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The Lord Consort of the Dragon King

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In the vast cosmos, on the enchanting planet of Stellara, lies a tale of fate, love, and power. Alexander, a man seeking a humble life as a minor noble, finds himself entangled in a destiny far beyond his imagination when he marries Vermithra, a formidable dragon. This union marks the beginning of an extraordinary saga, as Alexander navigates a complex web of relationships with other remarkable women: Aurelia, the grand swordmaster; Thalassa, the empress; Calista, an elf; and a host of other mythical beings including demons, half-elves, and a unicorn. Stellara, divided between the continents of Veridianica and Astronova, is a world rich in diversity, home to elves, dwarves, beastmen, and other mystical races. Four thousand years ago, these races, along with humans, engaged in brutal wars for survival and dominance. The rise of Quinlan Frost, the founder of the Sun Dynasty, marked a turning point, unifying these races without conflict. Over time, the non-human races have assimilated into human society, with elves and demons retaining their distinct territories. The dragon kin, both feared and revered, have all but vanished from the continent, rumored to have migrated under the guidance of their Dragon God. Yet, some dragons, driven by greed or darker motives, still secretly walk among humans in disguise. The truth about the dragons’ nature and their relationships with other races was unveiled by Seren Hollis, a legendary female hero, revealing a world of complex interspecies dynamics and hidden truths. In this epic narrative, Alexander's life intertwines with the fates of Aurelia, Thalassa, and Calista, each bearing her own powerful story and connection to him. As he grapples with his unexpected role in this grand tale, Alexander must navigate the challenges of his extraordinary partners, uncover the secrets of Stellara, and carve his own path amidst the shadows of great dragons and the legacy of ancient wars. His journey is one of love, courage, and the unbreakable bonds that transcend race and destiny, forever altering the course of Stellara's history.

Chapter 1 Sovereigns of Stellara: Empires and Eons

In the vast expanse of the universe, there lies a magnificent planet named Stellara, renowned for its beauty and grandeur. This planet, a mosaic of two sprawling continents and a smattering of islands nestled between them, is predominantly enveloped by a vast, azure ocean. The continents, known as Veridianica and Astronova, are equal in size but lie thousands of miles apart.

For ages, due to the great distance, official interactions between these continents were scarce. However, merchants, driven by the lure of immense profits and undeterred by perilous journeys, ventured between them. Over time, safer and more established trade routes emerged, leading to an increase in commercial exchanges. Coastal nations on both continents began to stir, sensing opportunities.

Veridianica, after enduring a historical cycle of wars and peace, eventually saw the rise of six dominant powers. These were the Imperionth Empire in the northern hills and plains, the Crysalysia Dynasty to the west, and the Aerodoria Empire, Lunaria Federation, Nexarath Empire, and Pyrothar Alliance in various other regions. The borders of these powers were intertwined and convoluted, resembling twisted braids.

Beyond these six, a plethora of medium-sized kingdoms and numerous small duchies existed. They either pledged allegiance to one of the major powers or were outright vassals. These states served as buffers, easing tensions and providing strategic leverage. Due to mutual checks and balances among the six powers, no one dared initiate a war, thus securing relative peace for the smaller nations.

Four thousand years ago, Veridianica was not only home to humans but also to a variety of intelligent beings. Among them were the elegant elves, the straightforward yet temperamental orcs, the stubborn and miserly dwarves laboring in mines, and the diverse demon tribes. Occasionally, the skies would be graced by the sight of colossal dragons soaring high above.

During that era, each race was united within its own kind, engaged in countless bloody wars over survival and dominion. Perhaps tired of watching their children slaughter each other, the gods decided to intervene.

The tide of history was changed by an unlikely figure, Quinlan Frost, the debaucherous and inept founder of the human Sun Dynasty. From his birth, Frost was enveloped in what seemed like a halo of luck, favored by the gods and destiny itself. The true historical accounts of his reign were either lost or deliberately obscured, perhaps due to their embarrassing or ludicrous nature.

Nonetheless, Quinlan Frost established the Sun Dynasty and unified the continent without waging a single war. In the ensuing years, the various races went from hostility to reluctant acceptance, and finally to integration with each other. Humans, with their remarkable ability to assimilate, played a significant role in this peaceful coexistence. Over four millennia, despite the turbulence, no major conflicts arose between the races. Dwarves and orcs became an integral part of human society, while elves and demons maintained a semi-independent existence within their recognized territories.

The dragons, both mysterious and formidable, almost disappeared from the continent. Rumor had it that they moved to a large island oversea, under the guidance of their Dragon God, relinquishing their claim over the mainland. However, a few dragons, driven by greed or other sinister motives, would sometimes disguise themselves as humans and infiltrate the continent. This led to a mixture of reverence and disdain towards dragons among the other races.

An interesting episode involved the dragons occurred five hundred years ago. A renowned female hero and high mage, Seren Hollis, uncovered a dragon conspiracy. It was revealed that male dragons, unlike their aloof and cold-blooded female counterparts, were lascivious creatures. Unable to find mates among their own kind and too weak to force the powerful females, they turned their desires towards elven and human females. This peculiarity was the reason why there were no male dragon riders in the continent's history.

Dragon genetics were dominant, and any offspring from a union with another race would always be a dragon. However, unlike pure-blooded dragons which hatched from eggs, these hybrids were born live. Additionally, any non-dragon who became a mate to a dragon would enter a life-sharing pact. After Hollis exposed this secret, there were whispers that she herself had an illicit relationship with a dragon. Whether these rumors were true remained a mystery, as no one dared to risk their life to uncover the truth of such gossip.

This is the story of Stellara, a planet of empires, eons, and entwined destinies, where the dance of power and peace continues under the watchful eyes of the gods and the ever-present shadows of dragons.

Chapter 2 The Young Lord of Aerodoria

In the southern expanse of the grand Aerodoria Empire, the northern parts flourished with fertile plains, while the south was a mix of rolling hills and dense forests. The Empire, known for its might and wise leadership, was on the cusp of surpassing the renowned Crysalysia Dynasty as the dominant power on the continent. Our story unfolds in the southernmost tip of the Empire, surrounded by mountains and primal forests, in a small town named Oil Tung.

Oil Tung Town, unchanged for 3,500 years like its very name, was the sole settlement on the small cape, named after the copious Oil Tung trees encircling it. In the brush-laden woods outside the town, a boy of about ten was busy skinning a wind leopard with a dagger too mature for his tender years.

“Eh? Did you hunt this wind leopard?” asked a cloaked elder, appearing silently behind the boy. Wind leopards, slightly larger than domestic hunting dogs and less ferocious than other wild beasts, were common in the woods, but th


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