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Pure Blood: The Vampire's Fate

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Alexis feels like her life is full of danger. Ever since she accidentally saw a vampire killing someone in an alley. It was at the back of the restaurant where Alexis worked, and when she went to take out the trash in the trash can in the hallway. Alexis managed to escape from the vampire. But she has always felt watched ever since. Alexis even remembers the silver eyes the vampire had looking at her with blood coming out of his lips. The blood of the person he had killed. That, in turn, made Alexis start to lose her mind. But when Alexis met him again, the vampire did not hesitate to claim Alexis as his fate.


Alexis sat in the back seat of the bus. Right by the window. She looked contemplative while leaning her head right on the window of the bus there. She hated long boring bus trips just like right now. Unfortunately, since a month ago she had to take the bus to go anywhere. It was because her pedal bike was broken, and of course, she couldn't directly repair or even buy a new one. Her salary as a waiter in a restaurant would not be enough to meet his daily needs. Moreover, Alexis is still a student at a university using a scholarship.

“Discharge 25.” Alexis immediately got up from her seat, and took the bag and things that she was already carrying. Then slowly walked out of the bus, after paying the fare at the payment box near the bus driver. Alexis let out a slow breath, and resumed walking on her two feet to the restaurant where she worked, which was still three blocks from the 25th bus stop. Alexis looked at the small watch on her left wrist. Exactly seven o'clock. That meant that Alexis now only had thirty minutes left to get to the restaurant and get ready for her shift there.

Alexis quickened her footsteps there. It didn't matter how he looked at the moment, and how other people looked at her at the moment. Alexis couldn't be late anymore. She's been late twice this week. And if she was late one more again, then there would be no bonus in her salary this month. It also meant that she couldn't immediately make up for the cost of repairing her bicycle at the repair shop. But Alexis always liked the atmosphere of the evening. Colorful lights always accompany her steps when going to work and coming home from work activities. She always wanted to take it easy and enjoy it. Though it seemed like she wouldn't be able to do it this time. Work and college is his daily life.

Alexis stopped her footsteps right at the back door of the restaurant where Alexis worked. Trying to regulate her breath that feels ragged, and fix the appearance of her hair that feels messy at this time. Then slowly, Alexis opened the door, and went inside. Alexis walked into the dressing room and the clerk's locker. “Gosh, you've finally come too, Alexis. Look at the buyers up front with Abel.” said Zoe who was in the room as well.“Well… in the end, I'm no longer late again. The bus was moving very slowly earlier. But it seems today is still a lucky day for me.” Alexis replied in a tone of voice that sounded very relaxed there as she started to quickly change into her work uniform.

“Hey, can't you ask your friends at the dorm to help you drop or pick you up? At least once in a while or whatever…” Zoe asked once more. Zoe was seen straightening her makeup in the mirror right next to Alexis at this time.

Alexis looked at Zoe and started to smile a little. Looks a little pushy there. “You may have forgotten, that I don't have roommates in the college dormitory. After all, no one would want to enter a scholarship student's room, let alone become close friends. I guess that's something that will never happen to me in this life." Alexis answered with a mumble.Zoe let out a slow breath, and hugged Alexis' sides tightly. "No problem. After all, it's a good idea to get one dorm room all to yourself. Does it, right?” Zoe put on a cheerful and comforting face.

That succeeded in making Alexis chuckle, nodding her head a few times. “Yes, that is one of the advantages. I can sleep in peace, and lock the bedroom door. And no worried about anything.” Alexis replied calmly. What she said was true. And during the two years living in campus dorms, Alexis really enjoyed it.

Shortly after, Zoe let go of her embrace. “Alright, come on, now we have to get to work. If not Mr. Joseph will bring out those terrible horns.” Zoe spoke by holding her hands up to shoulder level, with a horrifying expression on her face.

Alexis laughed. "Come on, don't mock Mr. Joseph is like that. Or he will really show his horns.” Alexis laughed again with Zoe. After that they together walked out of the dressing room, and started doing their work in the restaurant, until their shift was over. This has become Alexis' routine for the past four years. Since the death of his parents in a fatal car accident.


“Alexis, please throw away the trash bag, okay? After that, you can go home, it's past our usual closing hours.” Mr. Joseph entered the kitchen area and immediately said that when he saw Alexis who was still wiping the kitchen area there. Mr. Joseph glanced for a moment at the watch on his left wrist which showed half past one that morning.Alexis lifted her head and looked at Mr. Joseph. "Okay, I'll do it later. But I have to finish this first." Alexis answered while still wiping the kitchen area.

"Yes alright. And tell Zoe that she has to do the restock the goods in the warehouse." Mr. Joseph quickly walked away from there.

Alexis sped up her movement wiping the kitchen area, and when she was done, she also washed the cloth she used earlier, then put it back. Alexis walked into the warehouse and found Zoe who was still there restocking things. “Mr. Joseph told me to remind you to restock items. I thought you already did right now. Is there anything I can help you with?” Alexis was getting closer and closer to the warehouse there.

Zoe, who was currently sitting on a chair with a book and pen there, suddenly lifted her head and looked at Alexis. Then shook his head in a swift motion. "No need, Alexis. After all, I'm used to doing this restock. And, you told me that this afternoon, you had exams and other things at your campus. So go home now, otherwise you will wake up late.” Zoe replied with a small smile on her face.

Alexis took a deep breath. "In that case, okay. I'll be home soon. And yes, I'll take the trash out, so don't worry about it.” Alexis explained.

"Okay. Be careful on the way, okay." Zoe answered briefly and refocused on recording the stock of goods in the warehouse.

"Okay. See you tomorrow, Zoe." After that, Alexis walked out of the warehouse, and into the changing room, and took her luggage that was in the locker. Before long, Alexis came out of there, and went back into the kitchen area to pick up a fairly large garbage bag there, and carry it out through the back door. Alexis had a little trouble carrying the big bag in both hands, carrying her carry-on bag. Alexis stepped out first before picking up the trash bag again. “Oh my gosh this is so heavy…” Alexis mumbled.

Before long, Alexis was right next to the big trash can in the hallway beside the restaurant. Alexis opened the lid of the trash can, then began to lift and throw the garbage bag into the tub quite hard. Alexis closed the lid back on the trash can. Then Alexis clapped her palms together, trying to brush off the dust that felt on her palms at this moment.

“Help! Please, help me!!”

Alexis immediately looked curiously at the darkness in front of her. Alexis squinted her eyes because she couldn't see very clearly in the darkness in the hallway. And the dim light in the middle of the hall didn't even help Alexis see what was at the deepest end of the hall. But when Alexis' eyes began to focus, she widened her eyes wide. There was a helpless woman standing weakly against the wall, with a man which Alexis couldn't describe in more detail. Alexis instantly hid her body behind the trash can. And tried to peek in the small gap between the trash can and the wall nearby right now.

Alexis now can only see the man tilted his face in the gap in the neck of the woman who began to wobble with his breathless. Alexis felt her body tremble with fear. And when the man moved his face away from the gap in the woman's neck, Alexis could see a bright glint in the man's eyes. And how the man easily dropped the woman's body onto the road and didn't move at all there. Alexis gripped her clothes to muffle her fear, unfortunately Alexis couldn't see the man's face clearly. The man didn't say anything, just stayed silent and looked coldly at the body of the woman who might have died there. Alexis covered her mouth with her palms when she saw the man wiping his red stained lips. Alexis felt nauseous with her eyes starting to well up with tears. When she realized what the red stain was visible on the man's lips. Blood stains. With a quick movement, Alexis saw the man running away from the dark alley. And just disappeared without a trace.

He was a vampire... Alexis believed that she might be in big trouble right now.


Alexis entered her dorm room with hasty steps. It was two in the morning, and she had just arrived at her college dormitory. Locked the door to his room and turned on the small orange lamp that was on her study table there. Alexis was lucky to have a taxi on duty in the morning. She couldn't think of going home by bus earlier. After what she saw in the hallway, Alexis wasn't sure if she could truly feel at ease this time. Alexis changed into her pajamas, then rolled her body tightly into her blanket. Trying to get rid of all the shadows of what happened earlier.

"Shit, why should I see it all? W-what if he sees me? W-what if I become his next target? Not. No...” Alexis mumbled with all her worries at the moment.Alexis got up and leaned her body against the headboard. And bent his knees and hugged her tightly. Alexis hid her face between her knees and her hands there. “I think… I won't be able to sleep this morning. Remembering how that woman fell strai


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