into a deep slumber.


The following day, I was jolted awake by Kim's voice. "Get up, lazy *ss," she scolded.

I moaned in frustration. "Just five more minutes," I hissed, burying my face into the pillow.

"Did you forget? We're hosting the annual ball today. We've invited everyone from different realms to join in our celebration. You must dress accordingly; you're a queen now, not a mere princess!" Kim snapped.

Her words pierced through my drowsiness. With a heavy sigh, I rolled out of bed. The act of showering and washing my curly Blonde hair was a task. Once done, I wrapped a towel around me and entered the room. I was greeted by a magnificent white gown adorned with blue rose embroidery. It had a distinct shimmer to it. Beside it were pristine white shoes and a tiara, reminding me of the responsibilities I now bore.

The maid diligently assisted with my hair and makeup. Once I slipped into the dress, Kim entered, her elegant form draped in a striking blue gown.

"You look beautiful," she complimented, her eyes twinkling with mischief. "I hope you find your mate today." By 'mate,' I knew she was hinting at Edgar. There was an unspoken understanding between us that he would be at the ceremony, and if fate willed it, Edgar and I might feel that ineffable mate bond drawing us to each other.

When I descended the grand staircase leading to the ballroom, an announcement was made of my arrival. Citizens showed their respect by bowing their heads, all except Alpha Zion and Luna Alana, who offered friendly nods. They had honored us with their presence at the ball. I noted the absence of Dragon King Denvor and Vampire King Jax, assuming they were running fashionably late. As I gracefully made my way to the throne, I couldn't help but glance over the crowd, searching for Edgar. However, the mate bond I so keenly anticipated didn't activate. Have I had something gone amiss with the casting spell? I sought answers in Kim's eyes, and she returned my gaze with equal perplexity.

"Dragon King Denvor and Vampire King Jax are entering the ballroom!" announced a guard. As the grand doors swung open, two striking men walked in synchronously. My heart raced, an unmistakable sign of the mate bond. With his piercing amber eyes, Vampire King Jax and Dragon King Denvor, with his captivating hazel stare, both fixed their intense gazes upon me. A magnetic pull tether us together. How was it possible to feel such a connection with not one but two individuals? Rising from my throne, I met their penetrating stares, an avalanche of emotions cascading between us.

"My mate," declared Vampire King Jax, sending ripples of shock through the ballroom.

"She is my mate, not yours," Dragon King retorted, an edge of possessiveness in his tone. I felt a knot of anxiety form in my stomach. Establishing a mate bond outside of the witch lineage was controversial. Many in our realm frowned upon their Queen or King having a mate who wasn't a witch or warlock. The room was thick with tension, the weight of their gazes becoming almost palpable.

Feeling an inexorable pull, I descended from my throne, drawn to the two of them. My heart raced with confusion and longing. Had my spell gone awry? And then realization dawned. In my haste to prepare the cure, I had inadvertently used the blood of both men. The magnitude of my error washed over me. I was now bound not to one but two mighty men, each possessing dark forces within them. The gravity of the situation wasn't lost on me: I had unintentionally mated with two of the most feared beings in our realm.

"Unbelievable! The Queen has not one, but two mates. What will she decide to do?" The murmurs spread like wildfire throughout the room, adding to the tension that already hung thick in the air. Both men extended their hands toward me, offering a way out of the public eye to discuss this unprecedented situation privately. I hesitated momentarily, feeling the weight of all eyes upon me.

Assailed - Chapter 2

Irina – POV

"King Jax and King Denvor," I began, a weight settling in my chest. "It seems that fate has tied both of you to me," I admitted a tinge of guilt in my voice. Thankfully, this confession was in the confines of a private chamber. Beside me were Kim and the formidable Alpha Zion. Luna Alana, who happened to be close friends with both of my destined mates, was also present, her eyes reflecting the tension in the room.

"It may be as you say, but I've no intention of sharing with Denvor," King Jax declared, his gaze unyielding. "And drop the formalities. You're my mate now." I nodded in acknowledgement, but before I could respond, a low growl rumbled from Denvor's throat, a clear sign of his displeasure.

"As if I'd ever let you claim Irina without a fight," King Denvor retorted, his fingers closing around Jax's collar in a show of dominance. "I've made it abundantly clear, th


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