• Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Mishi Lwambi
  • Chapters: 3
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 12+
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  • 3.0
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“Lucia!” Vicky shouted at the bottom of her lungs as she rushed towards Lucia who was curled into a ball in a corner, deep into her thoughts. “What is.....” “Stay away from my man, you ungrateful being! You are nothing but a crazy hoe!” “What are you talking ab…” Lucia could not finish her statement as Vicky jumped on her like a hungry lion and grabbed her hair. “I will kill you today, you daughter of a bitch! You are no different from your prostitute, mother!” That statement that came from Vicky's mouth made Lucia snap her head and gazed at her step-sister with horror in her eyes that she could not feel any pain caused by her sister on her hair. “How dare you tarnish my mother's name in front of me? Do you have a death wish?” Lucia's fingers pierced through Vicky's eyes causing her to wince in pain, but Lucia did not stop there… The blood sisters! What would happen to the two sisters? What caused them to be this bitter with each other? Stay tuned and travel with me as we watch this novel instead of reading it.

Chapter 1

“Mum! Please! Just please mum, don't leave me alone in this world. Please wake up, mum! How will I survive on this earth without you beside me? Mum, can you hear me? It's your little angel, Cia!” Lucia wept harder as she shook her lifeless mother.

“Mum, please!" “Mum! Please!"

She then turned her head in a bullet pace and stared at her friend with teary eyes,

"Noooooooooooooo! Kyle, Please do something! Mum can't leave me like this. Please help me wake her up. You know very well Kyle that mom is everything to me!” She screamed at the top of her lungs that caused a reverberation in the hospital morgue.

“Calm down Cia, am here for you, okay I promise to be always beside you, bestie” Kyle tried to calm down the devastated Lucia while her eyelids were covered by tears.

The girl looked as though, life had no meaning to her again. All she could feel right now was the pain that was building itself every minute she stared at her lifeless mother, the only person she had known all these years to be her closest relative.

“Please, mum, where will I start from? Remember, you promised to be with me always. Remember, you vowed at the church that day when we went together that you will always be there to protect me with all the evils of this world, especially from people who hate the two of us” Lucia continued blubbering in fear that was already consuming her whole being.

“No! Mum, you can't do this to me. No! Tell me, Kyle, that mum will wake up, maybe later. Please say something, Kyle”. Lucia shouted that made the people in the morgue to cry harder because of how she was crying, with pain written all over her beautiful face. Her eyes were puffy that one could say they lost life.

Kyle could not take it anymore and broke into a heavy sob too as her friend shook her tremendously for an answer which herself was unable to provide in this situation.

What should she say and all that was in front of her and her friend? Reality and truth was always painful, especially to an orphan like Lucia who had no one in this world anymore.

“P-please Cia gather yourself together. Tomorrow will be better for you than today” Kyle tried her level best even though words were not coming out to at least to reassure her friend for a better tomorrow.

“P-please Cia gather yourself together"

“Kyle! Don't lie to me, while you also know well that there is nothing better for me when mum is no more. I am a living dead” Her words came out as a whisper as the pain consumed her to the core.

The pain was unbearable. Nothing was worst in this world like losing the only person one had.

The pain was unbearable for Lucia who was still young.

People couldn't take to lose any member of their families, what of Lucia? Who had no one in this living world? A girl who knew nothing about her father's side.

“Calm down Lucia, remember you are not a kid anymore! Stop all this drama and noise. Remember, you are not the only one who have lost your loved one. We also don't have parents of our own!” A man's voice echoed in the room, making Lucia to gaze at the direction in a bullet pace.

Those words were thrown to her that made her choke into her own saliva as she saw who it was.

Lucia gave him a deadly stare but despite all of that, the man just pretended not to see anything, instead he even sauntered closer to the angry and devastated Lucia.

“How dare you show your ugly face in front of my mother after all you did to her! Get out of this room now! I said get out of here, you evil beast!” Lucia glared at the man with deep hatred that if her glare was a bullet, the man would have been dead by now. Her green velvet eyes were shying together with the tears that were making them to shine more.

“Baby Lucia, you are still too naive to know how the world runs. I never did anything to your mum. She…”

“GET OUT NOW! Security! Security! Security! This man is a killer! Security!” Lucia screamed while holding her lifeless mother like a madwoman. She then turned to the few people who were gazing at her with pitiful eyes and continued,

“Can somebody please remove this man out of this morgue? He doesn't deserve to see my mum!” She cried out, but her tears proved to be useless because no one helped her. In fact, they all gazed in another direction, avoiding her stare. Her tears proved futile to these fearful people, who would always worship the powerful people in the society.

“I can see you are very stubborn and arrogant little lamp, but it is allowed and that is for today only. Anyway, I will give you a little punishment” The man stated in a leisurely tone of voice then gazed at the door,

“Take this crazy girl away from this place and make sure she doesn't attend her mother's burial” The man commanded the two gigantic men who were standing beside him that left the people inside dumbstruck.

Lucia couldn't believe the change of events,

“Hahaha! You must be out of your mind, mayor” She mustered the courage to utter those words and that fake laugh that didn't reach her eyes.

She was terrified. Her heart was thumping like a church speaker. She knew this cruel mayor and what he was capable of doing. She prayed endlessly internally while blood was dripping inside of her heart with sweat all over her little face.

'Mama! Do something, please. Don't allow these cruel people to separate me from you at this crucial moment. Please mama, remember what he did to you and the money he took that was to help you get better' Lucia prayed inwardly as the huge men sauntered towards her step by step.

“Kyle, please do something. Don't allow this devil separate my mum from me. Kyle! You are my witness of how I begged this man to heal the disease he caused to my mother”

“Young chick, you can't be my contestant. You are nothing but a beggar now. You! Take her!” The man commanded in anger.

“Noooooooooooooo!” Lucia shouted as one of the men carried her on his shoulder like a suck of potatoes and rushed her out of the morgue.

“You are doing unfair to that girl, sir! This is not humanly” Kaylee mustered the courage and blurted out. She was sorrowful at what happened to her friend and that, too, she wouldn't be able to bury her mom and the only person she had been closer to.

He knew this lifeless person was everything to Lucia, mother, father, and everything, but this man was denying her the right of moaning her mum? That was too heartless.

“Who are you to tell me what is right and what is wrong?” Mayor asked the girl who was already trembling in fear while closing her mouth using her hand.

“I-I am…sorry Mayor!” Kyle blurted out quickly.

She had to be here at least to represent her friend. She had to behave or else she would be dragged out too, and she wouldn't be able to witness the burial of her dearest friend's mother.

“I want her to be buried by tomorrow morning. I don't want people to know about it. Make sure she is buried in the wee hours of the night! Am I clear?” The mayor exclaimed to his men, who were standing at the entry.

“Why? She Shouldn't be buried at night. No! That's not right. We also want to attend the burial” Kyle was unable to keep quiet at all. This whole thing was annoying and irritating.

How could this heartless man bury her friend's mother that way? And here she was thinking that she would be able to witness the burial. That was the only thing Kyle would do for her friend currently, but now, this man was cruel.

“Take her out of here too! Lock her up with her friend so that she would learn not to meddle in to people's business!” Mayor ordered again making Kyle freeze.

Without wasting time, the mayor's men dragged Kyle too out of the morgue.

All that time, Kyle was still in a daze that she didn't know they had already removed her from the hospital building.

“Let go of me!” She fought back to be released after coming from her wonderland but her strength was far less compared to the burly men.

Thinking of it, which woman could fight a man? Not a man in this scenario but men, and burly at the matter of fact.

“Miss. Do us a favor of not hurting you by cooperating with us” One of the men said as he glared at the girl with hostile eyes.

“Where are you taking me to?” Kyle asked despite the fear that was creeping inside her heart. She knew these men were evil, and she shouldn't try to provoke them but she had to this time round.

Thinking of it, she was fighting with a town mayor!

Chapter 2: THE GRIEVE 2

“Stop crying Cia! You have been crying for three days now that your eyes are puffy. Just forget about all of that and start afresh. I will help you, okay?” Kyle tried to console the girl, who was still sobbing endlessly at a corner of a room.

“I have nothing to live f…”

“No! Don't you ever say that again when I am closer to you! You are precious than you can ever imagine, Cia. Your mam's death should not be the reason for you to block yourself from the world. There is a lot to live for. In fact, I am certain that your mum will be very proud of you if you start afresh and later on, you may even succeed in life and avenge her death” Kyle shouted emotionally causing Lucia who was sobbing to stop and gazed at her in deep thoughts.

“What do you think?” Kyle convinced more.

“I… I don't know. T-to be frank, I can't think for now” Lucia gave up eventually and agreed with what she was feeling internally.

“Well, you have to think about it. Bet


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