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Revenge Of The Half Blood Vampire

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Ellakor
  • Chapters: 99
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 6.6K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 7


Cliff always felt his life was different from others. He was always locked up in a dark room with barely any light by his mother. He also can't eat the food that other people usually eat, just smelling the food, he will be nauseous and vomits. Only blood can be his food. He was surprised because his skin would burn if exposed to sunlight. He doesn't understand life. Once upon a time, Cliff went to the forbidden forest at the request of his mother in a will. It was there that he met a man who claimed to be his father. Cliff could hardly believe it when he found out that he was a half-blood vampire, because his father was a pure-blood vampire. At his father's invitation, he lives with his father's family which is none other than a noble vampire family. Cliff's suffering is getting worse because he is not recognized by his new family, he is considered a family disgrace. His life gets more complicated when he falls in love with his brother's fiancé. However, a tragedy has changed Cliff's life. Now, his heart is full of hatred and revenge. He decides to become a vampire hunter. He was determined to eradicate all vampires under the Dawson Clan bloodline, even though in the end he had to kill his father who was the leader of the Dawson Clan. Follow the story of Cliff Dawson, a half-blood vampire who experiences all kinds of suffering and his ambition to destroy his clan.

Chapter 1 PROLOGUE

In the silence of the night where humans are lulled into flower sleep. A man was sitting leaning against a tree branch with his eyes closed. No, he's not sleeping like humans in general, because he's not human. Rather, a pureblood vampire.

His name is Rowan Dawson. The son of the leader of the Dawson clan is currently contemplating alone in the forest.

His keen sense of smell suddenly picked up the scent of someone approaching. From the smell of his blood, Rowan knew who had come to harass him.

"I thought you were here."

Rowan snorted, too lazy to open his eyes just to serve someone who always knew how to unsettle him.

“Open your eyes, Rowan. Let's talk. I've heard of your troubles. You must need someone to talk to right now, am I right?”

Rowan hissed as the person naughtily tugged at his ear, forcing Rowan to open his eyes, glaring sharply at his annoying twin brother, Roul Dawson.

"Just one day does not bother me, can not?"

Roul chuckled, “Can't. We're twins. Joy and sorrow must be borne together.

Rowan groaned as he looked away when Roul suddenly brought his face closer.

"Hey, is it true that Dad set you up with Rose?"

Rowan's hands clenched, he was lazy to answer so he ignored the question.

"Just accept it. She's a beauty, a pureblood vampire too. If you marry her, it's the same as maintaining the continuity of the pure blood lineage."

“Did Father tell you to persuade me to marry Rose? You became an ally of Father, I see.”

Roul laughed, seeing his twin who was always cold and cool, now pouting cutely, he thought this was a rare thing.

Seriously, are you accusing me of that? You know I'm not close to Dad. Father's favorite child is you, not me."

Rowan turned his face away and looked seriously at his twin's blood-red irises, who had always put on a playful face, now turned serious. Then he let out a tired breath.

“I told you, don't say that. Father loves us both.”

"I don't know, I doubt it." Roul too leaned back against a tree, next to his twin. "I think Father will appoint you as a potential successor in a moment."

Hearing what Roul said, which he thought was ridiculous, Rowan gave a sharp glare. Who wants the position of a clan leader? Rowan never wanted that. The only one who deserves to occupy that position is only Roul. Yes, his twin who was born a few minutes earlier than him.

"Nonsense. Father will appoint you as a potential successor.”

"No. I think...” Roul clamped his mouth again at Rowan's glare.

"In this world, only you are fit to be the future clan leader."

And Roul could only smile slightly hearing his brother's narrative. “Actually...” Roul paused while looking straight ahead. “….I think so too.”

Rowan's gruff snort floated into the air. And in the next second, both of them burst into laughter.

"I heard Rose begging Father to be betrothed to you." Roul changed the subject after their laughter died down.

Lazy to discuss this, Rowan shrugged his shoulders, not caring.

"Just marry her. You can't run away from her anyway. She's obsessed with you. She won't stop chasing you until she gets you."

"I don't love her," Rowan answered, explaining why he didn't want to accept the match.

"Love?" muttered Roul. “Does a cold and stiff vampire like you know love? Do you really like women? It seems impossible. It would make sense if you were alone for life or...”

Rowan squinted at the feeling Roul was about to taunt him again.

"... Gradually you will become a gay lover."

Growling with disapproval, Rowan lunged at Roul intending to bite him. However, Roul, who knew Rowan's character very well, could already guess it so he shot quickly before Rowan landed his sharp fangs.

“I will kill you, Roul Dawson. I'm still normal, stupid!”

And the togetherness of the two twins ended with a chase action. Yes, that was how close the two of them had been in the past.


For Rowan, his long life, because he was born as an Immortal, was not a gift but a disaster. Tens of years have passed since he was appointed as a candidate for clan leader. He still can't forget that worst day until now.

The day the clan leader announced publicly the appointment of Rowan Dawson as his potential successor.

Rowan never wanted the position. He always supports Roul who will occupy it. However, it seemed that disappointment had darkened Roul's eyes so that he thought his twin had betrayed him secretly. In the end, he raised the war flag.

Unable to accept that he was not appointed as a candidate for clan leader, Roul rebelled. Gather troops to attack clans, until the war between brothers is inevitable. Ended with the defeat of the rebels.

When Roul was punished by being removed from his peerage along with his small family. Switch gets the lowest level status which requires him to become a slave to the nobility. Rowan never accepted the sentence imposed on Roul and his family. However, the laws of the vampire nation for rebels cannot be tolerated, Rowan realizes that he is unable to help his twin.

The relationship between the two twins has never been close since the tragedy. They became enemies, even though only Roul thought so, and Rowan... no, he had always considered Roul as his brother. As the closest person.

Now Rowan has become the leader of the clan, after the death of his father. Take on the responsibility of taking care of unruly clan members. Passing on the pure-blood lineage became another of his obligations.

And today, Rowan was carrying out his duties as clan leader. Go alone to a village so close to the Dawson Clan's territory. Tussand is the name of the small village. The village head requested so that they could discuss straightening out a complicated problem.

Rowan had expected that the village head would ask for this. Requesting a peace treaty so that vampires and humans can live side by side. The reason the head of the village proposed this agreement was that the villagers had always been easy prey for the vampires from the Dawson Clan.

He doesn't want meaningless wars to occur, also because his little heart feels sorry for seeing humans who are scared when they see him set foot in this village. Rowan realized that to humans, vampires seemed to be mere monsters of prey. Finally, Rowan accepted the peace agreement.

A ban on entering the Tussand village was made. Making the forest a border area between the two areas, it is forbidden for the Dawson Clan vampires or the Tussand villagers to visit. The peace that everyone dreams of, can finally be felt.

However, who would have thought that there were only humans who dared to break the rules? Or maybe it's because the laws that govern humans aren't as strict and cruel as the laws of the vampire nation, so there are humans who dare to enter dangerous areas like this forbidden forest.

Rowan watches silently as a girl enters the forbidden forest. At first, wanting to make sure none of his clan members broke the rules, he found a Tussand villager who did.

Rowan was furious, wanting to teach the girl a lesson for daring to enter this forbidden forest. However...

His heart beat fast when he saw the girl's face. A beautiful human girl with long flowing hair. The human girl with the scent of blood tortured Rowan so much. The strong desire to pounce and drink the girl's blood overflowed Rowan. However, when he saw the girl's innocent face, Rowan could never do it.

Day after day passed, and the girl did not know the word deterrent. She continued to visit the forbidden forest. Sometimes shouting 'Mr. Vampire.' Rowan knew he was the girl she meant.

I do not know when Rowan used to see the arrival of the girl. His heart warmed every time watching her from a distance. There is a desire to approach, but he always undoes it because he is aware of their differences. Vampires and humans can't be together.

And when the girl finally gave up because she never came to the forbidden forest again. Rowan couldn't do anything but try to forget his feelings for having fallen in love with a human girl he knew named Cleo Huston.

Rowan's attempt to forget Cleo is by marrying Rose, whom he has always rejected. The fruit of that marriage, Rowan and Rose had two children. Nick Dawson and Niki Dawson.

Rowan thought that after being married and having children, his love for his wife would grow. Not, Cleo's face always shadowed his mind.

Decades have passed since meeting Cleo, Rowan tries not to think about it anymore. But... why does fate seem to be playing tricks on him?

One afternoon, when he was patrolling the forbidden forest. Once again Rowan finds a human girl who dares to break the rules.

The girl ... similar to Cleo, Rowan choked up. Why did Cleo come back into his life? So, what should Rowan do now, when the presence of the girl who resembles Cleo has awakened a hidden side he's been desperately holding back?

D*mn it, he couldn't hold back any longer. And that was the day that Rowan Dawson's grave sin began. A grave sin that would be fatal to his clan, the Dawson Clan.

Chapter 2 Forbidden Forest

The sky was clear, with blue clouds that floated above each other adding to its beauty. The birds fly as if welcoming the warmth of the sun. The beetles circled the flowers as if they didn't care about the two humans watching them.

In a garden filled with beautiful blooming flowers, a young couple sat enjoying the beauty of this nature. They were sitting in a long chair overlooking the garden. The woman, known as Clara Huston, rested her head on the broad chest of her lover, known as Maxy Walter. The wind caressing her face, made Clara occasionally close her eyes. The soothing scent of her lover seemed to be a sleeping flower for her. While Maxy, who realized that Clara was asleep on his chest, gently caressed his flawless girl's smooth face. Get rid of the hair that hinders her beauty.

“Ugghh… sorry Max, I fell asleep. It's very comfortable here," Clara said with a blush on her face, making Maxy unable to resist kissing her. Slowly but


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