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Global Ascension

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Genius Flow" - I heard ascending is very difficult? I think it's quite simple, I ascended after two and a half years of practice. This is an era where the Heavenly Artifact descends, causing a global uproar with constant hidden tides. Everyone can traverse between the future and the past. Thus, a tumultuous era begins. Those who cross into the high-level fantasy world instantly soar, while those who cross into the low-level martial world fall into dust. Qin Yi has extraordinary talent but lacks a little luck. He begins in the middle martial world. Can he step on the 8 billion people worldwide? Ascend above the Nine Heavens and top the world!

Chapter 1 The heavens open

The first few chapters of this book may have a slightly slow pace, but after the first five chapters, the pace becomes rapid.

On this day, almost all eligible people worldwide held a symbol from the Heavenly Exploration Alliance, made of an unknown material. They watched the live broadcast of the exploration on the global alliance, waiting for the moment when the heavens would open at nine o'clock in the morning. Just a few days ago, all the countries on Earth officially united to form an organization called the Heavenly Exploration Alliance. The reason for forming this alliance was the discovery of an extraordinary artifact called the Heavenly Artifact, found ten years ago at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. After ten years of exploration, it was formally announced and activated recently. After the opening of the Heavenly Artifact, everyone on the planet had the opportunity to cross into the vast and boundless worlds of the heavens. Currently, six levels of worlds have been explored: Low Martial World: Basic martial arts, practitioners can withstand attacks from dozens of people and have a lifespan almost identical to that on Earth. Middle Martial World: Masters can perform extraordinary feats like walking on water or scaling walls. They can handle battles against hundreds of people and have a lifespan of up to 150. High Martial World: Masters can move effortlessly among an army, shatter rocks with bare hands, and have a lifespan of 300. Low Profound World: Masters can slice mountains and change the course of rivers, with a lifespan of up to 1000. Middle Profound World: Masters can cause devastation over hundreds of miles, and lakes disappear at their command, with a lifespan of 10,000. High Profound World: Can shatter stars with a single strike, with a lifespan of 100,000. Beyond the High Profound World, is currently unknow "After studying hard for more than ten years, just as the fruits of my labor were about to unfold, everything has been turned upside down, and the deck has been reshuffled." 

In the dormitory of the Imperial Capital University, Qin Yi held the Heavenly Symbol, with a hint of anticipation in his eyes, but also with a hint of unease. He was born into an ordinary and poor family but entered the Imperial Capital University as a top student. If everything had followed the planned path, he'd have had a bright future. But the sudden turn of events had left him feeling complicated. What if the outcome was not favorable? Would he return to the bottom of the social hierarchy? Nobody was certain.

"Yes, I'm almost about to graduate, and just as I was filled with hope, these sudden changes occurred."

 Another person in the dormitory, a thin man wearing round glasses, who came from a similar background as Qin Yi, except he relied on extra points to enter the Imperial Capital University, commented.

"But according to the official announcement of the Heavenly Exploration Alliance, our prospects in the worlds we might cross into are likely to be influenced by our intelligence, abilities, knowledge, and physical qualities. Considering that we were able to enter the Imperial Capital University, it's unlikely that our future worlds will be too shabby."

He comforted himself.

"Rohan, you didn't mention luck," another person in the dorm, who was wearing luxury brand attire, quipped. "Kaxiong, can you stop being a killjoy?"

Rohan pushed up his glasses and gave Kaxiong a fierce look. Yet, there was an unmistakable worry on his face.

"The official announcement stated that about one in ten people with outstanding abilities in all aspects may cross into low-level worlds. And similarly, about ten percent of those who are hopelessly unlucky may cross into high-level worlds. In the end, luck accounts for around ten percent."

"Though a probability of one in ten seems low, it's not that low. The four of us shouldn't be that unlucky."

Rohan nervously stated.

"I know I won't be..."

Kaxiong, sitting carefreely on his bed with his legs crossed, commented without a hint of worry. Since birth, his luck had been exceptional, born into a wealthy family, achieved good grades, and had several girlfriends.

"It's almost time, just a few minutes left. Let's wait!"

Another muscular man, named Xu Ming, was also extremely excited, although he had some uneasiness, his confidence overrode the doubt. "Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...

" Seconds turned into minutes. As everyone watched representatives of various countries' speeches at the headquarters of the Heavenly Exploration Alliance, they also waited. At the last minute, although there were no ticking clocks, a voice echoed in everyone's mind all over the world. Everyone held their breath, clutching the symbols, and awaited the moment when the heavens would open, anticipating an unprecedented moment in the earth's history. "

"I declare that the World of Heaven is officially open!"

The final words came from the Secretary-General of the alliance. 

  "The time has come!" 

In that instant, a radiant green light spread and covered every place on Earth where people were present and then vanished in a matter of moments. At that moment, the Earth fell into an unprecedented silence, as if everyone had fallen into a deep slumber. Several minutes later, people began to wake up one after another, evoking a mix of joy and sorrow.  

"It's impossible, absolutely impossible!" Ke Chongyun suddenly leaped off the bed, shouting in disbelief. 

 "What's wrong?"

 Luo Hai asked nervously.

 "Are you the one with the ... luck?" Luo Hai couldn't continue. As roommates for several years, he genuinely hoped that all four of them would at least make it to the Mid-Heavenly World. That was where he had been placed, and he felt pretty good about it. 

 "My results are out, and they're not bad!" 

Xu Ming opened his eyes at that moment, visibly excited but restrained himself from rejoicing, seeing Ke Chongyun's somber expression.  

"Go ahead and celebrate, no need to worry about me!"

 Ke Chongyun sat desolately in front of the computer desk, appearing lost. 

 "Old Ke, your acting skills aren't that good," 

Qin Yi said, opening his eyes at that moment. His tone was calm, but there was a hint of desolation in his eyes.

Chapter 2 Global summit?

Hearing Qin Yi's words, Luo Hai and Xu Ming were stunned for a moment.

Then he looked at Ke Chongyun's proud look, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Very speechless: "Is this kind of thing fun to joke about?"

After the two of them finished speaking, they stopped looking at Ke Chongyun and turned to look at Qin Yi.

Just when he was about to ask, Qin Yi's face didn't seem right.

Even Ke Chongyun also looked at Qin Yi, and for just a moment, his heart skipped a beat.

"As you can imagine, I am one of the ten unlucky ones. I traveled to the world of Chinese martial arts."

Qin Yi took a deep breath and then said.

When the other three people in the dormitory heard this, they immediately fell silent and wanted to say something to comfort Qin Yi.

But they couldn't be comforted, because, in their opinion, this kind of comfort was meaningless.

"Why are you so silent? Isn't th


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