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Ana Oshibana

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Lily Natalie never thought that she would be s*ck*d into a book and suddenly find herself in a wilderness. In the wilderness, she met a girl named Rosy. Rosy said that she deliberately went to the forest to escape from her cruel stepmother. Meanwhile, Lily wanted to escape from depression. Feeling miserable, the two of them began to get along. Unexpectedly, the rain hit. They took shelter in an old little house. Accidentally, Lily and Rosy find a book hidden among the bookshelves in the little old house. The Secret Book, that is the name of the book, a book which in each chapter contains an adventure that will bring Lily and Rosy on a mission to save various humanitarian missions and discover hidden secret meanings. At first, Rosy and Lily were just curious, but when Lily opened it, without realizing it, Lily and Rosy were s*ck*d into the book. Without them knowing, there was someone who witnessed all these events. A man named Cleon. A love story is intertwined there. However, there was one worrying risk they had to go through. Lily and Rosy were only provided with a bracelet decorated with gem crystals. The bracelet is like life to them. When they lose through problems or obstacles, the pearl crystals will disappear one by one. Are Lily and Rosy able to complete all missions? How is Cleon's love story with Rosy and Lily? Then, what exactly is the meaning of the secret book? A very interesting story about adventure and love.


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