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Her Dangerous Affection

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Her Dangerous Affection tackled about the beyond reality. Your desire will set you into a cruel journey. This desire is dangerous and everyone in power possess it. But more than anyone else, the main characters desire is beyond realistic. It causing the shattering of the wind and destroyed the reality. Everyone are affected and the fragments of this tragedy will set everyone's misery to free. But freedom in the shattered world is beyond impossible. Only the dangerous affection remain and is cycled back and forth to life. No one can set free from misery and every love will destroy together with the destiny!

Chapter 1

He's my dangerous love.

Fall in love with him is a threat to my heart. My heart that constantly beating like crazy when he's around. I could barely breath. He is breathing warmthfully for me, letting me live.

I live with his mercy.

Others would die trying, yet here I am in his arms, breathing just fine.

However, he wasn't really gentle, he supposed not soft but deadly foes. Giving mercy to me is like a miracle that happens, and it such a threat for his very being.

Only for me his eyes soften; his arm wrapped without stabbing, without causing blood to bleed endlessly. But then, I am still dangerously captive by his alluring stares, warmthful embrace, and his kisses bound me to him like addictive b*tch for a touch.

Who knows when he change, his heart, his love!

Yet, my affection couldn't bother such possibility. That's... no matter for a captive b*tch like me!

I wrapp my hands gentle around his muscled figure, it was my safest haven. As I look up, I meet heaven, the feeling his eyes bestow to me feel such. It weaken me, my knees shaken, and my inside burst like crazy!

He stares deeply as if to eat me, and I can only look away, my face flush and heated like a b*tch for the thought. But he don't dare to do such thing like eating me or what, and just warmth me with his smile that brought me warmth despite the danger we're facing.

I falling deeply. Falling through the gratifying feeling that is bottomless. This is his ways of punishing me, his trial to push me to my limit!

But I wish it's a trial to be his woman for life.

I an threaten by the feeling of this all. There seem amass of this all. But then, I am so warmth that it don't taken effect on me, a warning my mind keep screaming inside me.

A warning that tells me a dangerous man would do dangerous thing, would kill for pressure as always!

I am so blind, so b*tch that only the warmth he gives me put to mind.

I don't notice something out of ordinary, only when he kiss me so passionate that I realize, that it was deep and so breathless for me to gasp for air.

It's so good, my body heated even more.

Sure, he will kill me. His tongue is a knife put me to moaned dreadfully. I don't dare to resist. It's so good, yet dangerous to the extreme. It left me shivering, and my body only continue to heat; his touch could do something to stop it.

I moaned even more, the night just falling so deep. His touched begun to fast. His finger begun to stab through my inside. Such a dangerous feeling, yet I don't dare to resist. I am threatened, his lips put me to my place. It's searching, as if my life force was there, and he would do everything to drained it!

To finally end my breath, my innocent-turned-bloody life!

I resign to his touch, to his hands continue searching, to his finger put my shivering to a gratifying feeling.

I feel it stabbing inside of me, yet I was crazy, I thought it was so good that I moaned loudly.

I almost tell him to go faster, and I shook my head. What I'm thinking? Am I going to beg him to kill me faster?

Nonethless, slowly losing my life is such a good torture. It give time for me to think how good this man is, the man let me realize the danger can even brought yet greatness and terrifying good inside.

A burst or some sort of explossion stop me from looking in his good-looking face, his eyes soften. I gulp and moan even more to the heat that only rosing. Did he just use a bomb inside me?

Surely, I remember how he isn't really gentle, he isn't really give me mercy, but he will torture this b*tch of me with craziness of having the feeling of strangeq

A strange like the bomb just now that explode inside me. It so good despite the danger. And can only begun to feel the fear I'm not supposed to show. So I let it aside for now, and do the same he did to me.

My hand is searching, touching through inside his pant. Surely, there something in there that trying to see the outside!

It's so massive my hands couldn't wrap the half of it. I'm beginning to find it strange, did I just touch a weapon hidden inside his pant?

I look up, strangely he look as if his life is on my hand!

Then it hit me, the thing I just touch is the source of his life. But then, it can't be move, and was intact to his smooth skin. He moan and I feel so good to hear that. So I ceased to even snatch it out and just do the same he did with me.

A bomb, there must be a bomb that I can use! I recall one time when I hear something about the weapon hidden in a men's pant. Surely, it can produced a massive bomb just like he did within me. It will make every man, however dangerous they were, to beg for more!

How dangerous this bomb is?

I begun to gripping it tightly, but my hands just can't force a bomb to explode. I remember how this man just put my inside on a strange way, produce a bomb that made me weak into gratifying.

So I do that, yet he suddenly stop me, and shock as I search for a hole. Yet there's none, the like of which that similar to mine.

He kiss me after cursing so loud and so pure, as if a punishment as I am not as good as him.

“Stubborn,” he said with his breathless voice. “Just do nothing, hm?” His warmth breath in my necj, shivered me. It's so strange I feel a tingling sensation so good I grip through his face.

I am madly search for what he just did. This man just do something so first for me, and I never ever have a chance to know his ways. But his words reach my understanding and I stop my hands from gripping the massive thing, and curiously look at him. I unconsciously said with in my breathless, “I want to do something... I don't how, I just don't want to... die yet.”

He chuckle yet there's seem to be shock in his eyes that he try to hide to the deepest. I observed and then I shivered. I find my hands touching that massive thing again, this time his hand teach my hand how to do something I trully want this moment.

“Grip tightly as you thrust,” his whisper shivers me more. He is playful as if amuse to everything. He bite my ears gentle as he added, “Just don't think of doing something stupid, stubborn woman. Do the thrust until you feel what you were searching about, hm?” His voice breathless, as if this time, I pointing a knife to him and he suppose to beg for my mercy.

Chapter 2

I live the life so peaceful that I find it strange in a long run. It bore me and it is far from the fairytale I thought what makes the world is.

Mom and dad promise always they will protect me from harm. And I thought this perhaps their doing, the peacefulness that bore me?

I can only smile the thought of them, and regrets the feeling of boredom for their way of protecting me from harm. I grow up without minding anything, yet here I am swayed by the idea of beyond fairytale.

They are overprotective, and I have no say on that. But my grandmom think differently.

“They supposed give you life not so boring such like this, dear,” she says and I gasped unconsciously. She is busy combing my hair, and I almost lost in thought while staring to his darkest eyes within the reflection of the mirror.

“You easily shock to find how others behave, I see,” she added, her expression is one of strange. “In some way, that is normal, Altara, my dear. But what isn't


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