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The Magic In Me

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It had been just four months since Isabel Andrew and her Father, Mr. Jacob Andrew moved to Nomay. She had lived the life of a human all her life, always moving from one town, country or continent to another without having any particular reason as to why, only that her father's job required it. She had no idea of the creatures that exist just underneath their nose. But after having an emotional break down in school, her true powers are revealed, in the process causing massive damage to the town Nomay. The incident forced Mr. Jacob Andrew to tell her the truth, that she was the child of doom, a being prophesied to bring the world to its end. The incident in school, had not only caused huge damage to the town Normay, but signaled the world of magic that the child of doom still lived and where to find her. The council of witches, a set of magical beings dedicated to ending any threat to the magical community now searched for her. Meanwhile Isabel's evil biological father, William Dravel who had searched for years for Isabel in other to exploit her powers, now also knew where she lived. In light of this incoming danger, Mr. Jacob Andrew tried to move Isabel out of town again before the world of magic found her, but that was precisely when everything came crashing down.

Chapter 1 The Beginning

Pin! pin!! pin!!!

The sharp sound of Isabel's alarm clock ravaged the room. Slowly she opened her blue eyes, while stretching her legs and hands like a hungry yawning lion.

Turned over to the buzzing alarm clock displaying 6:30 am on the nightstand next to her bed and turned it off.

She sighed and laid back down again, tired. Thoughts of the next day being her eighteenth birthday quickly invaded her mind, lightening up her mood as a smile sprouted out from her face.

Excitedly she jumped out of bed and walked over to her window. She parted her blue curtains, to see her regular boring neighborhood which instantly killed her smile.

It had been just four months since Isabel and her father, Mr Jacob Andrew moved to NOMAY. A beautiful town just along the coast of ocean road.

The reason for Isabel's sudden disappointment wasn't because the town was boring, it was because she was starting to love the town and her new school. She was starting to get acquainted with some of its students.

The town was starting to feel more like home, and that was the problem. That's how it always feels until her father, Mr. Andrew gets another transfer in his office and they would have to move again.

She always hated moving, the worst part about it for her was having to part with her friends every time, only to go to a new place just to do it all over again.

The longest they had stayed in a place was a year, others had been three months or even lesser.

She never knew the typical reason for them moving from one country or continent to another, only that it was business for Mr. Andrew. But finally, she will be completing eighteen.

Maybe Mr. Andrew wouldn't see her as a child anymore, he might listen to her and stay in one place for a change.

Little did she know that her whole life, and how she saw the world was about to change. She had noticed that as the days of her eighteenth birthday drew closer, Mr. Andrew became worried and distant.

It was almost as if he was afraid of her completing eighteen, but that did not change Isabel's happiness for the big day.

She exhaled, closed her curtains and prepared for school. Dressed in blue skinny jeans and a white T-shirt, she flipped her long blonde hair to the back and finally she was ready for school.

She walked downstairs to the kitchen to get her breakfast, there she saw her father looking so worried and tired.

"Good morning honey, how did you sleep?" At the sighting of Isabel, Mr. Andrew forced the biggest smile up his face.

He dropped two plates of fried eggs on the dining table and sat down on the dining chair.

"Good morning, dad." She replied, with a half smile on her face.

"I made fried eggs for us."

"Oh, that smells delicious!!" She excitedly walked over, and sat opposite her father. Mr. Andrew then pushed a plate of fried egg to her with a fork in it.

They both started to eat in total silence as awkwardness filled the air. It felt as if Mr. Andrew was hiding something, something very big.

"Dad, I will be completing eighteen tomorrow." She broke the silence, even though her father had never forgotten her birthday, she felt like saying it since he seemed to be avoiding all matters leading to that topic.

"Okay honey, that's good." He replied coldly and continued using his fork to cut the fried egg without eating it. Awkward silence once again engulfed the room.

"Just okay, I mean it's the big one and eight dad!"

"Isabel, and I am happy for you."

"Really! Cause it doesn't seem like that!"

"Fine, what did you want me to say?"

"Well for starters, 'oh my God, I'm so happy for you, it's the big eighteen!' Instead of you just ignoring it like it's nothing."

"Fine…" He sighed and smiled. "Oh my God, I'm so happy for you, it's the big eighteen."

"Dad, stop it. I'm serious!" She dropped her fork and focused her gaze on his face. "Will I be having you all to myself like our normal tradition? You know that would be really fun, given the little time you spend with me these days."

"You know I go to work every day because of you, it's not that I don't want to…" He paused, took a deep breath and exhaled hard. "Isabel, whatever happens by tomorrow, just know that I love you. I did everything for you."

"What are you talking about?" She was instantly thrown into confusion.

He turned away for a second and back to her again. "You won't understand now, but know that I tried." He stood up to go to work, even though he had barely touched his food.

"Understand what dad, what are you talking about?" She watched him pick his work bag which was on the floor beside him.

"I am already late for work, I'll be home by 6pm. we will discuss it then, honey. You will understand everything, for now I need to go to work. I love you." He placed a gentle kiss on Isabel's forehead and walked out through the front door.

"....Dad?" She sat there dumbfounded, staring at the door, wondering what Mr. Andrew wanted to say and if that was the reason why he had been so off.

But she knew Mr. Andrew wouldn't be back till when he said he would, so it was best to get her mind off it.

After staring at the door for what felt like an eternity, she knew she had to go to school. Perhaps being in school would help her forget about this whole thing.

So she took her bag, opened the door and walked out, just in time to catch the school bus before it left for school.

Chapter 2 In School

It was a long twenty minutes drive to school. One which Isabel took in total silence, while replaying the short confusing conversation she had with her father over, and over again till the bus arrived at her school.

Surely she wasn't going to allow her father's rather short conversation to spoil the day before her birthday.

She put on a big bright smile and stepped down from the bus, heading towards the main entrance of the school which had engraved in big letters "NOMAY HIGH" at the very top of the entrance post

"Isabel! Isabel! wait up."

She paused as she heard someone shouting her name, turned to see who it was and it was Julia.

Julia was the first person to make Isabel feel at home when they first moved to the town. She was a nice and warm person to be around, but despite those features, other students failed to see them, and wanted nothing to do with her.

Before Isabel, Julia had no friends, perhaps that was o


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