The World Inside The Book

The World Inside The Book

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Braveinlilac
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 12+
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Lucky and Zaphael get inside the book, they discover the magical world within. They initially thought it was all a dream, but they soon realized that the inexplicable event was real. They discovered how the world inside the book came to be, and they discovered that it wasn't by chance that they ended up there because the book summoned them on purpose, and that's what they knew. They learned a lot about themselves by staying inside the book Legendarria World. They discover that they are no different from the creatures who live within the book, and that they are exactly like them. That's why they trained to release the power they possessed; the young man was happy to discover what power he had, but Lucky was not; instead of being happy, Lucky was scared because the power she possessed was not normal; it's a rare power that everyone would want to have, but not Lucky. Because of her power, she bore a great deal of responsibility not just in that world, but in all worlds. The world's well-being and destruction are dependent on her. When she got close to the creatures of that world, she accepted her responsibility until she promised herself that she would do everything she could to protect the world from those who would try to rule it. And there she met her enemy, Lady S, who did nothing but send her life's trials, as well as many monsters, which caused her to release all power of the Zodiac Constellation. When Lady S was sure that Lucky could control all of the Zodiac, she took it and used it to open the gate to the Celestial world so that she could revive the man she loves and her daughter but at the same time they both found out their true relationship, that Lady S is Lucky's real mother but it was too late because a secret enemy stabbed Lady S, this is the real enemy and she took Lucky's power so she was able to take over the entire Legendarria World. She also discovered that the reason why her father died was none other than the man she loved, in his past life he had feelings for her mother and was filled with anger and jealousy so her family was destroyed. Noah is reincarnated in the present and becomes Zaphael, Zaphael realizes that his karma has come because the woman he loves in the present is the daughter of the woman he once loved in the past. However, Lucky didn't do anything because in an instant she suddenly returned to human world, she wanted to return but she didn't know how because she had no power and, above all, the man she loved, Zaphael, was left inside the book and except for that, everyone forgot Zaphael except Lucky, as if he didn't exist in the world. But one day Lucky suddenly wakes up and discovers a book belonging to a famous writer, although unsure she tries until she manages to return inside the book. After that she found out that there were many dead creatures in the world and it was too dark, she observed and planned to take back her power and when she finally regained her power there was a war until she was able to defeat the real enemy and she restored orderly living in that world.

Chapter 1: Trouble Maker

Third-person POV

"What kind of trouble did that woman get herself into, this time?" Zaphael murmured as he noticed Lucky was running because the men were chasing her.

"Oh! Your day will not be complete without noticing, Lucky." Zaphael frowned when he noticed his best friend Erol's strange expression.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" When Zaphael asked, he raised an eyebrow, but Erol just laughed at him, so he shook his head.

Luistro Zaphael Salvatus is his full name, and he is currently a second-year medical student.

"You know what, I don't really know why you're so irritated with Lucky? She's actually quite nice." Because of Erol's question, Zaphael shrugged and wondered why he was so annoyed with Lucky. Then he  remembered why: whenever Lucky is around him, he is always in danger.

First, when they were children, he was happily playing in the playground when Lucky suddenly appeared and stumbled, causing Lucky to unintentionally push him, and he was hit by a car because they were simply playing on the side of the road; thankfully, his condition did not worsen.

Second, on his way home from his cousin's house, he was surprised to see Lucky running fast, and he was even more surprised to see the dog chasing her, because Lucky was about to pass where he was standing, he did nothing but run for fear of being chased by the dog. 

Third, he fell on their house's stairs because he was surprised when Lucky shouted his name, and that day, Lucky was there because there was a party at their house.

And the last one was that he was suspended in his third year of high school for his involvement in Lucky's mess. He wasn't really involved in the trouble, he just stopping Lucky and her enemy, but he was still affected by it, and he even had a black eye that time.

"I hate her because she puts me in danger every time she gets close to me." Erol shook his head because he didn't understand Zaphael's reason, but he thought the two were a perfect match.

Lucky, on the other hand, is still on the run because the men after her.

"Annoying! I'm the one who helped, and I'm the one who got in trouble!" Lucky is extremely irritated these days.

She helped a woman who was being harassed, and after she helped her, the brother of the woman she was helped arrived, and the woman claimed that lucky struck her, but what the woman said was not true because she had already helped her, and as a result, she is in this situation.

Oh, that woman! She needs to be good at hiding because I will do exactly what she says after this! I'm going to punch her!

That was Lucky's thoughts; she was going to wait for that annoying girl, and Lucky was unlucky because she tripped while running because she didn't notice the stone in her path.

"How about that? We're in luck." Lucky smirk, and Duke was taken aback because Lucky wasn't scared. Duke is the brother that Lucky is referring to, and Duke is new to their school, so he doesn't know what Lucky can do.

"Luck is on your side, but because I'm here, it will be replaced by bad luck," Lucky said as she dashed forward and kicked one of the men in the face, causing it to collapse.

When the other rushed at her, she punched him twice in the face and once in the stomach. Lucky knelt because a fist nearly hit her in the face, she kicked the man from behind and punched him in both eyes. Duke, who was staring at his unconscious companions, turned to face her. Duke ran but Lucky caught up with him, she jumped up and climbed on Duke's shoulder before kicking him in the face with great force. Duke was knocked out when Lucky jumped down.

"You're mess with the wrong person." Lucky finally said, then whistled as she walked away from the chaos.

She left the University after knocking out Duke and his friends and went to the mall to cool herself down. She went into the Fast Food Restaurant to eat because she was hungry. After ordering her food, she began eating, but she was only halfway through when a woman entered the restaurant and slapped two people she thought were dating.

"Your faces are so thick! Cheaters!" Out of shock and because they had been caught in the act, the two stood up.

"Annie? I'm so sorry," The man held the hand of the woman who entered inside the Restaurant, but the she simply patted it and cried while staring at the other woman.

"Why did you do this to me, Maricar? You're my best friend, and I've treated you like a sister, but why? Why did you trick me?" Annie asked the woman, whose name was Maricar, who looked up in tears as she looked at Annie.

"I'm so sorry, bes—" Annie slapped Maricar once more.

"Don't call me bes because from now on you are no longer my best friend, and you Lanz, why Maricar with so many women in the world? I loved you, I gave you everything but you just cheated on me!" Lucky rolled her eyes because of the drama she was currently witnessing.

Tsk! So dramatic!

That's what Lucky thinks about. She doesn't want to see the dramatic scenes; she would rather see the massacre that what she is currently witnessing. Annie grabbed the apple juice and poured it over Maricar as she was about to drink it.

"That's for you, for stealing my boyfriend!" Lucky closed her eyes because she was annoyed.

Of all the drinks that she can pour on a woman, why is her drink? She simply sighed and ordered another before returning to her seat. Maricar, another woman, grabbed the apple juice she was holding as she was about to sit down.

"We may be best friends, but you have no right to do this to me!" Lucky closed her eyes again and she smiled sweetly before kicking the table, causing it to overturn and attracting everyone's attention.

"You guys are all jerks! If you need to pour for each other, you should bring gallons of water, so you don't interfere with my apple juice! Damn it!" Everyone in the restaurant opened their mouths in surprise, and looked at Lucky.

"What are you looking at?" Lucky raised her brows at everyone and walked out of the restaurant as if nothing had happened.

To be continued...

Chapter 2: A Mysterious Book

Lucky's POV

After what happened at the mall, I went home, but as soon as I walked in, I heard my Grandfather's shout. My grandfather's name was Allan Zivillicuz.

"LUCIANNE CKYRINE!" Grandpa yelled my full name, making me cringe.

What is the problem of that old man? And he even yelled my full name.

Hmm, when he was angry, he just called me by my full name, and yes, my full name is Lucianne Ckyrine Zivillicuz, so the only reason I became Lucky is because Lu is derived from Lucianne and Cky is derived from Ckyrine, so Lucky was formed by combining the two.

Oh! Right! My name is lovely, isn't it?

"Lucianne Ckyrine! Come on, kid!" I covered my ears because of Grandpa's yell; where does he get the strength to scream so loudly?

I simply shook my head and proceed to his office.

"Yes, my handsome Grandfather?" I bowed cautiously as I entered Grandpa's office because t


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