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Jessy walked closer to her and snapped the bracelet off her wrist and they found themselves in a thick dark forest. Looking around now,Julie knew this wasnt a child's play anymore.Jessy wasnt just her twin but an agent of evil. ''Do you have to endanger your life for people who cares less about you?'',Jessy flashed her evil smile. ''I will do more than just that if you don't stop hunting down innocent souls!.Could you have killed me last two nights in my dream if my powers had allowed you?.Jessy,wake up from that spell!. I am Julie, your twin sister!'',Julie yelled.Possessing the powers to read memories,she was baffled to see her dad and grandma all ganged up against her because they knew what she carried. Wasnt family all about love and happiness?..Why must hers be torn apart by fate? Both born under strange circumstances,Jessy grew up hating her twin. Hearing Julie carries the Power of the Ring she has always craved for, Jessy vowed to kill Julie. Middle way,Julie got a scholarship to an high school haunted by Jessy's powers and it was there everything began...... She tried hard to stop her twin from destroying the school she was admitted into when the shackles of love came staring into the deepest parts of her heart and she found herself making the most difficult decision of her life. Will Julie ever be able to keep to her dangerous mission of being a savior while still in the shackles of True love?..

Chapter 1

Chapter One-The Dream

"Hey girl,why are you out here at this time?Did you get lost?"Julie asked,worried but strangely, the girl kept shaking her head vigorously as if telling her not to untie her.Her hair was muddled up and her sides were bleeding.Where was this place?.

A step was heard and the girl finally spoke."Run away.Don't save me,you can't fight her.Dont".

Julie stared towards the direction where the steps were heard and a masked person appeared. This masked person again?Julie thought.What was going on exactly?...

"Come....come..give me your hands"The eyes in the mask pierced her eyes trying to hypnotize her senses.

Julie shook her head as the voice grew fainter in her ears."W..what are you doing to me?... Who are you?",She said as she staggered and fell.She could feel the vessels in her chest struggling to pop out in a second.Who was this person to make her like this?And why does she feel a strange sensation in her body?Was her mum right all along?.

The voice laughed at her.''All I want is your eyes and that thing in you.Nothing else interests me more than that. And I am glad I will accomplish all I have planned today''.Her laugh filled the forest and the girl shivered in fear.

''Don't come near me...Don't you dare come near me'',Julie stammered.

''We shall see about that'',The person scoffed and charged forward with full force to Julie when suddenly Julie felt someone shaking her.She shut her eyes and breathed in.Opening it back,she saw her mum agitated.

''Julie,Are you alright?.You were screaming so loud a while ago.Is it one of those nightmares again?'',Carly asks.Her daughter had been behaving strangely for weeks now.Could it be what she had always thought it to be?.

Julie sat up slowly. She wiped the sweat off her forehead.''I..I am fine,mum. I guessed the scary movies we watched last night wasn't suitable for my mind.I am really fine, nothing to worry about'',She checked her wristwatch.''I have to prepare for school now,see you downstairs'',She pecked her and hurried to the bathroom. She didn't want her mum seeing the blood on her wrists. Was last night real as well?..

Carly sighed.Her instincts weren't wrong after all.Her daughter was being hunted.''Okay Darling, take your time,I will be waiting'',She walked out.

A woman stood at her door and Carly frowned a bit.''Why are you here at my house?..I have told you I am not and will not listen to anything you wanna say?'',Carly walked in to her room and the woman followed her.

''Even if it meant Julie and Jessy losing their lives in the process??!.Carly,quit thinking about yourself only. Don't act like mum did because it would only worsen things as it was before.Do you want Julie's life ruined like yours?'',The woman,Dalia yelled.

Being siblings, they remembered being loved and taken care of by their mum since when they were little until when their mother was hypnotized by only her knows and everything blew off.And now,the only way to get everything and every record straight is finally here and she is hesitating??....

''So what are you getting at?.The book might be wrong.I don't believe in ancient books and besides,I didn't experience anything strange while she and Jessy were in my womb''.

Dalia sighed.''And her eyes?... Don't tell me that's normal too.You and I know the intensity of the colors that radiates in her eyes every moment.Carly,you have got to tell her who she is and what she is actually carrying! Or else don't come to me when everything goes all wrong''.She turned and left.

Carly clenched her fists.Could things go more wrong and worse than all these now?.Being pregnant with two opposite forces,she knew better than anyone what her sister meant.Looking at the clock,she went downstairs to prepare breakfast.

Jessy scoffed when she saw Julie hurrying down the stairs.

''Why don't you get yourself expelled already? School doesn't suit you'',Jessy blurted.Carly dropped her fork and Julie sat.

''Will you stop being nasty every morning ?Why would you say that to her?She is your twin!'',Carly fumed.Julie squeezed her mum's hands in comfort.

Before Jessy could reply,their father walked in.He sat and munched a meat pie.

''Yes but different hours. Jessy actually came twelve hours before Julie.Am I wrong?'',Rex asked.

Carly gave him a piercing look.''Rex,Are you really going to bring this up again?Why are you doing this?Julie is your child too,remember?''.

''She seized being my child the moment you almost died in the theater!and don't tell me that I am taking sides here.I had made everything clear the day you decided to bring her into this house. Don't make me change my mind!''.

Julie stood up and forced a smile.''Mum,dad,please just stop quarrelling because of me.I am off, bye'',She walked out.

''Julie...Julie!'',Carly called out.Maybe the set time now,Maybe telling Julie about herself might make her confident and stand up to any criticism before her.

She stared at the two before her.''I will make sure you two regret this especially you,Jessy.Mark my words'',She hit the table and left.

Jessy grinned.''Did you really fall for that,dad?''.

''Well...A little bit because Carly can be really unpredictable at times''.

Julie got to class and her phone beeped.She checked it,it was a message from her mum.

''Got a little problem at home?''Fiona asked.

''Must your footsteps sound so loud when sneaking up on me,huh??''.

Fiona stared at her.''Did you just say you heard my footsteps?..I didn't even tried making a sound while walking?... How come you heard that...''.

Julie puts her phone back without checking it.''Forget I said that and for your first question, nothing serious.just quarrellings and all.Does all twin sisters behave like Jessy?'',Julie asked.Fiona was right.How could she have heard her footsteps and since the dream last night she could feel a strong sensation whirling up and down her body.Should she let her mum know?

What more strange things could even happen again?.

Fiona poked her nose.''Well,not all of them but yours is an exception.I wouldn't blame her that much because you are truly worth to be envious about. Your bright multicolored eyes,your glittering long silver hair and your face!...How I wished I had just a quarter of it'',Fiona chattered.

Julie smiled.''You have always wished for everything all your life.Thanks for the compliment Miss Fiona but I don't think that might be the main reason why........The bell rang.''Here comes Mrs Skye,you had better get to your seat or get yourself in trouble''.

Fiona gave her a thumbs up and scuttled to her seat.

Glancing at her notes, Julie sighed.How she also wished her dad wasn't so nonchalant about how she lived or breathed. How she wished Jessy wasn't so nasty to get herself transferred to the best high school in town. Who could believe she even has a twin when everything about them seem odd all for a reason she can't still figure out till now even if her dad reminds her all day that he hates her?.

Pain surged through her veins suddenly and she shut her eyes.

Who is really Julie??....

Chapter 2

It is now or never

The bell rang for lunch time.Mexan high school was bustling with different voices and all.Jessy and her two friends sat in the school canteen when a girl came running towards her with some packed lunches.

Jessy laughs as the girl trembled at her presence.The others focused on what they were doing as not to incur her wrath again,only Dylan was able to get into her because she likes him but unfortunately he wasn't around today.

''Did your sick mother know you stole to buy all these for us?'',She flashed her evil smile and stood up.

''I did what you wanted me to do already. What more do you want from me,huh?!'',The girl cried as Jessy's friends laughed,taking the lunches from her.

''So you think I will let you go just like that after humiliating me the day before?!.Don't worry much about your mum.I promise to take care of her.Trudy,take her and follow me no


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