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Immanuel Fabian

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About me

I'm Immanuel Fabian, a writer and avid chess player. Alien Guard is my debut novel, there will be more novels depending on the feedback and engagements. Welcome to my little world, engage actively by following up the story and unlocking new chapters. Kedran and subsequent delights await you all


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  • 7.5

After witnessing more than half of the Earth been wiped off, Fatima must learn to survive on her own in the strange planet: Kedran. But it's hard to do so when you're a girl with a maimed leg having no survival skills. Journey with her as she passes through a shocking betrayal fit enough to shake the galaxies beyond. A loving father, a two- faced brother, a friend turned sister, a strange witch all contribute to her experiences. A tale of courage as she battles her way up the power ranks of the Kedran institute to become one of the Emperor's personal assassins.

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  • 5.0

It is the middle of the 26th century, Earth has fallen to the Ursupers; An alien race hell-bent on genocide that had already wiped out 40% of mankind. After numerous attempts by Earth's champion to defeat the Dark leagues,the Guardians of Earth take a last stand for humanity by sending a champion to prepare for the Apocalypse. Reincarnated to the most hazardous magical world of Cedran with no memories of his past, Kant Morgan must fight against terrible monsters and advance through the ranks to prepare for his life's greatest mission albeit while trying to find out who he is


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