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Sacrifice the dragon Queen

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Mira took the initiative to walk into the tower and sacrifice to the tower's owner instead of the princess. Rumor has it, the tower is inhabited by a scary dragon. It is evil, crazy and murderous, and only by offering a beautiful girl can the dragon's anger be quenched. As she carefully stepped into the dark tower, she picked up a blue-haired man among the musty old books. He was wounded by magic and looked like he was going to die. Mira rescued him, and on the bottom floor of the tower, secretly fostered the unfortunate b*st*rd who had mistakenly entered the dragon's tower. But the way he looked at her changed day by day. Until he asked her to live with him. "The tower belongs to the dragon." Mira told the tale of horror, hoping to scare off the innocent fool. "I am the bride sacrificed to the dragon. The dragon will kill you." "It doesn't matter." Lance calmed her in a gentle voice. "We can talk to the dragon. I don't think it will stop free love." "What if he refuses?" "He has agreed."

Chapter 1

Mila carefully pushed open the tower door.

In front of a dark, can not see things, but there is no imagination suddenly rushed out of the vicious dog, there is no coming dragon flame.

With a sigh of relief, she turned and waved to the escorts. "Go back, there's nothing going on here."

A few heads peered out from behind the distant boulders.

To see that Mira was not burned to ashes by the dragon flame, several people hung half of their hearts down.

A shadow rushed out.

The lowered hearts of the crowd suddenly rose in their voices.



But the shadow paid no heed to their cries, and stumbled and ran toward the tower.

A man stopped a calling attendant.

"Shut up, do you want to be found? We'll all burn."

A line of people you look at me and I look at you, dare not speak, also dare not move, eyes brush towards the path rushed out of the shadow to see.

'Mira! The young girl rushed frantically towards the ominous tower. Her eyes wet uncontrollably as she gazed at the gorgeously dressed girl in front of the tower.

She kept staring at Mira, completely oblivious to the bones protruding from her feet.

Everyone watched as the girl fell to the ground and whined in pain.

Mira was surprised by the Princess's behavior. She picked up her skirt and ran a few quick steps, deftly crossing the vacant lot covered with bones, and scooped up the fallen girl.

"I'll go." Kingdom Princess Maria tightly hugged Mira's waist, buried in her chest, she ignored the image of a small SOB, do not know because of the fall hurt, or really distressed Mira.

'I don't want you to take my place! Mira, you need to take the money and run. You're so good, they'll never catch you."

Mira, who was dressed in her gorgeous wedding gown, cried out by the princess's name: "Maria, I'm okay."

Maria raised her head with a tearful look that had nothing to do with the princess's demure appearance.

"Really? She didn't believe it. But it was Mira herself who spoke to the king about marrying her.

Maria knows she's a witch, but witches are afraid of pain.

"Yes." Mira forced a smile. She was the same age as Maria, but she seemed to be comforting the child.

"I'm good."

Mary was eventually led away by the attendants. Those people are too scared to attract a dragon.

After all, the matter of stealing the bride to the dragon is bound to cause a disaster.

Mira was alone in the clearing in front of the tower.

"Don't be afraid. I came back to save you." Recalling Maria's last words, Mira smiled and shook her head, ignoring them.

Oh, Maria.

She was a beloved little princess, thought Mira, who was going to marry the handsome prince of the neighboring country. As for her, Mira, she was a legendary wicked witch, the kind who would be burned to death.

The little princess came to save her. It's so hard. The people who love her won't let her do this.

Mira looked down at her gorgeous wedding dress.

You're on your own, Mira. What about dragons, she said to herself? You're a witch, Mira. A powerful witch.

Mira gave herself confidence. She adjusted her dress and opened the broken wooden door under the tower once more.

The Tower, a terrifying structure in the mountains east of the Kingdom of Decano. The owner of the tower is a fiery, murderous demon dragon.

Eighteen years ago, on the princess's full moon night, a terrible dragon descended from the sky and burned half the castle with dragon fire.

In the end, the wizard of the Power Hub intervened to stop the tragedy between the humans and the dragon. The dragon returned to his tower in return for an annual tribute of cattle and sheep. And, at the age of 18, the princess must become the bride of the dragon.

Mira heard the legend when she was very young. Her mentor is a hub wizard who takes the place of humans.

The dragon's tower has always been a place that wizards don't talk about.

Dark, damp, and musty. This was Mira's first impression of the tower.

She covered her nose and mouth, snapped her fingers, and a bright, steady flame appeared at her fingertips.

Mira then realized it was a dangerous move. She put out the flame. After waiting for a moment, nothing out of the ordinary, she snapped her fingers again.

The crisp sound is very obvious in the dark environment, but the surrounding is still very quiet.

Is the dragon gone? Mira couldn't help thinking, but I hadn't heard of dragon attacks anywhere lately.

But that's just as well. She has some time to prepare for the spell.

Mira's a good witch. She's got a lot of magic. But she did not yet have the right medium to cast spells, and there were many complex spells that she could not perform on her own. Laying out the magic array in advance is the most common method used by wizards in this world.

After all, the casting medium is so rare. It's so hard to find the right medium.

A steady flame appeared once more at Mira's fingertips.

Light fills the space at the bottom of the tower.

Unlike Mira's imagination, there were scattered books everywhere.

She bent down and picked up one of them.

The Nature of Teleporting Magic

Mira blinked. Teleport magic? It's legendary magic. It's been lost for years.

The dragon delves into knowledge? She shook her head and dismissed the thought.

Legend has it that dragons are collectors. What if the dragon likes to collect books...

As if to test this absurd idea, as Mira went deeper into the tower, more and more books were scattered on the floor.

Mira stopped. She raised her hand, and the light rose.

A figure was pressed under a pile of books, and the figure was a man.

Mira frowns. Is it the thief who broke into the tower?

But everyone knows the tower belongs to the dragon. Everyone knows this place is dangerous. Why would anyone want to steal from here?

Mira took a few steps forward and stopped beside the man. She frowned, murmured the incantation of a spell, tentatively extended her leg and kicked the man on the ground with the tip of her foot.

Don't move.

Mira kicked him again. The man let out a groan of pain.

Mira was taken aback.

He's still alive.


Mila crouched down and threw the old books on top of him aside, one by one, until the man's body was completely exposed.

Mira smelled something burning.

Baked in dragon flame? So he's not dead?

Mila was surprised and pushed the man over.

A face so pale that not even the warm orange glow of the fire could give him any blood.

A handsome man, and he looked like he was dying.

Chapter 2

Mira is a mage.

The teacher has said that her talent is excellent, and if she can find the right "medium", she has the potential to become a tower mage.

The High Tower Mage is the honorific name given to powerful spellcasters in the world where Mira lives. For a thousand years, countless people have walked the path of becoming spellcasters, but there have only been seventeen tower mages.

Seventeen of them, without exception, are men. If the Master is right, she will be the first female tower Wizard in the history of magic.

But for now it's just a dream.

She stepped into the infamous tower in place of the princess of the kingdom.

The original owner of this tower was a powerful tower mage. Only later, a dragon spewing hot dragon breath burned the mage and took over his tower.

One afternoon a month ago. Mira cleaned his study to the tutor as usual, but accidentally saw the tutor's letter.

The time was approaching, the


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