• Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Kenjo Kagami
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • ⭐ 3.0
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Shen Li is a 16 years old teenage boy, who live by himself at the old apartment near Riverzon Road Wexiang. At a young age, he do every job he found just to survive from cruel world, but frequently sell sweet potatoes or cooked egg. He's in 2nd year in Highschool, even though he's poor, and has no money to spend on his school year. It thanks to the scholarship that his school have, that's why he manage to reach at 2nd grade in Highschool. Despite of being weak in the outside, he's a genius inside. After selling all his sweet potatoes from his regular customer near his school. He found an unconscious young boy at the side of the road. Its clothes is too dirty and crumpled. Passer-by didn't even take a glance to the poor boy and just mind their own business. Shen Li also wanted to ignore the young boy and head back home, he thinks that maybe its parents would come and pick him up. But at the other side of his mind, who would gonna leave their child in this kind of state? Are his parents was too cruel? Shen Li just shrugged all his worry, then decided to pick the young boy, and bring it back to his house. Even it is crappy, he can called it his home, than having not. After that incident, many things changed, the secrets of the world become visible to the eye of the ordinary people. Numerous of people started to awakened their ability. Chaos spread regularly in every part of the world. Organization that keeping lay low started to fight evilness for the peace of humanity. Yet, in an old apartment, there's a teenage guy, who awaken with a peculiar system that different from others. To be distinguished about his system, Shen Li and his newly found cute younger brother, Shen Yui, begin their journey to find the answer about themselves. And willingly keep pace from their allies or rival just for the knowledge they wanted. Even killing them is also included, if they wanted to stopped Shen Li from his ulterior motives.

Chapter 1

Every 3 am Shen Li woke up just to prepare his sweet potatoes or cooked eggs to sell every 6 in the morning from the people that passed by his school.

It's always his everyday life, to be able to survive in a cruel world, he needed to work hard for his living.

Even though he doesn't need to pay for his apartment because the former owner gave it to him before it died. He still needs to pay the water bills which cost $20 a month and electricity bills which cost $30 a month too.

And also pocket money for future purposes.

However, having a garden where he could plant the sweet potatoes he sold, there was still time that he needed to buy in the market whenever there was nothing to harvest on.

As for Shen Li, he had already forgotten about his parents.

After he dawned on the reality, he promised himself that he would rise even without their help.

In his 16 years of existence in this world, Shen Li’s gotten rid of people he doesn't know or he doesn't like to be with. Whether having friends or calling new family.

For him, the old man who gave him an apartment, the uncles that he met at the market or where he's selling, are already enough.

Without them, he doesn't know what to do in this life.

Without them, no one would ever try to buy his sweet potatoes because of being prejudiced about his work.

Without them, what would it be?

"Li-li, why are you still selling? Isn't today the first day of your second year in high school? You should be early!" One of his uncles on his left side complained.

It is selling vegetables that could rarely be seen in the market.

He just laughed it all and prepared the wooden table that can bend over and easily bring wherever he was.

It's not that small and big, it's enough to place the plastic container that has cooked eggs inside. And a condiment that is added to it.

Also, the paper plastic box that he's using for placing the order of his customer.

"No need to worry, Uncle Zha! I can still make it, I just need to sell for my everyday expenses." He said before looking at the gate of his school in front of him.

There are still no students walking in. But teachers are.

The guard regularly came to his side and asked for 2 eggs. It only costs $.30 per egg, while the sweet potato is $1 per piece.

He can save up to $30 a day depending on the eggs he sells. While sweet potatoes are $20 a day too.

If he manages to sell them both in a day, he can save up to $50. It's enough to buy eggs and sweet potatoes in the market.

The remaining money after buying, he would put it in his piggy bank so that he can't spend it. Or save it for his bills.

He's not a picky eater too, buns or one sweet potato is enough to fill his stomach for breakfast and lunch.

But sometimes he would spoil himself with expensive food that he could afford.

"Li, did you get a text from the school faculty?" While eating, the guard spoke.

"Text? About what?" Shen Li was stunned for a minute before he got his phone on the left side of his pants pocket.

He didn't open it until he finished cooking and bathing himself. That's why he doesn't know what happened or what today's update is.

The guard was right, there was a text from their school that there was no school today.

That's all inside the text, with no added information about why they canceled the classes.

"Don't spread this, Li. I think I know what exactly is the reason why they postponed your classes," the guard softly responded while moving closer to his direction.

"Okay, you already know who I am, Brother Dan!" He also convinced the guard who nodded to him afterward.

"An organization is gonna come to meet the owner of the school,"

"Organization? Why?" He asked in surprise.

It's not his business to meddle but today he can't help but ask the reason why.

What is the reason for an organization to come to their school?

Has the owner of the school joined in the wrongdoing?

But he also suddenly thought that there are also organizations whose work is not like that.

"I think because the owner wanted to sβ€”" but before the guard continued his words. A row of cars parked outside their school. It's all black and Lamborghini. "I'm sorry, Li! I need to go back!" That's all that the guard said before running back to the school so that it could open the gate for them.

The only thing Shen Li couldn't understand was why a car in the middle looked so familiar.

This is the only one with a sticker on the front of the car.

He seems to have seen it somewhere but doesn't know when.

So he just continued to sell rather than think about where he saw it.


By nine o'clock in the morning, his store of eggs was sold out.

Fortunately, the school is also close to the buildings so there are quite a few people here who buy from him.

There is also a chance that others avoid him, there is still judgment in their eyes.

It's a good thing that his Uncle Zha is by his side to object and defend him from these people.

For him, these kinds of people should be ignored.

When you object to them, they will become more aggressive, and that may even lead to a negative comment on your product.

It's a matter of fact.

While he was walking back to his home, he suddenly saw a young boy laying on the side of the road, motionless. His clothes are too dirty and crumpled.

Passer-by didn't even take a glance at the poor boy and just mind their own business.

Shen Li also wanted to ignore the young boy and head back home, he thinks that maybe his parents would come and pick him up.

But on the other side of his mind, who would gonna leave their child in this kind of state?

Are his parents too cruel?

Shen Li just shrugged all his worries, then decided to pick up the young boy and bring him back to his house.

Even if it is crappy, he can call it his home, then not.

Chapter 2

It's been five days since Shen Li brought the young boy to his house, and still, there's no progress that it will wake up.

He can't even take it to the nearby hospital because of his study and selling.

He also can't afford the payment when he wanted to check up on the young boy at the doctor. There's also no free consultation in their city.

That's why Shen Li hoped that one day the child would wake up.

Every morning, he wipes the forehead and even the body of the young guy with lukewarm water. As long as the heart of the child still pumping and its nose emits weak breath. Shen Li knows that it's alive.

When he started to sell and took a class, he always left two cooked eggs or sweet potatoes on the table near the bed where the child's laying.

He thought, if the young boy suddenly woke up and he was not there, maybe he will disappear to find food.

He also assumed that maybe the person he brought home wa


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