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She Alpha, The Luna

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Tears welled up in my eyes as I nodded afraid he would get upset. "Speak." "Yes, Alpha Tristan." I couldn't hold back the tears, they broke free and fell on my cheeks. "And no one should ever find out that you are my mate, absolutely no one." He growled, I backed further away from him nodding my head in approval. With no apology whatsoever, he left the room slamming the door shut. I palmed my mouth muffling my sobs, my chin hurt but it wasn't compared to my heart, my mate indirectly rejected and forced me into a life of commitment all for his pack, how cruel can he be? I was right, the worst was yet to happen, and now I was super scared for my future. Davina an orphan got sold off by her stepmother to the Alpha of the Golden Stone Pack, she was left alone but was overjoyed to meet her wolf, Davina accepts her new destiny with a heavy heart, and she returns with the unknown men to the mighty Golden Stone pack. He was angry at his brother for buying him a Luna and was disgusted by how plain and weak she was at first sight… He rejected her but fate had other plans leading her to his heart and his daughter's…

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


The creaking sound of my door opening made my eyes shoot open. I heaved a small sigh, slowly reaching for my bedside lamp.

My heart raced like it was part of a marathon, as muffled steps approached my bed. That familiar pine scent filled my nostrils and my stomach churned in discomfort.

I flickered the switch on and jolted out of my bed. My stepbrother paused on his track, frozen as if he had just been caught doing the unthinkable.

"Ryan!!! Uh! What are you doing here so late at night? Do you need something?" I asked, backing away from him.

"Hi! Urm. I apologize for disrupting your sleep, it's midnight and I am not supposed to be here…

"Y–Yes! You are not supposed to be here." I drew on those words, making it known that his presence made me super uncomfortable.

Ryan remained quiet as if thinking of his next line, my eyes drifted to the wall clock and it clearly showed 2 am. My stepmother would be fast asleep, I guess that's why he is here at such an unruly hour.

"Davina. Why do you look so tense, I promise I am not here to harm you."Ryan took a step forward and I backed away immediately.

"It's inappropriate to be in my room by this time of the night. Please leave, whatever you need, I will help you out with it tomorrow." I said hoping he would leave without causing a ruckus.

"Fine,"Ryan said, his lips stretching into a smirk.

Everything was off about that smirk, yet I didn't realize what his plans were until he bolted my door lock and slipped the key into his pocket.

"W–Why did you do that?" I stuttered, fear crawling up my skin like a wide animal.

This cannot be happening, it has to be a very bad dream, I wiped my wet palms on my flimsy nightgown and thought of a possible escape route.

I live in a duplex and right now I am regretting it. My room was on the top floor, and if I tried to get out the window, I might break a leg.

F*ck! I can't even defend myself, I don't have my wolf yet, it just keeps getting worse.

Oh moon Goddess please if you are up there, help me.

"Get out of my room Ryan, please just go." I clasped my hand, tears blurring my vision.

"Oh come on Davina, you are my sister. Step–sister and I would never hurt you. Let's not beat around the bush, okay? Give me what I want and I will be out of here even before you know it."

Ryan sank into my bed, wearing a confident smile on his face. "Come on, let's get this over with." He beckoned on me but I didn't move an inch.

Escaping looked so slim, but I wasn't going to give up that easily. With a racing heart and a foggy mind, I dashed for the door and pulled hard on it, Nothing.

It didn't open, I tried harder but it still didn't open, my heart sank in my stomach, and tears streamed down my face. I kept pulling and pulling ignoring Ryan who laughed and made a mockery of my attempt.

It made me feel weak, I had never felt this weak in my 17 years of living. I banged on the wooden door, screaming at the top of my voice." HELP!!! Somebody help me please, anyone at all, please, stepmother."

Ryan laughter increased and my hope diminished, there was no one out there, no one to save me. Tears streamed down my face as I slumped down in defeat.

He got up from my bed, taking slow strides toward me, I coiled up to the door tightly wrapping my hands around my legs, scared of what he would do to me.

His tall and broad figure towered over me like a palm tree, I felt small and timid under his stare.

"Oh little sis, are you crying? Why cry when big brother is here for you? I will be in and out in a jiffy, now wipe those precious tears." Anger welled up inside me as he tried to brush my tears off, my blood boiled in fury, that I didn't realize I had grabbed his hand and bitten deep into it.

I thought it was my imagination, but his loud groan said otherwise." Arrh! You f*ck*ng b*tch." He snatched his hand from my grip and collided the other to my face.

My cheek stung so bad, I let out a whimper, I spat out the blood that formed in my mouth and glared hard at Ryan who was nurturing his bleeding hand.

I felt content to see him in pain but dreaded what he would do to me after this.

"You are such a fool, you ruined it all, I wanted to go easy on you but not anymore." Ryan roughly pulled me up and tossed me on my bed, I hit my head hard on the headrest and coiled up in pain.

I grabbed my banging head trying to relieve myself of the pain, but Ryan didn't give me a chance.

He pounced on me and captured my hands, pinning them above my head. I struggled to get out of his strong grip but I only angered him.

Another ear-deafening slap landed on my face." Please!" I cried out helplessly.

Ryan tore my nightgown rendering me naked with just my panties on, his eyes glimmered with lust, as he stared at my exposed boobs.

Shame washed through my entire being, I wished I could shut my mind off, I tried to but the feel of his mouth on my nipple snapped me back to reality.

I couldn't let this happen, my flesh had given up, but my spirit was strong and unwilling to let him succeed.

I couldn't comprehend what happened next but I suddenly lost control, it felt like something was drawing my mind back, I blinked repeatedly trying to fight off whatever was getting access to my mind, then it felt like I was looking out of someone else's eyes, I was no longer in control of my body.

"GET OFF HER!!!" A loud unknown voice erupted from me, but it wasn't me, it was someone else.

Realization hit me hard and tears streamed down my face. I finally had my wolf and she came to save me.

The shock on Ryan’s face was one in a million, he crawled away from me and fell off my bed, backing away like I was a monster.

Then I noticed my white fur and really large paws. I stood taller than my five foot one inch, so tall I was almost reaching the ceiling.

Now it was my turn to pounce on a frightened Ryan, my wolf growled and snarled at him. I could feel her anger and it was enough to tear Ryan into pieces that moment, but I was no murderer and neither will my wolf be.

This was my first shift, and the bond was new to me, but I had to calm her down.

" Please let him go." There was silence and only Ryan whimpers could be heard, then she backed away, and Ryan used that as a means to run out of my room, he had almost forgotten he locked the door.

The keys trembled in his hands as he opened the door, he ran out the moment the door bolted open.

Alone in my room, I slumped to the ground tired, my eyes grew heavy and closed on their own accord, darkness followed.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2


I woke up to the blaring sound of my alarm clock, I groaned at my stiff neck and wondered why my bed was so hard.

My blurred vision cleared up and came in contact with the hard wooden floor I laid on.

"The hell?" I slowly stood up trying to recollect my memories, I also noticed I was naked.

How I ended up on the floor naked, was a lingering question with no answer. I got up and approached my bed, turning off my alarm. I stared at my bed in a complete mess, my nightgown laid next to it, torn in two pieces.

"Hey!" I heard an unknown voice and stared around but found no one.

"Up here silly, I am in your mind." The voice said and my heart skipped a beat.

Memories of last night flashed into my mind and I recalled all that happened, fromRyan trying to rape me to my wolf saving me.

My Wolf!

"You are my wolf?" I said more like a question.

"Yes. I am Lexie an


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