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Mage Awakening

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It is the middle of the 26th century, Earth has fallen to the Ursupers; An alien race hell-bent on genocide that had already wiped out 40% of mankind. After numerous attempts by Earth's champion to defeat the Dark leagues,the Guardians of Earth take a last stand for humanity by sending a champion to prepare for the Apocalypse. Reincarnated to the most hazardous magical world of Cedran with no memories of his past, Kant Morgan must fight against terrible monsters and advance through the ranks to prepare for his life's greatest mission albeit while trying to find out who he is


The rundown neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen was the last place you'll expect anything of significance to happen. Located in the gritty part of Manhattan in NY, it was home to various vices and crimes.Tucked away in a corner, a high-rise building sat inconspicuously among the other buildings around it. It looked like every other building around: old and tired.A lone raven flew to the building, its dark shape partly obscured by the mist. It tapped the windowpane of the second floor repeatedly with its beak. The window was thrown open by someone inside who saluted the raven as it passed.It flew straight to the head of a conference meeting where several bespectacled graying men and women sat.Little would anyone know that this group of people decided the fate of the world.There was no reaction from them in the presence of a bird at a respectable meeting. It landed on the seat and shook its head violently. In its place moments later was a respectable-looking man, dressed immaculately in a well-fitted suit. He looked like a successful European business CEO in his element, behind his stern face was a cunning mind. A powerful aura emanated from him marking him as the person in charge."Good day, distinguished Guardians. Without further ado, let's proceed with the agenda of the day" He said, looking around at them.There were nods and slight shuffling among the Guardians. A matronly-looking woman stood up. With a flick of her hands, the lights went off and the room was in darkness. She went over to a projector and gestured to the image on the screen.The aftermath of a war scene. Littered bodies, buildings in flames. A large fearsome monster with sharp claw-like tentacles advanced on a young dying guy. He formed a blue power ball to defend himself but it went out before he could use it. One of the tentacles reached out and squeezed his body in a tight grip. Another went through him. He shuddered and went limp as a blue substance left his still bodyThe scene paused and the woman looked back at the council."As we all saw now, our hero is dead again. What's our next step" She said and turned expectantly to the board.There was silence for a while."You've all heard Sakri, begin to state your case" The leader's voice boomed out in the darkness."These have been going on for some time, the Usurpers have won just again." A high-pitched female voice said."Where do you reckon we went wrong this time around? I say we scrap the project as a whole." A male voice said."We didn't, we did everything perfectly, Mako." Someone at his left answered him. "We did everything perfectly" Mako mimicked him in a sarcastic tone. "You delude yourself." "Let's not argue within ourselves please, we're above this," Someone said quickly to forestall a comeback. "Let's analyze this thoroughly."He looked around to make sure he had gotten their attention. He was the Grand Sage of the first order and was well respected. "The Galaxy project is too important to scrap so that's out of the question. His soul is not the problem, he has potential. The problem was that he was OP making him reckless in handling his powers. Let's send him to a different world and see how he adapts. Kedran perhaps. If he survives, we'll send him again against the leagues of the Usurpers. "How can he possibly survive there without our gifts? This is our champion we are talking about""He would have to survive on his wits. Of course, we'll bestow the Divine Mage system to him and I'll personally bless him with a Sage mind. That would be enough for him. They were murmurs of agreement among the Guardians, they had all been impressed with his speech. There was silence as everyone turned to look at the leader."Wise words as usual, Grand Sage. All in support?" He said, throwing an appreciative nod at the Sage.One by one, they all raised their hands in unison except Mako who had a scowl on his face."You've been outnumbered, Mako," He said, smiling wryly. "Divine Soul Contraption" He yelled. The setting around them changed at his words. They were now standing in the skies. Several planets encircled the spaces below them. There was a missile-like machine in front of them. A teenage boy was sleeping inside. He was skinny with black hair and soft facial features. He looked around 16 to 20 years old. His childlike features didn't help him much. "Ah, what do we have here," The Grand Sage said beaming at him. He brought out a quill from his pocket and held it up to the boy's face. It glowed brightly and faded into his body. He nodded with satisfaction on seeing it and stepped back. "Sage mind is all done. Your turn now" He said, turning to the Grand Lord. The Grand Lord's eyes turned white as he stretched his hand toward the boy. A scroll appeared in mid-air, floated to the boy's chest and sunk in just like the quill. He stirred a bit and went back to sleep. "Poor boy, his soul must be worn out. He looks peaceful in his sleep" Sakri said, stroking his hair. "Don't we all look so when we sleep? We're done here. Quit talking and set the course for Kedran" "On it," She said, punching the keypads on the machine. It sputtered to life as it began a countdown from ten. The Immortal Guardians looked on proudly as it prepared to launch. "Uhmm… Grand lord" Sakri said, looking nervous and scratching her hair. "What is it?" He asked absentmindedly, reveling in his thoughts. "Sorry, did you say Kedran or Cedran""Kedran with a K. What did you choose?" He asked, sharply startled by her question. "Cedran with a C," She said in a tiny voice. Just then, the countdown finished and the machine ejected the boy with light speed towards a distant planet. A golden orb was around his body to protect him on his journey"Is there any way to stop it?" The Grand Lord asked no one in particular. "No, there isn't, except destroying the machine here linked to him which will rip his soul apart. The energy in the machine is too strong. This mission just turned deadly. Cedran is ranked first on the most dangerous planet list. May the Light be with him." The Grand Sage said with a frown"Sh*t," The Grand Lord said as they all watched the doomed soul hurtle towards an uncertain destination.

The System

"Let's go back home. I don't think this is a good idea" Kant said to his friend Tom  for the umpteenth time. "Don't be such a puss. We both couldn't even produce fire in Elementary Magic class today. With this, we'll show the boys tomorrow in class what we're made of" Tom said, his eyes twinkling with excitement as they walked deep into the woods. "Our magic hasn't Awakened till now, how are we going to kill any creature to obtain their crystals even if it's of the lowest rank" Kant asked his friend with a glum face. They were a weird duo. Kant was a skinny teen of average height. He had unruly brown hair that never seemed to stay in one place. But his stand out feature were his ears, they were big and stuck out. Tom on the other hand was a bit overweight with black hair permed to one side. He thought it made him cool. Kant couldn't bring himself to tell him otherw


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