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Mageia High: Grimoire of Astria

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A mysterious witch had entered Mageìa High, the school for the witches. It is the only school to learn magic. But she's not there to learn or to get stronger. She's looking for something, something that can either cause the restoration of the world or its destruction. And when she find it, she will destroy it. Together with witches who have different goals, they went on a journey together. Despite having different aims, they all have a connection to one another, it’s the witch Astria. There’s those who despises her, and those who wants to protect her, still, in the end, only one witch can end or fix everything, but who is that witch?

Chapter 1

In this world, magic is everything.

Magic is used on everything and simple things. Blessed are those who can do and control it.

Knowledge is a big deal when it comes to unique abilities. Potions, spells, charms... magic, all of it, can be learned.

Everyone has their own rank. An éxi or six as the lowest, and énas or one as the highest or strongest. Smaller numbers mean more knowledge when it comes to magic.

When it comes to spells, there is also a basis for how strong or difficult it is.

From Rank F, Rank E, Rank D, Rank C, Rank B, Rank A, Rank S and Rank SS as the strongest.

They can be learned and read in books... but there are also spells that are not included in ordinary books or cannot be studied easily.

We called them, Ciphers.

Spells that can't be used easily even by énas or ones. These spells are hidden in a book.

The Grimoire of Astria.

A book full of forbidden magic.

Mageía high is the school for those who want to learn magic. This is where you can find all the things you should know when it comes to magic and this is where I intend to go.

But I'm not here to learn or to get stronger.

I'm here to find the Grimoire. The book full of powerful magic. Spells that can change the world and can be the cause of destruction.

And once I found it...

I will destroy it.


"Are you sure you're leaving?"

I looked at the man who asked me. The man who I've been with for a long time in this place.

"Of course, it's necessary," I answered with a smile.

He showed me a smile before handing over my things. "Be careful Xena, it's different out there now."

I nodded at what he said. "Yes, I will, thank you for everything and see you again."

I said good bye for the last time before leaving my home for several years. I need to go. That's for the best.

The mist and cold air greeted me while walking. Fortunately, I was wearing a black cloak that served as my cover. The sun has not risen yet so the surrounding is still filled with fog. I went straight to the capital of the city. Even though I haven't been out for a long time, I still know that the portals are in the capital.

Yes, portals. Every city has their own portals, to go to different places. As far as I know, there is only one portal in this city. Gretta is just a small city anyways. So I left early so I wouldn't have trouble using the portal. I'm sure that many people will come here later to use it and I don't want to have trouble with them.

When I got to the capital there weren't many people. Only civilians who needs to work usually wake up early here. I can hear someone sweeping up fallen leaves, others arranging goods, and others hanging clothes early on the clothesline. Good, I won't have any trouble using the portal.

I wandered around the capital to find the portal. I looked around while frowning. I know that the portal is here but I don't know exactly where it is. Is it like this when you don't go out for a long time?

In the search, my attention was drawn to the fountain right in the center of the capital. A statue of a woman is in the middle of it. My expression quickly brightened upon seeing the statue. That's it! I found it! That statue serves as a landmark. I smiled to myself and approached it. I finally found it too-

Before I could make another step closer, I had a realization. The smile on my lips disappeared when I realized something.

Sh*t! I forgot the spell!

I pulled my hair out of frustration. I haven't been out and haven't used a portal in years. For pete's sake! Opening a portal is one of the basic magics. It's a Rank F spell. Even an éxi know how to use it.

"What? It won't open if you’ll just stare at it." I heard a woman say.

I was simply taken aback by what the woman behind me said. I can see her at the corner of my eyes. She has an ash hair and brown eyes. Her skin is white as snow and her cheeks are red as apples. The luxurious clothes she is wearing are noticeable. She also has porcelain accessories.

Her eyebrows met when our eyes met. It's pretty obvious that she's a noble. She’s also with a guy who seemed to be her age. Who has a blonde hair and blue eyes. He looks elegant in his blue tunic shirt. They were lined up behind me, waiting for me to use the portal.

"H-Hey, Zairah!" the guy with her reprimanded softly. He looked at me shyly. "Haha, sorry, miss. I will open it for you. Where are you going?" he asked.

I smiled at what the guy said. It's a good thing that he has a good attitude. Not like the girl he’s with.

"To Mageía High," I answered. Both of them paused—surprised. The girl's forehead furrowed and the guy's jaw dropped. They were both shocked by what I said. Why, is there something wrong?

"You're a witch? A witch that can't open a port-"

"Nice! We're going there too!" the guy said, stopping the girl he’s with. She didn't finish what she was going to say when the guy interrupted her. He looks exhausted for some reason.

The guy stood beside me and touched the fountain. "Anoígo tin pýli!"

Gradually, the fountain lit up and the portal opened. "Let's go!" he said enthusiastically. The girl went inside first and her companion followed her. I didn't waste any time and went inside. "We're here!" the man said, smiling. The lively town of Bernice dawned on me.

The quiet town I came from is completely the opposite here. Even it’s still early in the morning, there are many people around, starting their day.

"Miss, there’s the Academy." The man pointed out to me a castle on top of a hill. "We're going first!" he added.

I thanked him and he answered me with a smile. While the girl with him walked first. The two of them left me in front of the fountain. Before going to the Academy, I looked at the town of Bernice again. It is one of the four big cities. There’s no doubt because this is where you can only find the only school for those who want to learn magic.

Our nation is called Miyamih, where it is divided into cities and the famous four are Bernice, Paranela, Gestia, and Frencide. Of the four, the most important is Frencide where the council is, the place of the superiors.

I heaved a sigh as I wander around. Is the book I'm looking for here?

"Excuse me!-"

I stopped walking when a girl bumped into me. She has a short brown hair and round glasses. She's also wearing a steampunk dress and boots. All the books she was holding fell. She is holding more than ten. How did she see where she's going?

"S-Sh*t! I'm sorry!" the girl said in panic. I helped her pick up the books that fell. "N-No! Don't! Stop, I'm really sorry, I wasn't looking at where I was going-"

She hurriedly picked up the books she had dropped. Unfortunately, one of her books was damaged and all its pages were scattered. I just sighed as it got more and more messy. She just scattered her things more. She's so clumsy.

I stopped picking up her books and stood up. "floatir!"

One by one, all her books floated up as well as the scattered pages. When I pointed my index finger at one place, it all went here. The girl was stunned by what I did. "Y-You're a witch?!" she asked in amazement. I answered her with a smile. "Woah! Y-You're so good at magic!" She picked up all her books again and insisted on shaking my hand. "I'm Tristana, you can call me Tana! And I'm also a witch!" she enthusiastically introduced herself to me.

I held her hand back. "Xena."

"Ohh! Are you going to the Academy too?" Tana asked softly. I nodded in response.

"Great! I'm going there too! Let's go together!"

I didn't complain about what she said and I agreed to go to the Academy together. I also helped her with the books she is carrying. It looks heavy and she might bump into someone again.

Tana and I walked silently to the Academy together. The sun's rays peeked through the trees we pass by on the way up. It's not really a forest because there's a pathway that we can use but this hill is no joke. The trail is uphill and very long, tiring.

"Hm, Xena where did you read that spell?" Tana suddenly asked. I was shocked by her question and I didn't answer right away. "A-Ah, was it that earlier? My Teacher taught me," I answered.

"Wah! You're so good! Hey, I'm actually not good at magic. That's why I'm just éxi." I glanced at her direction only to see that her expression changed. "Mom is a great witch so she has high expectations from me. But I really have no skills when it comes to magic hehe," she added.

Tana smiled at me, sparingly. I didn't notice that we were already close to the Academy.

"Cheer up. That's why you're here, right?" I said, smiling.

Tana's face brightened at what I said. "Yup! I'm going to be a great witch!" she happyily answered me. "Yey! We're here!"

Both Tana and I looked up at the front. We are in front of the Academy and its gate opened by itself. It seems bigger up close. When the gate opened it was like a town inside—it’s huge. I looked around with curiosity. There’s a lots of stores and stuff. In the middle is a big castle where we will study.

I took a deep breath. I guess this is it. I hope I can find what I'm looking for here.

Chapter 2


When we entered the gate, I saw the shops more closely.

"A-Are those?-"

"Yup! Trolls!" Tana answered me enthusiastically.

Shops are managed by trolls. Most of the buyers are students while others are witches who came here on purpose. There are different creatures flying, the objects kept moving by themselves, and even wild beasts are roaming around. It’s very lively around us even though people have their own lives. Various types of goods are lined up outside, there are herbs, exotic animals, and others even sell potions.

"We're almost there, Xena!" Tana said, smiling.

We found ourselves in front of another gate. We have to go through it to get into the castle. It is surrounded by big roots and I also noticed the little fairies coloring the flowers attached to the big wall.

"Ahem! Ahem! Welcome to Mageía!" the gargoyles guarding the gate greeted us cheerfully.

Their loud voices are sh


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