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Imagine a once radiant planet, Jetiah, a paradise of light, life and water, now overshadowed by the shadow of an evil entity, the Greater Commander. More than a century ago, he claimed Jetiah, extinguishing the light of Thuman's star that gave life to the planet. But in the midst of the darkness, a ray of hope emerges. An ancient secret prophecy tells of two children who would witness the rebirth of Thuman's star. These young people, Sarati and Alair, are destined to become the guardian couple, the last spark of hope for Jetiah. However, the path to fulfilling your destiny is fraught with challenges. Forced marriage, violence and a fateful encounter that unites them on a desperate mission to find answers before darkness prevails. The Rebirth of Hope is an epic fantasy of adventure and sacrifice, where courage battles fear. A story that delivers a powerful message of purpose and faith that will echo through all generations of Jetiah and into eternity.

Preface: Emergence of the Star - Part 1

A necklace, a bracelet, and the stellar sword—sacred objects that are part of the secrets of a great prophecy. In the early days of the planet Jetiah, still a barren and inhospitable land, a star appeared, bringing life to this desolate realm. Through the light of life, infused with energy, plants sprouted, grew, and flourished; flowing rivers nourished agricultural fields, providing sustenance for the men and women who called this place home.

“And what happened next, Dad?”

“Daughter, you're very eager! It would help if you were patient. This is a long tale filled with secrets, adventures, love, and destruction. You'll need to test your patience. Allow me to introduce you, my beautiful princess.”

“Yes, Dad, but I want to know everything about this beautiful story.”

“You will know everything, so pay close attention. Every detail is crucial. There are numerous adventures, and not all of them are picturesque. Remember that.”

“I promise I'll pay attention.”

With her round, black, and curious eyes fixed on the book her father had been writing for some time—a collection of short stories—he embarked on recounting tales inspired by the paintings and writings left by the great guardians of the star. It was a journey through the generations, revealing the story of the family of guardians of the star and their role in Jetiah's revival.

“Daddy, are you teasing me? I'm getting anxious again.”

“I'll never let that happen,” he said, smiling at his beautiful princess. “Pay close attention.”


Over a thousand years ago, a man named Luthiah was the first ruler of our kingdom. He built a magnificent city, the one we inhabit today, but before he could transform this planet into a habitable land and construct the city, he needed to make numerous discoveries.

“What were those discoveries, Dad?”

“You're getting impatient again. There's no way I can tell you then,” said the father, almost closing the book and making a move to leave the bed.

The father pondered where such impatience stemmed from in a child. Thus, he gazed upon his daughter with unconditional love, the princess of his heart, who clung to his arm, unwilling to let him depart, all the while smiling.

“One last chance, alright?”

“I promise I won't say anything else.”

“Then remember that promise well.”

One day, Luthiah ventured into the desert with his wife Sarah, searching for food and shelter while they explored the unknown planet further. For now, they resided in a place still under construction, along with other inhabitants. The weather was unusually rainy, given the arid nature of the land. The planet was characterized by dry, arid conditions and water scarcity. On this particular day, lightning streaked across the sky, posing a danger to them and the animals they herded. After a long journey, they entered a cave at the foot of a mountain, known as Acadeh, where they sought refuge for the night.

“How did they know the mountain's name? I can ask that, can't I?”

“The star revealed it to them, so I must finish the story.”

The following morning, the rain persisted, albeit not as heavily as the previous night, with no signs of abating. They remained inside the cave, keeping warm by a feeble fire fueled by the sticks they gathered. Restless, Luthiah, despite the danger, took a torch and ventured outside to explore.


During the previous night, while his wife slept peacefully, he noticed peculiar lights and heard strange voices emanating from outside. Curious, he approached his wife, who was preparing food, to inform her of his intention to explore further.

“Where are you going, restless man?”

“I'm not sure. Something compels me to explore.”

“It's still raining heavily. It could be dangerous.”

“I'll be cautious. Stay here, no matter how late I am.”

“But, Luthiah…”

“Sarah, I've seen strange lights and heard voices. I need to investigate.”

“Do you think it's safe? The ground might be slippery from the rain, and there could be floods.”

“Something tells me it's safe. Besides, I see a faint light that seems to draw me in, and the voice I hear has a melodious, feminine tone, as though it's speaking directly to my mind.”

“Trying to entice me with a feminine and melodious voice?”

“Never. You're the only one for me. But I must find out what's happening.”


Sarah chuckled at her husband; he was always adventurous, always seeking discoveries. She accompanied him to the mouth of the cave.

“Don't be too long. I'm preparing food, and if you sense danger, return to the safety of our shelter.”

“I'll return, and I have a feeling it will be with remarkable discoveries.”

Luthiah left and wandered until he noticed the light again, which led him to the entrance of a stone corridor at the base of the distant and immense mountain. He gazed into the infinity of the corridor and started walking down it, without fear or uncertainty. As he ventured further, the light grew brighter, intensifying in silver and gold hues, nearly blinding him. With each step, the illumination strengthened, urging Luthiah to quicken his pace. In a matter of minutes, without running, he reached the mountain's summit. Before him stood a towering stone entrance, painted in his eyes with the color of gold. Contemplative, his inner voice urged him to enter. Ten steps forward, he encountered a space resembling a large, semicircular room.

At its center stood an obelisk slightly taller than Luthiah, about six feet in height, crowned with a seven-pointed golden star. Overwhelmed, he stood transfixed, scarcely able to move. The star radiated at its maximum intensity, a blend of gold, silver, violet, and blue. Luthiah's legs seemed reluctant to move. After a few seconds, he felt a peculiar force compelling him to kneel before the monument. Bowing in reverence, with his head touching the ground, he heard the same voice as before, calling out to him.


The voice addressed him by name, recognizing him as the adventurous resident of Jetiah, and welcomed him to its abode. 

Preface: Emergence of the Star - Part 2

Luthiah was deemed the chosen one of the stars, entrusted with a special mission. He was instructed to take the star resting atop the obelisk to the city he was constructing, ensuring the planet's inhabitants lived in abundance, unity, peace, and love. As their leader, he was tasked with teaching them the true essence of goodness and ensuring they never forgot the sacred mantra of unity, peace, and love.

“How can I accomplish this? I'm only human, flawed, and imperfect,” Luthiah questioned.

“All humans, regardless of their planet of origin, possess flaws. Yet, with proper guidance and the power of the star, they can always thrive,” the voice reassured him.

Though fearful of the unknown, Luthiah rose to his feet, solemnly retrieved the star from the obelisk's tip, and noticed it shrinking in size, transforming into a small ball emitting a flame of eternal fire, which did not burn or harm upon touch. Ready to ret


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