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The Twins wives of The Vampire King

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They were born into the golden cradle of Romanian aristocracy, and their husband will be chosen by the medallion each one wears, but they will shine together with the same man who is the King of Transylvania. A few years earlier, he suffers the loss of his beloved pregnant wife at the hands of werewolves and is devastated by grief. He must fight for one of them, to recover her from the werewolf king who kidnaps her, claiming her as his moon. The pain causes Dominik to show the world that he is the only one of his kind capable of transforming into something terrifying, a beast that will unleash his fury for love.

Chapter 1 THE TWINS

New York, cradle of the largest trade in the world, in that metropolis a pair of beautiful twins with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes like the sea were born, their parents after so many attempts to have children opted for in vitro insemination and managed to conceive them like this because in the traditional way you couldn't, everything was happiness in the Wallacer family.

Due to the high economic position of their parents and family, they were able to enjoy the pleasures of rich life, expensive toys, nurses for their education apart from school, manners, all because their family descended from the European Aristocracy directly from Romania and they kept the According to ancient manners and customs, the widowed Patriarch now visited his son once a year and his wife was chosen by him himself, a woman of high rank in Romanian society.

The girls were turning 5 years old and the arrival of the grandfather and patriarch of the family was close, they had everything ready for the girls' celebration, the time for the reception was approaching, an elegant black car arrived outside the mansion, the driver left to open the door for the passenger, when he came out, his black patent leather shoes, black pants, black shirt, some gold jewelry, gold ring and he was tall and good body despite his age, he walked to the door and a servant greeted him. He opened, bowed to him and made him come in, he entered and went to the room, he knew very well where it was located, he opened the door and upon entering all eyes were towards him, including some childish glances that were filled with a glow of love upon seeing him.

"Grandpa, you're hereeee" said the twins

They ran to hug him and he hugged them smiling despite having a very serious countenance, he bent down and placed a kiss on the forehead of each one of his beloved granddaughters, they each gave him a kiss on the cheek, then he got up and girls stepped back, curtsied

"Good afternoon, Grandpa Adrian," they said in unison.

-Good afternoon my granddaughters, Alice and Dianne.

His son approached and still bowed to him

"Good afternoon dad," Mike said.

-Good afternoon my son.

Mike's wife approached, smiling, curtsying to her father-in-law.

-Good afternoon Adrien.

-Good afternoon, Alice.

His son invited him to sit down, and then they sat down.

-Mike, the girls already know what they have to do

-Yes dad, we are raising them as you specified

-Very well, you know that tradition is very important in our family

After some conversations, it was time for the reception, the patriarch of the family, Adrien Wallacer, entered the great hall and sat in his assigned place, his son on his right side, his daughter-in-law on the left, and the girls next to their father.

The guests began to arrive, the musicians began to play a beautiful Walts and the girls came out, bowed to their grandfather and stood in the middle of the room, some children also dressed in elegant clothes came, the music began and the dance began that the girls and their companions had to do, it was a beautiful ancestral dance of the Wallacer family, at the end they saluted their grandfather who was pleased.

So they changed the music for something more modern and the dance was already for schoolmates, more jovial, the reception was something else

Adrien was happy watching his granddaughters laugh, dance, run, enjoy their birthday party. He talked with his daughter-in-law and other people saw him change, he didn't have an angry face, he smiled all the time and talked about modern things, he danced new rhythms, his son smiled seeing his father happy, he danced with his granddaughters, the whole dance was calm and happy, when the celebration was over, he called his granddaughters and gave them his personal gift alone

-Alice and Dianne, my gift is this medallion that they will always carry it is the symbol of our family recognized throughout Romania, when they are adults the medallion will announce who their husband will be when he decides

-Grandpa, so the medallion is who decides who will be my husband?

-Yes, my granddaughters, they will be able to have boyfriends, but their husband will be chosen by the family medallion, they will realize that it will shine when that happens.

The smiling girls were still little girls and that didn't matter to them, what they liked was that their beloved grandfather gave them that medallion.

They had to go to school, they went to an exclusive where old-fashioned manners and restrictions prevailed, they used technology but respect, culture was paramount, traditions of yesteryear and the surname Wallacer was the most aristocratic, the girls were the most respected there.

They were the most studious, the most considerate, their friends were chosen, few had the privilege of visiting their mansion to play with them, they had closest friends, one was called Mandy, another Elisa, Candace, they always entered the mansion, when They arrived at the school graduation, their grandfather was in the main chair of the school, because he was the Patriarch of the Wallacers and with lineage, he was happy with the education of his granddaughters.

He took them on vacation to Romania, before entering the next phase of their education, they were already 11 years old, he took them to the mall, they were looking at some sweets and they asked their grandfather for permission to go get some chocolates, Upon receiving the permit, they ran to the candy section, almost upon arrival they collided with a very tall man, with blue eyes looking at him, his medallions shone in unison, he looked at them and greeted them and they answered the greeting, I ask them what They wanted if he could help them, they pointed out some chocolates that were in the upper part of the shelf, he handed them over to them, gave them to them and they thanked him, bowing to him and he answered them with a bow. Smiling at him, they noticed some fangs and said goodbye, thanking him for the help.

-There's no reason, girls -They went back to where their grandfather was and noticed that this man came to where their grandfather was and he bowed to that man and then shook his hand, smiling at him and went outside, surrounded by men. armed and left.

They were amazed they were used to their grandfather bowing down not their grandfather to someone else

-Grandpa, who was that man you greeted?

-Ah my dear granddaughters, he is the King of Transylvania

-The king?

-Yes, it is strange that he is in these places

-Grandpa, he helped us by lowering these chocolates that were very high

-And what did you do?

-We thanked him, we bowed to him and he answered us with a bow

-Very well, education above all.

They didn't tell her about the glitter of the medallions because they didn't realize it.

They spent a week in Transylvania and returned to New York.

Likewise, they entered a Higher Education School, the first 3 years were retinent to always serious love affairs, falling in love did not attract their attention.


When the Wallacer twins turned 15, the party was going to be big

His grandfather told his son that they would do it at Wallacer Castle under the tradition of the aristocratic family.

The girls were happy their grandfather gave them the party, they already knew about their grandfather's tastes and they were happy to satisfy their grandfather's tastes.

On the day of the reception, his grandfather came in to sit in the Patriarch's chair, there was another one next to it that was more luxurious but they thought it was for his father, but when he arrived he did not sit there, he remained alone, they did not ask anything and everyone was at the Reception. The orchestra and everything then saw the man who helped them bring down the chocolates to the King arrive at the doors of the great hall.

I enter and the cheers did not wait

-Long live the king, long live!

His grandfather went to receive him, bowed to him, they shook hands and accompani


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