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Taming His Vengeful Dragon Luna

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Gifted by my father to the Alpha, I became a slave in the Alpha's mansion. Even more than a slave. My only chance of leaving was after getting my mate just as the Alpha promised, but unfortunately, he lost his life and his ruthless son was to take his place. He made sure my life in his mansion was equal to hell. Even his girlfriend, my sister treated me the same. As everyone claim that she was the future queen of the Pack. Gerald treated me worse than the Devil till something unexpected happen. . . "You're just a slave, how can you be my mate?" Alpha Prince Gerald asked me, grabbing my throat. I felt his fingers sinking into my skin. "Ask the moon goddess, not me" I coughed out, at the same time, trying to free myself from his deadly grip. He rather keep me as his slave than being his mate. So...what was he waiting for. "I, Gerald Crestwood, hereby reject you, Daphne whatever from being my mate!" He sang into my ear. I glared into his eyes. He was waiting for me to accept his rejection. Will Daphne ever have her chance to revenge for everything Gerald has done to her?

The Wish

Daphne POVIf there was a wishing tree in the middle of the woods, that tree would be tired of me and wilter itself. Because, at this point, there's a wish I desperately want. To disappear from the surface of the earth. Only if the goddess can grant this wish instead of my imaginary wishing tree. "Daphne, I swear, I'm going to kill you!" Ivy yelled from where she was. I heard her calling my name countless number of times, but, I rather pretend to be deaf. I bent, picking the flowers from the garden behind the palace. Who plucks flowers at night? "Daphne! Where the hell is that dimwit?!" Ivy yelled again. This time, her voice was louder. She's getting close by. I sprung up, holding the pretty flowers in my hands. Immediately, she appeared in front of me, wearing her beautiful royal gown with her face filled with make up. She was trying to look pretty and impress the prince. "Your flowers, my lady. I made sure to pick the best for you" I lowered my head in respect. She grabbed them from my hand and squeezed her face, looking like she was going to explode."What took you so long to answer my call? How dare you disrespect the future queen of this pack?" She asked, growling. She exposed her gold eyes in the process, just to scare me. Well, it doesn't work on me anymore because she wasn't using it to scare me. She was using it to make me jealous.I tried to wear a soft smile. "Why will I ever disrespect you? I'm born to respect and serve you" I bowed my head. She raised her head proudly after I said that. She love when I say that. It's like her weak point. She turned to the maids behind her and hand the flowers to them. "Take them inside and prepare it for my crown. The prince will love it on me" she said. "Yes, my lady!" They chorused and left. Now, we are alone in the small garden. Her sharp glare tore my skin like an arrow. "You're 18 already, you haven't still seen your wolf?" She asked."I believe it will come later my lady" I said, still bowing my head. She scoffed and walked closer to me. On her face was a mocking smile. "I got my wolf the day I clocked 18. Why is yours different?" She asked. "It's natural, my lady" I replied with an annoyed tone."You don't have to act like you respect me Daphne. I know it's all an act. Deep down, you wish to kill me and everyone for hurting you. You're my sister" She said. I rolled my eyes and raised my head to stare at her. I hate when she talks about sister and family. It annoys me, especially when it reminds me of what dad did to me fourteen years ago. He gifted me to His majesty for a mistake he did in the past. Not my sister, nor my brother.... But me!"I have work to do, excuse me" I said and walked away. She grabbed my hand and pulled me back. "Tell me, what does the prince do whenever I'm not around? Does he invite other girls over?"Swiftly, I pulled my hand from her soft grip. That's not a question for me to answer. All the prince ever did was to treat me like trash. He doesn't care how I feel."Why don't you ask him yourself? You're his future mate after all""Don't be upset that I took your spot. But, I have an offer for you. Spy on the prince for me till our crowning ceremony then, you'll leave the palace and live your life" she said. I was supposed to be happy but instead, I rejected her silly offer.Only if she knew why. The prince has multiple personalities. That brat is always gentle and nice whenever people are around him but, he's a big bad wolf whenever he's alone. No one can tell what is going on in his mind. "His majesty has promised to let me go once I've seen my mate. I just need to wait for him to find me, then I'm gone from here" I said and turned to leave. "Daphne, I swear, I'll treat you worse than hell for rejecting my offer. You're born to be loyal to me. Always remember that!" She said, in a threatening tone. Her aim is always to scare me, even as her older sister. Dad disowned me the day he handed me to his majesty. So, I'm no longer Gatlin. I'm just a girl without a last name. I head into the palace, finding something for me to do. Just anything. While everyone was eating and drinking, I was working. I even served my parents who didn't recognize me. There was no surprise there. The only person that knew who I was was Ivy, my younger sister. All she does is to visit Prince Gerald and make sure he falls in love with her. His majesty clicked his tongue, signalling me to come to him. I walked to him and he took a drink from my tray. "Thank you" he replied. I smiled and walked away. He was so kindhearted. He sprung up to give a little speech. The prince was just busy staring into the air, like the brat that he is."Thank you great generals and my distinguished guests. It's so great to have you here on my birthday. I'd like to say a very big thank you for celebrating this great day with me. A toast to my long life" he said and raised his cup. Just as the cup reached his lips, he grabbed his chest and the cup fell from his hand. Everyone gasped loudly. Prince Gerald rushed to him before he fell. His majesty's Beta also rushed to him. Everyone started murmuring. "His majesty has been poisoned!" His Beta announced. My tray fell from my hand as I closed my mouth in surprise. Prince Gerald raised his head and glared at me with his hateful eyes. It's the same glare he used on meast night. Well, that's a story for another day."Seize her!" He yelled. "What?" I mumbled under my breath. Two guards grabbed my hands from the side. The prince walked towards me slowly as the guards took his majesty inside. "My prince, what did I...""You are under arrest for poisoning the king" he said. I went dumb at that moment. No word could come out from my mouth. Tears build up at the corner of my eyes. That's the last thing I'll do, to kill the Alpha king.But why would the prince fall for my tears. The guests all looked at me with hatred and disappointment. Only Ivy wore mocking smile on her face, with the stupid flower crown on her head. "Drag her to the dungeon!" The prince ordered. They dragged me away. I turned to stare at the prince but, these guards were way to strong.

His Majesty

Gerald POVEvery year, we celebrate father's birthday the same way. Just to invite the great generals and some so called distinguished guests. Sometimes, I wish he doesn't celebrate it at all. That way, I won't get to see some faces. For example, Ivy. But, that bitch just can't avoid me and let me be.Once I'm Alpha, I'll make sure that the Gatlin family stop giving us future Lunas. My Beta helped me with my robe, making sure I look like the prince I am. "Did the girls get home safely last night?" I asked, thinking about the hot night I had yesterday after that Daphne girl got me hard."Yes, my prince" he replied, with a light bow. I hmmed silently and nodded my head. I walked to the window and peeped, seeing Ivy with a familiar face. Oh, it's Daphne. I'll make sure she pays for what she did to me yesterday.Ivy grabbed her hand and talked to her. I could hear fro


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