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Sapa Nation: The genesis of chaos

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Empires rise and fall, people rise to form kingdoms and empires and other people greedy for power want to be the overlord of the continents or the world in its entirety. Sapa Nation is a kingdom filled with honey and milk, a kingdom filled with treasures and all kinds of resources. The treasures in this kingdom are a giant cake that would go around for thousands of years if shared fairly amongst the people and citizens of this great nation. Greed is hidden deep within the bones of people, and they soon digress to their old and sinful ways, heretics rose from within the people, killing people for rituals, practicing demonic cultivation, and cheating the people of their rights. The government created a set of royal guards to deal with robbery and fraud but unfortunately, the guards chosen for this job are fraudulent and evil, they're ruthless in performing their duties ( they do not value human lives, they've sold their human feelings for bribes ) When the people couldn't take it anymore, they protested, hoping for other nations who wished to become world overlords to interfere...but they were brutally murdered by the people they entrusted with their lives. And that's where the heroes of this country come in ( greenwood ) the leader of an assassin guild rises to fight for the Dead ( his stubborn son, Daniel was part of the people murdered on this fateful day ) he started by killing the state governor and all the small fries involved in this case. He wrote a letter to the president, stating his intentions to kill and overthrow him. There's unrest in the cabinet, people die every day. Let's follow our dear protagonist on his journey of getting revenge and putting things in order. Image by kjpargeter on Freepik

Chapter 1: The Genesis of Chaos

That’s how the Minister of Information succeeds; no one can outdo him in shamelessness and his skill with falsehoods. We’ll manipulate the truth.

After the world-wide blackout that took place thousands of years ago, the earth (also known as the blue planet) gave birth to all kinds of strange and mythical creatures like monsters, mermaids and demonic beasts.

It did not leave the humans out either, they gained access to supernatural Powers by absorbing a unique type of energy in the air called “Manna”.

The human world undergoes a series of changes, but we can never change the nature of mankind.

Due to the seven deadly sins, kingdoms’ rise and fall, what was once a great empire became ruins, giving rise to the invasions of monsters and demonic beasts.

That marks the beginning of the first war.

Somewhere on this blue planet, amidst all myriads of empires and nations in this world, lies a big nation flowing with milk and honey.

“Sapa nation” as we all call it.

Sapa Nation, a kingdom filled with all kinds of treasures and resources, ruled by rich and powerful men… but ninety percent of its citizens are poor, sixty percent go to bed with a hungry stomach.

A kingdom ruled by some set of people who love to take from the poor to enrich their already filled pockets.

They had long been consumed by greed. They sold the resources and treasures that were supposed to be distributed to the citizens, to foreigners.

They do not care about security or the lives of the people who put them to their current posts. All they cared about is money, more money.

With the government abandoning them, the people explored all options to make money. Some began their lives as bandits, while others chose professions such as assassination, fraud, and hooliganism.

A few years later, the country was in a state of disarray as the government slumbered, allowing the wrongdoers to take the nation to its downfall.

The nation welcomed the rise of heretics. People now kill people like them for rituals. They practice demonic cultivation, evil cults and sects rose up from within the ranks of the heretics and the red tattoo… what was once an abomination in the land of Sapa, became something to be proud of.

The people's persistent cries for justice caused the government to create a new division of guards for their protection against banditry, assassination and fraud.

But these sets of people didn’t last long in performing their duties before the evil people brought them over.

They killed, maimed and extorted people of their hard earned money. They do not value human lives, something they all vowed to protect.

They kill for money, sold their conscience for a bag of gold.

The people cried out once again, called for the scraping of these bad units and they must punish the bad eggs amongst them for all of their crimes.

But the government turned deaf ears to the pleas of the people, and the bad units continued to do what they do best. Forcing people to mine spirit Stones, thirty percent goes to the government purse, the other seventy percent disappears mysteriously.

When the people couldn’t take it anymore, they all protested. They came out in large numbers, to block roads to all important places.

The teleportation device channels were blocked and people can’t travel through the public teleportation device again. All roads were also blocked, and they set a grand formation up in the sky to stop people from flying in the sky.

Businesses were stopped, people suffered losses, especially those in power.

That is how our story began.


In an office full of all kinds of flag, from red, to green, to Blue…

A sickly old man and six others were in a meeting. They all sat down round a table, deliberating on how to push the country forward and how to stop the Nationwide protest staged by the civilians.

Some old men were also present at this meeting. They didn’t come in person, but their presence and voices were transferred using the picture revealing crystal. They were the past presidents of this wonderful nation.

“hello! Everybody, you all know the reason why I called you here today.

The country is worsening within this past few days that the protest has started, all roads and teleportation station were blocked and the economy of this nation is plummeting with each passing day.

We can’t sleep soundly if we don’t put out the fire that is dancing on our roof.

We can’t let the world alliance interfere in our business. If the protest should persist for seven more days, they’ll put their nose in what doesn’t concern them… please help, what should I do? “the old president spoke in northern dialect.

“You caused this upon yourself. What were you doing when the country was in chaos?

Where were you when every citizen is talking of splitting the country into three?

You were busy enjoying life here while the people were suffering. Your wife left the country due to the level of insecurities, but that doesn’t sound like a wake up call to you. I don’t have much to advice you than to give the youth what they wanted. “An old man talked sense into the president and let him realize his mistakes.

“ how can I give them what they want when they’re calling for my impeachment? Do you think it’s easy for me to wield this power?

I sacrificed a lot to get to this stage, yet they’re asking me to resign and also to reduce my Ministers salary. Who does that?” The president answered.

“you only have yourself to blame for this. It’s your problem. You created this mess, you’ll have to fix it by yourself… you promised what you can’t afford to pay during your manifesto and this is the consequences of your actions, enjoy.”

… after a series of reprimanding, the union of old men went offline, remaining seven people in this quiet room.

“Your Excellency!! What should we do in this situation? Since the shameless old men have nothing to offer.” A shifty eyed old man asked no one in particular.

“I have a suggestion, your Excellency.” The governor of logro said, his eyes shining with shades of evil light.

“What suggestion do you have? Let’s hear it,” the minister of finance urged him to continue.

“Why don’t we catch some scapegoat and teach them not to f*ck with the government...”

The governor of logros whispered something into the ears of every one of them on seat and waited patiently for their shocked reactions.

How would the world perceive us if we adopted your suggestion? How can we rid ourselves of this problem?” The president asked.

That's how the Minister of Information succeeds; no one can outdo him in shamelessness and his skill with falsehoods. We’ll manipulate the truth.

Chapter 2: The Genesis of chaos 2

The genesis of chaos 2

The protest has gone much further than anyone expected. Numerous international entities and organizations were waiting patiently to intervene and see if they could take advantage of the situation.

Both holy and demonic orders took part in the rallies, and the news was spread far and wide by way of advanced recording crystals…

The nation’s protectors were powerless, they could only do what few things they could do.

Since the markets were closed, the people started cultivating on the streets, and they divided the cultivation resources up amongst the protesters (which was one of the biggest incentives to join these protests- they could get free food).

We are now focusing on the teleportation portal. nobody should use the portal to enter or leave this country unless they meet our demands. We are also obstructing the renowned bridge that leads to the leitti island of the logros empire, so that the affluent can feel our distress.


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