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Lily Natalie never thought that she would be sucked into a book and suddenly find herself in a wilderness. In the wilderness, she met a girl named Rosy. Rosy said that she deliberately went to the forest to escape from her cruel stepmother. Meanwhile, Lily wanted to escape from depression. Feeling miserable, the two of them began to get along. Unexpectedly, the rain hit. They took shelter in an old little house. Accidentally, Lily and Rosy find a book hidden among the bookshelves in the little old house. The Secret Book, that is the name of the book, a book which in each chapter contains an adventure that will bring Lily and Rosy on a mission to save various humanitarian missions and discover hidden secret meanings. At first, Rosy and Lily were just curious, but when Lily opened it, without realizing it, Lily and Rosy were sucked into the book. Without them knowing, there was someone who witnessed all these events. A man named Cleon. A love story is intertwined there. However, there was one worrying risk they had to go through. Lily and Rosy were only provided with a bracelet decorated with gem crystals. The bracelet is like life to them. When they lose through problems or obstacles, the pearl crystals will disappear one by one. Are Lily and Rosy able to complete all missions? How is Cleon's love story with Rosy and Lily? Then, what exactly is the meaning of the secret book? A very interesting story about adventure and love.

Chapter 1 - Lily Natalie

"L-I-L-Y N-A-T-A-L-I-E. I hate that name !!" The tall girl spelled her own name. A moment later, his face flushed. Not blushing. But she looks very annoyed. Very angry to hear the spelling of his own name.

"Why did Mom and Dad give me that name? I hate it !!" "Why do they have to use the name of the flower?" "Lily? What are beautiful lilies? I hate it! I hate lilies !!"

The girl, herself named Lily Natalie. The only daughter of a well-known businessman couple in a city. Her mother named Daisy who named her because of her love for flowers. Lily ran towards the yard behind her house. Annoyed, she kept running following the evening light in the back yard of the house.

Without a goal, not knowing what she was looking for. Sometimes she stops because she can't run anymore. Running while checking behind her to make sure whether her father and mother are following her or not. Seeing the image of her father and mother no longer appear in her eyes, she was quite relieved. Lily paused for a moment to take breath. She turned her gaze around her.

Lush large trees began to fill the view in front of her. The sound of bamboo playing by the wind adds to the silence and coolness. However, it doesn't seem to discourage Lily from leaving. She was not afraid to continue her journey to escape from her father and mother's house.

"Huh? Where am I, huh? Have I entered the forest? Can the backyard of the house penetrate into the forest?" "Uhmm, but it looks like fun. I have to keep walking through it. It doesn't matter, there's anything in there!" Said Lily confidently.

However, it seemed like Lily was not afraid. Even though she doesn't run anymore. However, walk as hard as she can. The trampled dry leaves became an accompanying sound. The singing of the sound of bamboo tapping by the wind made it even cooler. The evening light was starting to subside, it was unpredictable what would come to her. Is it a criminal? Wild animals? Some kind of terrifying creature from another world?

Sreeeekkk.... Again, the sound of the leaves being trampled on by the sandals added to the silence. Big trees have begun to be found. There is no human life anymore. It was the first time Lily had run that far. She often fled to the backyard of the house, but never far like this. The dark clouds that were increasingly tense, had made a scared face appear on Lily's face. However, she was not afraid. She kept walking around her instincts.

"I can't be afraid! I better stay here, instead of having to come back! I hate mom and dad! I hate my name! Dad and mom are busy anyway!" Suddenly, she jogged back. Down a path that will take her somewhere. Run. Keep running. Far. On the way, her sandals were cut off. Her steps stopped. She brought her own sandals.

"What nonsense, these sandals! How about going to the forest without wearing shoes? Forest? Is it true that I'm now in the forest? Didn't I just go to the back yard of the house?" Lily was even more amazed. Thousands of questions began to come to her mind. Her round eyes and the pattern of sticky black eyes conveyed more anxiety. She began to look right and left around her.

"Hello.... Who's there? Is there anyone there?" She did not know what feeling she suddenly asked. Fear? Worry? Or is it the belief that she tries to turn away from being anxious? "I have to stay here. I don't want to go back home. I don't care if my father and mother are looking for me. I'm pissed off!" Lily cursed herself again.

"Lily Natalie. I hate that name !! I hate my parents !! I don't like lily flowers! I don't like my parents to keep working !! With all their might." She screams hatred at her own name. Her breath is panting. Looks down, and looks like she's getting new energy. Her face was no longer anxious about continuing her steps. She began to follow her way back. A journey without direction and aimless. She does not know what kind of journey she found.


Name is Prayer. At least, there is hope for Daisy to embed the name lily in her daughter's name. However, that doesn't mean she doesn't want to explain. Her daughter was too early to understand. After all, she wanted Lily to find out for herself. Not much different from her father, Darren. He also agreed when Daisy suggested a name for his daughter. However, as she got older, Lily hated her name even more.

How about this? Lily left again! "Daisy was worried. "Shhh, let's calm down first, okay. She's still in shock." Darren tried to calm her down. "Am I wrong, honey? I'm sorry our daughter hates her own name so much." Daisy complained.

"No, honey. You're not wrong. Lily just doesn't understand this. We don't get tired of guiding her." Darren calms Daisy down.

"What if she stays pissed off?" "Should we just change her name?" "How? I can't bear to see Lily like that." Daisy is worried.

"Shhh.... Do you remember the reason we gave her the name? Put the name of the lily flower in her name." Darren studied his wife's face. Like looking for pieces of memory deep in her face. Daisy just nodded.

"I didn't mean to burden her at all, honey." Daisy is getting more and more worried.

"Yes. Me too. The name we intend not to be a burden. Nor is it a series of words of excessive hope that she will love the Lily flower. No. Lily flower has its own history for us. We just pray, may God always guide her to know everything." "What if Lily still doesn't want to understand?"

"From the start, we didn't have any ambition with that name. We have good intentions, and haven't forced Lily to know what her name means, right? I think we're the ones who pay less attention to her." "Yes. But I'm afraid. She's been burdened all her life, honey. She really doesn't like flowers. She feels burdened by the name Lily on her." Said Daisy.

"Lily is sixteen years old. She's still a teenager. Still in progress. Why are you sure she's burdened by the name Lily?" "You remember, honey? Almost every time she comes home from school she frowns. Indeed, she doesn't say why. However, our maid said it was because her friends teased her. They said Lily should be gentler like the philosophy of Lily's flower, not a tomboy and naughty."

"It's okay my love.... Let Lily calm down first. You still have something to do, right?" "Still."

"Okay, let's go in. I'll be the one to find Lily."

"You are sure?" "Yes. You just calm down, okay." "What if she doesn't come home?" "I'll keep looking."

"What if you still don't meet?" "I'll keep looking, honey. You go in first, please. Calm down." Rows of dark clouds filled the evening sky. Like the anxiety that enveloped Daisy. Worried about the only daughter who suddenly left: Lily Natalie.

"Lily Natalie. Am I guilty of naming you that, dear? Do you really hate that name?" Said Daisy. She sat hugging her knees. Anxious and scared.

Chapter 2 - Meet Rosy

Lily kept walking. The sandal straps are cut off. She carries it with her left hand. Her ponytail of hair began to loosen, as her energy was drained. Limp. Sweat started to run down her forehead and cheeks. He also strengthened herself. Trying to maybe step foot. Continue walking towards the small old house in her sight. Instantly, a shadow of a beast emerged from the old house.

"Hey !! Wait !!" Lily was shocked. Trying to chase the beast. However, she was not in a hurry. The run is not too fast for the four-legged beast. However, she instead met another woman who was sitting there pensively.

Lily tried to approach him. "Hello.... Sorry, what's wrong with you?" The girl did not answer. Lily again asked, "I'm Lily. What's your name?" "Rosy." As soon as she answered it briefly, just as Lilly was about to sit beside her, it started to drizzle. Lily reflexively tugged on Rosy's hand for shade.

"Ahhh, fina


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