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Aurora Nexus

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About me

Hello! I'm a female novelist with a deep-rooted passion for storytelling. My journey in the literary world began in my teenage years, where I discovered the joy of creating and sharing stories. I predominantly write science fiction and fantasy, finding excitement in exploring the realms of imagination and innovation. While I haven't pursued professional publication, I find great joy in sharing my works with friends and receiving their invaluable feedback. Writing is not just a hobby for me; it's an essential part of my identity, allowing me to express my creativity and connect with others through the art of storytelling.


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In the vast cosmos, on the enchanting planet of Stellara, lies a tale of fate, love, and power. Alexander, a man seeking a humble life as a minor noble, finds himself entangled in a destiny far beyond his imagination when he marries Vermithra, a formidable dragon. This union marks the beginning of an extraordinary saga, as Alexander navigates a complex web of relationships with other remarkable women: Aurelia, the grand swordmaster; Thalassa, the empress; Calista, an elf; and a host of other mythical beings including demons, half-elves, and a unicorn. Stellara, divided between the continents of Veridianica and Astronova, is a world rich in diversity, home to elves, dwarves, beastmen, and other mystical races. Four thousand years ago, these races, along with humans, engaged in brutal wars for survival and dominance. The rise of Quinlan Frost, the founder of the Sun Dynasty, marked a turning point, unifying these races without conflict. Over time, the non-human races have assimilated into human society, with elves and demons retaining their distinct territories. The dragon kin, both feared and revered, have all but vanished from the continent, rumored to have migrated under the guidance of their Dragon God. Yet, some dragons, driven by greed or darker motives, still secretly walk among humans in disguise. The truth about the dragons’ nature and their relationships with other races was unveiled by Seren Hollis, a legendary female hero, revealing a world of complex interspecies dynamics and hidden truths. In this epic narrative, Alexander's life intertwines with the fates of Aurelia, Thalassa, and Calista, each bearing her own powerful story and connection to him. As he grapples with his unexpected role in this grand tale, Alexander must navigate the challenges of his extraordinary partners, uncover the secrets of Stellara, and carve his own path amidst the shadows of great dragons and the legacy of ancient wars. His journey is one of love, courage, and the unbreakable bonds that transcend race and destiny, forever altering the course of Stellara's history.


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