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  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: MIRACLE
  • Chapters: 15
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 12
  • 7.5
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Sierra's parents lost her at birth. She died in the womb before she was born, but the moon spirit saved her and in the process transferred its powers to her. She became an abnormal child who was chased after by several witches, evil people and also by the King of Aqui who found out she is the means through witch the moon spirit wanted to gain expression and bring balance to the world. She encountered Samson who saved her after the King wanted to kill her. Ever since then the two have journeyed together. Him trying to keep her safe and she trying to become stronger by mastering all her powers so as to bring balance to the world. She eventually fell in Love with Samson who unknown to her is the crowned prince of the King she was trying to protect people from. After it became clear to the both of them that he was the crown prince, they got separated from each other but they still silently longed for each other. Will the two keep away from each other's presence or will they eventually sort things out and finally be together? "I love you Sierra," Sammy said. After a pause he asked, "You don't have anything to say?"

Chapter 1


Sierra’s POV

“She looks beautiful,” my dad said, obviously talking to my mother. My dad was staring at me and whispering some stuffs to my mother over dinner. If you ask me, I will say my dad loves me a little too much, I wouldn’t blame him though considering the circumstances surrounding my birth.

“Dad, you’re doing it again, you staring at me too much and you’re once again creeping me out,” I said fully aware of how much he loved me nonetheless.

“You can’t blame me baby, you know your birth wasn’t a normal one, God preserved you for us,” My Dad said. My dad is one of the richest man in this Kingdom, from the house we lived in you could tell. He also visited the King and his wife from time to time.

“I know dad, but it’s been 18 years already, I am turning into a big woman now,” I said while trying to sound as pleasant as I could. “I will finish my food upstairs in my room,” I said obviously annoyed. I turned back a little to look at my dad, from his looks I could tell that the sounds of my footsteps as I went upstairs sent daggers to his heart. I knew he cared for me, but his care was getting a little too much. Whatever happened that kept my dad that protective and overly caring must have been really frightening.

The thoughts of the new school I got accepted in ran through my mind. How was I going to attend a normal people school when I wasn’t normal? It’s going to be a very long day I thought. I heard a voice downstairs but I wasn’t sure who it was. I quickly rushed my food and went downstairs. It was a little pass 6 p.m, almost 6:30 pm actually, so it was a little odd that someone would come visiting.

“Hello Ma, is sierra at home?” That sounded a lot like Mia, my very best friend. She is my neighbour who listens to me. She is down to earth and can be easily related to.

“Ah, there she is,” Mia said as soon as she sighted me. She wore a black gown that matched very well with her boots. She had grey eyes and brown hair. Her hair fell on her shoulders. She made her way to where I was but my mum gave me this look. The look that says it all, Why-are-you-having-visitors-at-this-odd-hour Kind of look. It was all too familiar but I didn’t care, I needed someone to remove my mind from all these thoughts roaming my head.

“Mum, please allow her in,” I said, giving out an expectant smile. My mum is like every other extremely rich woman in her early 30s except she doesn’t trust people easily, she has trust issues. Quite a good match for my dad that easily trusts people.

“No problem, you guys should just try not to break anything,” My mum said very much aware of my clumsy trait.

“No problem mum, thank you”, I said while grinning.

“How was school today?” I asked Mia. Mia attended one of the best schools in the whole of the Kingdom of Aqui, so she had some of the best tutors in school. The King had also ensured free education for the less privileged, people who can’t afford to pay the school fees.

“Fine, I Guess, our teacher gave us some assignments after some pretty boring day, by the way they announced some new students will be joining us this month,” Mia said.

“ehmm… okay, well I heard there is going to be a party at the King’s palace next week, will you be attending?” I asked already knowing her answer.

“of course, I will be attending, it’s the biggest wedding in the whole of Aqui, everyone is talking about it like it’s literally the talk of the town now,” She said. The wedding is another big thing coming up but that’s not what is actually on my mind now, I thought. Judging from my dad’s status with the King, it will be expected of him to attend the wedding. I knew many of the Palace ministers will be there to grace the occasion. Another opportunity for the poor to eat free food, I thought. If I am to Judge, the king’s reign so far has been good, he cares for the poor and ensures even distribution of the kingdom’s resources. I guess he had to learn it because the ministers secretly moved most of the Kingdom’s resources to their personal houses, leaving the people of our land in poverty. After the news went around and got to the King, he took some measures that ensured none of the land’s resources was shared without his knowledge. 

“I know, I am going to attend as well, but right now I am more pre-occupied with some more important things,” I said then I looked at Mia, she had her head bent, her eyes opened and her jaw dropped. Mia already knows me. After some minutes of examining me, she finally brought her jaw back to its initial position. To her, almost nothing concerning me will leave her too shocked. Mia was my best friend for a reason, she can easily read people and know when not just to talk.

“I think I should be on my way now,” Mia said. “It’s getting late already,” She added. She had a blank look on her. As much as she wanted knowing what’s wrong with me, she also respects my decision not to talk about it. So of course, going home and using the late hours as an excuse was what she could come up with.

“No problem, I will escort you down,” I said. “There is no need for that, you’re hiding something and I know it.” She said.

Okay she couldn’t be more accurate, I thought. I heard the door slam shut behind her and the sound of her footsteps as she went down the stairs. I silently wished a day will come when I would tell her, but for now, I couldn’t. I went outside the window and stared at the dark blue sky, it was around 9pm then I noticed something, it was a full moon.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I woke up at exactly 6 a.m and walked my way to the bathroom. I had a quick bath then walked my way to where my clothes were neatly kept. The wealthy people in our Kingdom were attracted to me mostly because of how I always dress; very classy and beautiful.

 “Perfect, my favourite pink gown,” I said but who am I kidding? I have a lot of favourite gowns. “what will go well with this pink gown now?” I asked myself. My eyes did a little tour and my eyes stopped at a very familiar item, my golden necklace. I have an eye for the colour pink. I wore them, made up my self a little, then went down the stairs. It was exactly 7 O’clock, I wanted to be in school at least 30 minutes before my first class, so I can do a little tour in the school. I tilted my head and saw my mum in the kitchen.

“Eat first before you leave for class,” My old man said.

“I am really going to run late if I sit down to eat, I want to be in school at least 30 minutes before my first ever class,” I said with glee.

“The food is ready honey, come and eat,” My mum said. I looked at her, she looked like she had been through a lot, you wouldn’t blame her, she must have woken up really early to prepare breakfast and because today was my first day in school, my dad didn’t want me to go hungry.

“Okay mum and dad I will sit down and eat,” I said while rushing to the dining table. I sat down and hurried my food, eating plenty at same time, I rushed all my food down my throat. “Done daddy.” He was about saying something but I didn’t hear him because I raced myself to the exit door and ran to the junction. Lucky for me I got a ready boat almost immediately. I sat in the boat and was a bit lost in thoughts. Indeed, I don’t know how I am going to cope with my fellow students with the whole thing going on. The new school I was admitted in was not too far from my place, but to get a boat this early was a little bit of warfare. We arrived at my new school. I stood in front of the school building and starred at it. The school had a big compound with many buildings in it. I entered pass the gate. The gatekeeper asked for my pass and I showed him. Permitting me I proceeded to enter the building. I was wowed.

 The school was one of the schools owned by the former dead King. It was designed with golds and emeralds gotten from the trades the Kingdom normally has with other Kingdoms who come here for exchanges. 

“My first day in school,” I said as I shrieked with both joy and nervousness, I wonder how my day will go, I thought.

“We have a new student everyone, stand up and greet and welcome her to the school,” My teacher said after I entered the hall.

“Welcome,” The students shouted while standing up. Well that was a good first impression, I thought. I Looked around then my gaze stopped at a familiar figure. Her jaw dropped, her eyes opened very widely, I knew even though she said I wasn’t going to be able to shock her, I just successfully did. I smirked. This expression was one of the reasons I didn’t want to tell her…. It was gold. I loved seeing this aspect of her – the very surprising happy her.

“Thank you every one,” I responded.

“Introduce yourself to the class please,” The teacher said.

“My name is… My name is Sierra Lionel, I live at the north side of the area, not too far from here. Thank you for your warm welcome, I hope to know you all better,” I said and made my way to the seats. I sat down at the back. There was hardly space anywhere, the whole hall was filled up. I couldn’t hear the teacher well from where I seated but I didn’t care much, I was satisfied just looking at my class mates. “I made it,” I murmured.

“Weeeeeeehhhhhhhh” The bell rang signifying the end of the class for the day. Mia made her way to where I was, trying to leave the hall.

“You little… I don’t even know the right adjective to use to qualify you!” She said both happy and angry at the same time.

“Okay I know I didn’t really mention that I got accepted in your school,” I said with glee, trying hard enough to hide my happiness. I am in the same school with my best friend, what else could I ask for? 

“I am sorry,” I said. Okay thinking about it I am not actually sorry, that look on her face was gold! I thought while trying to hold back a laugh.

“What’s funny? So much for an apology,” Mia said, getting a little annoyed.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Wedding party gone Wrong

Sarah’s POV

I was getting married to the Son of a well-known merchandizer, one who traded with different items like salt, gold, silver, name it. He is a very successful business man well known in his town. He had a lot of fortune and his son, Daniel was going to inherit all he had.

“I think the make-up is too much, the Kohl doesn’t go with my dress,” I complained, my eyebrow raised up. “Reduce the eye-shadow please and change the colour of the lipstick, I am more of a natural looks lady, light make up is my thing,” I said.

From the constant sighs, I could tell that the makeup expert was already becoming impatient with me. I have made her reduce the amount of make up on my face to the point that the makeup was hardly noticeable and I am still even asking for more reduction. “Ma’am, if truly you don’t like makeup, you would have simply asked your hus


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