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The Pact

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Being the last rarest Alpha of her lineage, her life has always been at risk. Every pack’s aim is to kill her as they believe that her existence is the birth of unfairness among their kind. As fate gave them another chance and let her live a different life to conceal her true identify, will she be able to recognize her trues that only him can unfold, if the role she has been given to is to let no one of his kin get near her new world?


From the sacred throne made of the most unknown rare stones, she rose upon hearing the Earth aching for her protection. The rays of the sunset touched her existence as soon as the wall separating her haven from the rest disappeared.

Her eyes landed on the individuals earnestlyuttering their prayers, looking at her as if she had descended from above asthe answer to their invocation the soonest she opened them.

“That’s the Queen—it’s our Queen!” one exclaimedin awe and stumblingly took off his footwear and humbled himself by going toher and touch her feet with his forehead.

“Oh, great heavens, we offer you our lives forhearing us today,” some blurted out in relief.

“How sure is he that she is the Queen?” otherswondered in confusion.

“Do we even have one?” a few whispered.

“We don’t know. No one of us had seen her before.”

Buzzing echoed as they still wonder who she is andwhere she has been the whole time if she is indeed the queen. Certainly, shehas always heard their summons, their cries for help, blessings, and grace. Sheis aware that on some occasions, they have doubted her presence. That she mighthave already abandoned her reign. She certainly did, but their need for herthis time has forced her to finally aid them. Innately, she showed herself.

“But he, who has always been there throughout thedays and nights, guarding her shrine this long, surely knows her with nodoubt,” an anchorite meddled, holding tightly to his crane as he walked slowly,heading to their crowned maiden.

“But that guardian is blind! How can he possiblybe sure that she is Her Majesty The Queen?” the nymphs behind him mumbled.

“That is why he knows her. Have you forgotten? Noteven one of the dwellers of this forest have ever been born blind, for we areblessed with perfection. That is what our scripture says on its first page,” heconfidently replied, referring to the tome placed in the middle and dark partof the forest. “But the one who has sworn that he will pledge his loyaltysolely to her, to make the ancient goddesses entrust her safety to him untilshe gets awakened, is an exception. To gain their approval, he had willinglyoffered his eyes in exchange for their divine trust. For Her Majesty is notallowed to love and be loved by any man, he had to make sure to keep his sightout of her presence in flesh.”Looking at her conscientious servant, she gazedat his eyes and felt pity for the guardian. And yet, the integrity, pride, andcontentment shown in his face is evident enough to make anyone understand thathe is beyond honoured to be granted the noble task.

“As the ever powerful amongst the kingdoms ofnymphs, mightiest amongst the race of fairies, as your sovereign goddess bothin the lands of humans and pixies, heavens, and seas, I am now calling you, mygems. Please heed to my enchantment! Give no pity to these sacrilegiousbeings!” her voice roared, making every creature in her realm feel the need tohide from her sight.

On her palm are the gems of nature that listens tono one but to her commands alone. The source of everything that only her cancontrol. All at once, even the other beings lurking in the forest went down tothe ground and paid respect by kissing the dirt beneath them; landed on thebranches and spread their wings as they bow; stopped from their hunt and satdown, with their heads leaning down. The grasses stopped swaying despite thewind is blowing angrily; the vines started to crept towards the exit and climbthe wholeness of the place; and the trees grew taller, enough to cover thescenery inside its nest.

“Fear not, for as long as I am here, not a singlecalamity should happen.” She walked down the aisle; everyone is bowing theirheads as they give her admiration and praises.

Two stamps of his spear and the man standingproudly a few steps behind her swung his sword, to which made them feel ashamedof themselves upon knowing that he was the legendary warrior. He took a deepbreath and in his battle cry tone, he pointed his historical blade to the skyand split the thick cloud in two. Suddenly, he changed into the man he used tobe: wearing his warrior suit and looking truly brave and trustworthy.

“As the lone guardian survivor of the last warbetween all the mightiest, who has earned the blessings of them to look afterof then is yet to be chosen The Queen as they put peace after the long fight.I, Knight Arch, equal to Heaven’s light and roar, to Earth’s wrath and Sea’srancour, however sombre compared to Her Grace, who is far brighter than thetorch above—for without her, I will not exist, pledging my loyalty once again toQueen Wleinzthia! Whoever will make her his enemy will be my enemy as well. Mypower, sword, and life is hers, and I am more than willing to slay anyone whowould dare to declare a war against My Queen! ”Surely, the terror he brought tothem is nothing compared to hers. But still, his vow is something anyone shouldbe afraid of before thinking about going against The Majesty. True as he hasclaimed, the heaven aired thunders while throwing lightning; the ground shakesfiercely, that they are all forced to stay down; and the birds restlessly singtheir frightful hymn—an indication that the seas are sending huge waves to theland.

“Oh, hail you, Queen Wleinzthia. Long life to you,Your Majesty,” they uttered in unison and fear.

The royalty then stands by the entrance of themajestic hall, her eyes are glowing while she surveys the land from afar;watching the extent of her domain, how secured it is under her fearful yetenveloping care.

“I, your Queen, shall bear the responsibility ofkeeping you all unharmed, as this is the life given to me in my second birth.Not even a beast on par with me can make me abandon my sworn oath.” A blindinglight stretched out to the ground as a barrier of protection held it away fromthe outsiders attempting to set foot on their land. Just then, the assuringpeace touched everyone, letting them know that they had nothing to get to worryabout.

A cold breeze whistled, making the rest feel hercoldness. She turned around to go back to her seat, where she has stayed,dwelling on for an eon-long death-like sleep. But even before she could sitdown, one of her people came forward and kneeled in front of her.

“What shall we do with them, My Queen?” theguardian knight inquired.

A smile crept on her lips as her menacinglypresence frightened even those who have not seen her yet. “We, have beenpatient enough to always let them live even after pestering us for decadesafter decades, and centuries after centuries. For that long while, ourancestors were the ones who gave them respect, though compared to us, they arenothing but just lowly creatures and mongrels.” She faced them while her eyeswere glistening deadly. “Bring me their leader and I shall let them see thatour kin’s kindness doesn’t work for your Queen!”


Chapter 1.1: Udrias

Jorril looked at his son, telling him to stop talking about the myth that had already binned to the dungeon of memories a long time ago. Yet, as a kid, curiousness had always won over him.

“But, Father that was what I was told by the woman I have met in the woods! Those kinds of Alphas exist!” the boy insisted for another time and continued drawing on the dirt.

He stared at the boy, wondering who can possibly tell him about it. Even the story itself has been forbidden to speak about, making him feel worry about the young man’s life if ever someone heard him talking about it.

“Listen, son. That is something that we cannot freely tell to anyone. Not even to your closest individuals. Do you understand?” He held the kid’s shoulders, and gripped on it a little tight for the young man to know that he was serious.

“But, why can’t I, Father?” His eyes glistened as tears started to form on the corner of his eyes.

Seeing the fear in the young lad’s orbs, Jorril r


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