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Royal to Rogue: The Pirate Princess' Rise

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Many, many years later, the Mediterranean is still full of his legends A boy with a pale skin like a mermaid emerges from the sea Wielding a huge sickle to reap lives, his dark eyes reflected the stars and the moon This is the best of times, the age of exploration, the new world, science, art, gold, and sea power; This is also the worst of times, the age of pirates, the church, witches, the black death, and the inquisition. A romance of blood and fire, a symphony of light and darkness. This is—the Age of Sail.

01 Job fair for pirates

The summer of 1515, the coast of North Africa, Algiers

The blue Mediterranean Sea was clear and cool, but the summer wind came from the Sahara desert, and the dry and hot south wind could almost dry a living person into a mummy. At noon, the huge sun baked this coastal city into an oven of nearly 50 degrees Celsius, and even the flies would not choose this time to look for food. But on the square in the center of Algiers, there were more than two thousand men crowded together.

"D*mn it! How long have we been waiting, when will it start?" A big man wiped the sweat on his face impatiently and moved his stiff legs. He had just fought with someone for a little shade under a date palm tree, and the bruise on his face made him more irritable.

"Wait, I bet as soon as it starts, it will be full right away. Roger's ship is not easy to get on." The ship's crew usually only needed two or three hundred people, but ten times as many applicants came. The competition was cruel.

"Date juice! Pale ale! Cold drinks to quench your thirst and cool you down!"

"Figs! Big grapes! Dried olives! Goat cheese that is fragrant and sweet!"

"Sir, do you want a cloth to wipe your knife? It will be sharp and shiny after wiping, even Aladdin's treasure knife can't compare! No? Then look at this foot cream from the East, and the Indian magic pill that can make you nine times stronger in one night!"

A dozen vendors ignored the heat and squeezed into the crowd, selling all kinds of drinks and snacks with simple baskets or small carts.

In this city where Muslims were the majority, a Christian missionary who came from afar did not dare to reveal his identity. He wore a robe to shade himself from the sun and ordered a glass of beer. He casually asked the drink seller: "What are these people doing with knives and swords?"

The other party immediately showed a 'you are ignorant' look: "You don't know? The big pirate Roger's ship is recruiting people!"

"Barbarossa Roger? The most arrogant one in North Africa..." The missionary covered his mouth: "He is famous, but how dare he openly operate in the city center? Isn't the governor going to do anything?"

The vendor laughed: "You are a foreigner. Algiers is the city of pirates. Lord Roger is the real underground governor. We all depend on him for our livelihood. As long as you get on the ship, you will have three gold coins even if you don't fight for a month!"

The missionary was shocked. You should know that the regular navy of Spain only had one silver coin per month. Three gold coins could buy twenty milking cows. No wonder so many people flocked to it.

Algiers was the city of pirates. Countless citizens lived on the wealth they brought. They were the god of wealth and the protector. Piracy was the best profession here, more popular than anything else.

The missionary wanted to ask something else, but he saw a nearly two-meter-tall burly giant jump onto the city wall. The crowd on the square suddenly became restless.

"That's Barry, the deputy captain of the assault team!" The vendor was excited like seeing a star, with a tone of admiration: "The assault team is the best, the best of the best! Barry can carry a thousand-pound cannon and fire it!"

The giant raised his fan-like hand and pressed it in the air. The square immediately quieted down. His opening remark was simple and direct:

"Lose one eye, ten gold coins! Lose both eyes, twenty gold coins!

Lose one arm, ten gold coins, lose both arms, twenty gold coins!

Nose, ears, fingers are all one price, three gold coins!

Lose your life, fifty gold coins for your family!"

The horrifying and bloody content echoed in the air. The men on the square were silent for three seconds, and then boiled like a tsunami:

"Great! This time they gave a lot!"

"Long live Lord Roger!"

"How much money?"

"Pah! That little thing in your pants is not even half a finger, how dare you ask for compensation!"


Barry said again: "We need a lot of people this time, five hundred! If you are brave enough, come and try!" He took out a handful of silver coins from his pocket and sprinkled them in the air, adding the last splash of boiling oil to the fire: "Whoever grabs a gold coin can get on board!"

The lavish gesture showed how powerful this pirate team was.

Some impatient people rushed to grab those shiny little things. The crowd squeezed into several groups. Those who were lucky enough to grab one could get close to them. Those who were unlucky stood far away and had to squeeze in with all their strength or try to snatch the gold coins from others.

The hot sun helped to eliminate the weak and sick. Many people could not stand the heat and crowding and fell down softly. The square was like a nest of ants that had exploded, and shoes were squeezed off everywhere. The missionary watched this crazy scene with his mouth open, too surprised to speak. The drink seller smiled and said: "This is a special test for people. The ship is not a comfortable hotel."

Just when many people were squeezed to the point of immobility, a date pit fell from a dense date palm tree on the edge of the city wall with a "plop". Along with the date pit, a thin figure jumped down from the tree, stepping on people's shoulders and vendors' carts, darting and jumping like a little leopard, easily crossing the crowded crowd, and leaping onto the big iron cage that issued coins.

Barry on the cage was stunned for a moment. This was a teenager in his teens, with a long package on his back, wearing old clothes that were washed white, and a few strands of curly chestnut hair under the coarse linen headscarf. His face was covered with dust and sweat and he couldn't see his features. Only a pair of eyes were clear and cool, black and white. At first glance, he looked naive, but there was a faint cold light that did not belong to this age. His eyes turned around, like the moonlight, chilling. Barry was also an old soldier who had experienced many battles, but he felt a chill when he looked at him.

"Give me a gold coin." The teenager stretched out his hand without being polite. His wrist looked white, but there was a faint callus in his palm.

"He cheated! How can he do that!" Dissatisfied voices sounded in the crowd. Someone reached out to pull him down, but the cage was more than three meters high and they couldn't reach it.

The teenager was righteous: "You only said that whoever grabs it counts, you didn't say how to grab it."

Barry nodded in agreement, but didn't give him a gold coin. He looked at him for a while and smiled: "Kid, how old are you? The ship doesn't want children."

"I'm sixteen, I'm already an adult." The teenager raised his head and chested out, but this movement didn't make him much taller.

"He's not even fifteen! He's so short!"

"That's right! He's stunted. One wave will knock him off the ship!"

Barry smiled and said: "Open your mouth."

The teenager was puzzled, but since the examiner said so, he obediently opened his mouth.

Barry bent down and examined it carefully and seriously. He suddenly announced loudly: "The colt's teeth haven't grown yet, he can't get on board!"

"Hahahahaha!!" The crowd burst into mocking laughter.

The teenager was anxious: "I'm really an adult, I can do anything!"

Barry looked at his sharp chin and shook his head: "The ship is full of rough people, you can't do it. Grow up for a few more years."

"I can read and write!" The teenager reported another qualification. The laughter suddenly subsided. In this era where one hundred people might not be able to find one who could write their own name, being able to read and write was an amazing skill.

Barry nodded: "So you are educated. You go to the west side of the square and see if they need people there."

The examiner was firm and the teenager had to jump off the cage and run west on people's shoulders. Although he was prepared, none of the people who were stepped on could catch his ankle.

"D*mn it, it's weird. He looks so thin, but he's heavy." One person touched his sore shoulder and complained, wondering where the weight came from.

02 Abigail

Compared to the crazy crowd in the square, the recruitment fair on the west side was very ordinary. Under the white sunshade tents, there were a few wooden tables, and the examiners looked kind and gentle. But somehow, not many people came over. The boy walked past each table and understood why no one applied.

Navigator: Requires knowledge of sea charts, steering skills, familiarity with stars, tides, and reef terrain.

Carpenter: Requires ability to read design drawings, repair ships, patch leaks, adjust paint, and make furniture.

Gunner: Shooting ability is nine out of ten, can maintain and repair various weapons, muskets, rotating cannons, and cannons are all proficient.


The boy shook his head as he walked. These skilled professionals were harder to find than literate ones. At the end, a refined young man was reading a book in the shade. He wore a pair of high-end crystal glasses, and did not look like a pirate at all, but rather like a col


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