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Isaac. O. Brown

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I'm an introverted author, who has managed to make up for this by creating different worlds of my own in novels. I write fantasy action novels, werewolves romance novels, vampire romance novels, high school romance novels, along with other supernatural creatures. If you like these genres, join one of my vast worlds and help me achieve success on AlphaNovel. Don't forget to always leave your opinion on my novels, they are one of the driving forces of an author.


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Adira is the first dhampir born in hundreds of years, a being born of a human woman and a vampire father, or so she had been told since birth. Because of this she was not allowed to leave the mansion grounds, and was kept like a prisoner. Her heritage to both the humans and vampires planted a seed of hatred in the hearts of the rest vampires. She was treated like an outcast, till she decided she had had enough and she was going to run away and live her life far from the drama of the supernatural world. However, a twist of fate brought Theodore, the seductive young handsome Alpha of the moonlight pack and a mortal enemy to her conclave of vampires, in her dream the night before she would escape the Mansion. It was just a dream, she thought and continued her plans to escape the conclave. Things however quickly took a huge turn after she met Theodore in real life, saving her just at the nick of time from an accident that should have ended her life. Both of them were quickly swept off their feets with feelings that they could not explain, even though they tried as much as possible to fight it. After a long series of events, it was revealed to them that she was his Destined Luna. But how? Adira was a child of the two of the werewolves' biggest enemies, humans and vampires. The pack would never accept her as their Luna, nor would Theodore's already chosen Luna, Shira. Neither will the vampires who will do anything to get Adira back under their roof as a captive, because they knew what she truly was, and it wasn't a dhampir. The tale of the two destined lovers from unlike backgrounds awaits.


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