Reincarnation of the Monkey God

Reincarnation of the Monkey God

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Life_of_Mid
  • Chapters: 16
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 12+
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It all started on seventy second continent of the Azure realm, also know as, The Great sage Continent where a child destined for greatness is born. As the child grows, he sets out on an adventure to explore a continent where cultivators roam the land, performing amazing feats with their control over Qi. His journey will see him go from a hidden forest as a budding cultivator to creating a martial art capable of rivaling the greatest powers. However his journey doesn't just involve getting stronger, instead, it is one of many experiences that come along the way as Kai embarks on his journey to the pinnacle of martial arts. This is the story of Kai's journey to enlightenment in martial arts amidst trials and tribulations!!

Chapter 1

White Glass throne room, Sky palace


He respired heavily as he knelt face down and his right fist planted into the ground.

He wore a sleeveless grey dopo that was stained with blood, his own blood.

The humanoid male was quite hairy with beautiful golden colored hair covering the entirety of his body that was visible.

Unfortunately the beauty of the hair was obscured due to the fact that on certain locations on the male’s body, there were cuts and bruises, the likes gotten from battling for a prolonged period of time.

“Such a shame, Baban. You could have been standing beside me at my right hand yet you chose to rebel against me, the one that has shown you grace for so long. Now just look at you, you are kneeling before me, wounded and completely broken due to your pride.”

A dignified voice was heard, emerging just a couple of meters in front of the golden haired male.

The male referred to as Baban, puts up his head to look in the direction in which the dignified voice had emanated from.

The face of Baban shared some semblance with a male human but due to the golden hairs that seemed to be a defining trait, it was right to say that he looked more like a primate than an actual human.

His golden eyes that seemed to stare into the soul, straight nose and a neat jawline that was covered up by golden hair.

Baban was a monkey that would most surely be called handsome by the so called humans.

Looking forward, Baban’s golden eyes set sights on a white throne that was situated up a flight of stairs.

Each step seemed to have a different character written on the left and rights sides of it, the character gave off some sort of aura with a red carpet placed in the middle leading all the way to the pearly throne that was placed at the top.

The throne itself seemed to be floating a bit off the ground.

With a design that was made to either induce fear or induce a feeling of strength, the arm rests of the throne which seemed to be made of a special kind of glass were designed to look like dragons with their mouths opened.

Unfortunately not much else could be made out about the design of the throne because someone was seated on it.

“Shown me grace??... Do not spout such words, Overseer. They do not suit a person such as yourself.”

Baban remarked with a face full of disdain for the one seated on the throne.

The one Baban referred to as Overseer, was seated on the glass throne.

The Overseer was a dignified old man with flowing white beards and white hair that seemed to be ever growing as it looked luscious and beautiful.

The old man’s hair was arched up and a jade colored pin held up the hair lock in a tasteful manner.

“Giving the state you are in, you still seem to have quite a lot to say in that foul mouth of yours.”

The Overseer remarked with an amused look on his face.

“This fool obviously continues to court death even as it is knocking at the door.”

Just then, another male voice spoke up with a disgruntled tone.

“And here I thought that I had taken care of you… Drago.”

Baban remarked back as he looked in the direction of the male that spoke obviously taunting him.

The male referred to as Drago was a humanoid with an ageless beauty that transcended the human definition of looks.

He was dressed in a blue dopo with several wounds on his body, strikingly similar to the condition Baban was in.

He had blue hair as well as dark blue eyes with his body giving off a blue colored aura.

Drago was standing to the right side of Baban, his position closer to the stairs that led to the glass throne that the Overseer was seated on.

“How dare you look down on me, you monkey like vermin. I will make sure to give you a horrible death, mark my words.”

Drago speaks up in a thunderous manner, with his eyes giving off an electric vibe.

“No need to be riled up by him, Drago. We have already beaten him. A loser that continues to throw low jabs and insults is still just a loser.”

A female voice spoke up in a bid to calm the raging Drago.

“Still as calm as ever, Fen. You would have been a good person to have by my side.”

Baban remarked with a sad tone as he looked upon the fiery beauty that had spoken.

The one Baban referred to as Fen was a female that had a calmness that was quite shocking considering the amount of bodily harm she had undergone.

She was dressed in a red dopo thoroughly stained with blood but it seemed more like red dye at this point.

She had red hair with fiery red eyes, a red colored aura could be seen engulfing her body.

“Do not try to patronize me, Baban. Your fate is to die here today, so you should accept it and not make it difficult for any one of us.”

Fen said, thoroughly unmoved by Baban’s words.

She was standing in the same area as Drago, but instead of being close to the throne, she was actually standing behind Baban.

“Quite unfortunate though, the master gave you special attention yet you decided to turn against him. Do you not know how much we envied you, all four of us. How much we wished to be in your position.”

Yet another individual spoke again, a female just like Fen but she possessed green colored hair and possessed jade colored irises.

She wore a green dopo that was in similar condition with Fen as well as Drago.

She stood on the left side of Baban, standing close to the stairs.

“Good to know that you are still open with your thoughts, Tule. I was worried that you would end up changing.”

Baban replied back.

“Look at you all, sharing your final words.”

A male voice rang out from behind Baban, to be precise on the left side.

“Let’s just end this bastard and move on with our lives, it’s already clear that he threatens the balance that has been kept stable for so long by our master, The Overseer.”

The male voice quickly adds in an impatient tone.

“You don’t get to make that call, Tigra. Let the master decide that.”

Fen retorts as she gazed in the direction the male voice emanated from.

The one referred to as Tigra was a male dressed in a black and white dopo, his muscular build being the one thing that made him stand out from the rest due to the fact that the other three individuals standing around Baban had slender builds.

“Would you look at that. You still look out for me at the end, Fen.”

Baban remarked with a light chuckle.

“Master, what do you say we do with this traitor??”

Drago turns his eyes towards the direction of the glass throne with the one seated on it letting out a heavy sigh.

“Baban.. Do you really plan to remain stubborn until the end??”

The Overseer asked in a dignified manner.

“No need to ask me anything again, I have already made up my mind.”

Baban replied back in a rather disrespectful manner.

“Do you not realize that your ambitions could very much tilt the balance in an unfavorable manner??”

The Overseer seemed to be in distress as he asked his question.

“So you are telling me that it is wrong to seek to be stronger??... You are telling me that seeking even greater enlightenment In the ways of the Dao is dangerous??”

Baban asked back in annoyance.

“Yes. It may sound odd but that is the truth. You are already at a sufficient level, why must you keep this up??... Do you not think that it is time to rest??”

The Overseer leans forward as he spoke, his words seeking to get across to Baban.

“Tch, stop with your lies old man. Just say the truth to everyone and stop making up such foolish things.”

Baban said without regard for the dignified one seated before him.

“How dare you speak to the master in such a disrespectful manner, I will ensure that you pay for that sharp tongue of yours!!”

Drago yells out, thoroughly annoyed by Baban’s tone of speaking.

“Oh please, stop saying such big words when you are quite aware of the fact that you cannot make those words become truth.”

Baban claps back, clearly looking down on Drago.

“Why, you..”

Drago trails off as he was about to blow a fuse.

“Drago, no.”

Fen said but it was too late as Drago quickly dashed forward, breaking the ground on which he stood with a single step.

Chapter 2


Drago dashed forward with a significant amount of force exerted on the ground beneath, this caused the ground to immediately crumble.

Moving at a speed faster than sound, Drago quickly appears in front of Baban with the blue aura around taking on a more aggressive nature as it wiggled and eventually began to show characteristics similar to that of electricity.

“Just you watch, Baban. I will make sure to end you right now with this attack.”

Drago remarked with a thunderous roar as the blue aura around him assumed a form akin to lightening.


The lightening surrounding Drago whipped and convulsed in a violent manner, causing the area around Drago to begin to shatter due to the immense pressure he was releasing.

“Tch, fools such as yourself should not try to make empty threats because it would only sound like jokes made by a clown.”

Baban replied, clicking his tongue as he looked directly at Drago with d


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