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Dark Sovereign

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Empires rise and fall, people rise to form kingdoms and empires and other people greedy for power want to be the overlord of the continents or the world in its entirety. Sapa Nation is a kingdom filled with honey and milk, a kingdom filled with treasures and all kinds of resources. The treasures in this kingdom are a giant cake that would go around for thousands of years if shared fairly amongst the people and citizens of this great nation. Greed is hidden deep within the bones of people, and they soon digress to their old and sinful ways, heretics rose from within the people, killing people for rituals, practicing demonic cultivation, and cheating the people of their rights. The government created a set of royal guards to deal with robbery and fraud but unfortunately, the guards chosen for this job are fraudulent and evil, they're ruthless in performing their duties ( they do not value human lives, they've sold their human feelings for bribes ) When the people couldn't take it anymore, they protested, hoping for other nations who wished to become world overlords to interfere...but they were brutally murdered by the people they entrusted with their lives. And that's where the heroes of this country come in ( greenwood ) the leader of an assassin guild rises to fight for the Dead ( his stubborn son, Daniel was part of the people murdered on this fateful day ) he started by killing the state governor and all the small fries involved in this case. He wrote a letter to the president, stating his intentions to kill and overthrow him. There's unrest in the cabinet, people die every day. Let's follow our dear protagonist on his journey of getting revenge and putting things in order. Image by kjpargeter on Freepik


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