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Forced to return after death

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There are always some protagonists in the small world, they are either heartless, loveless, or homicidal. They're used to being in control, even coming back from hell with ease. Jiang Rong is bound by the system because of his compatibility, and the task is to enter these small worlds, get the love of the protagonist, and let the protagonist feel that the world has love. After hitting the main character's love score full, you will get a reward. Originally, after brushing the favorable degree, he could spend a happy life with the protagonist and then leave, but Jiang Rong will open the death recluse mode after getting the protagonist's love, and quickly go to the next world. Just after he left the whole world, the retribution came. The hero of these worlds is madder than ever after his death, and the mission that was supposed to succeed fails. System 2222: Congratulations on achieving an achievement that speeds up the collapse of the world and rewards you for going back to work

Chapter 1

【.... Input 】

"Don't say, this thing looks really good....."

As soon as the sound of the system died down, a voice came in my ear. As soon as the fog cleared, Jiang Rong saw a hand reaching toward his face.

There was no hesitation at all, Jiang Rong stepped back a little, and with a slap he clapped away the hand that was extended to him. He thought he was using a lot of force, but the voice sounded weak.

It's not his own problem, but the body he has now has no strength.

In front of him was a face with stubble, angry at Jiang Rong's action of slapping away his hand, and looking at his hand and trying to reach it, Jiang Rong's eyes crossed with a hint of coolness.

"No, if anything happens to him, we can't afford it." One side of the people quickly pulled him, this person smell speech face change, to Jiang Rong hum.

Then there was darkness under the hood, and Jiang Rong could no longer see outside.

Yes, where he is now is in a cage. The cage, which could hold an adult, seemed to be made of gold, and as Jiang Rong stepped back, he hit the pillar and couldn't go any further.

He could feel his body wearing thin, clothes are short, above the waist, pants are very long, but prefer the type of culottes. There were some ornaments hanging on the body, and a golden anklet on the ankle, and chains hanging on the cage.

At least the place that should be covered has been covered, Jiang Rong on his own dress at this time does not have too much opinion.

He touched his small arms and legs now, and he knew that this was a body of five scum. If the man outside that cage really wants to do something, he's gonna have to fight like hell to stay safe.

It was clear from the situation that he was not a man of great wealth, or even an object to be presented to anyone. Only his value should be expensive, so that his guards dare not really do anything to him.

Now the cage he was in was covered with cloth, and the darkness gave Jiang Rong some comfort. The cage was small but comfortable, and it was covered with thick cushions to keep it from getting cold.

Jiang Rong curled up his legs on the cushion and began a dialogue with the system in his mind: "Tell me, what's going on now."

【 Data transfer....】

A lot of information came into his mind, and it didn't take long for Jiang Rong to figure out his current situation. He is now in the backstage of the auction, and he is about to be sent to the stage of the "auction."

"Why have I been given such an identity? Isn't it true that you can't give bad status?"

【 Identity is based on quick contact with the protagonist, and under the current circumstances, your identity is already very good. 】

Jiang Rong also knew that his return was not a blessing, but he still sighed quietly: "You have changed, you used to love me very much."

It is because we love you so much that we have to come back to do the mission. System 2222 Cool reply.

Indeed, nothing is forced to come back and do the same task again. As a fast runner, Jiang Rong's mission is somewhat special.

Be cannon fodder or villain, the result is to become a stepping stone for the sons of Qi, to achieve them. Jiang Rong's task can also be said to be the achievement of the protagonist, but it is to let the protagonist learn to love.

Because these little worlds fall apart because the main character doesn't know what love is.

The emperor does not know how to love the people, the demon respects the life into the grass, the superior to achieve the goal by all means, regardless of other people's families. In the end, these things will come back to bite the world, the most deadly place.

Jiang Rong was chosen, it was said, because he was the most compatible with these lucky children of the small world and had the best chance of changing them.

Of course, taking the task is also Jiang Rong himself agreed, he felt that his system 2222 is too cute, not only will whisper to seek his opinion, even the number of the system is very stylish.

The way Jiang Rong makes these protagonists learn to love is very simple, is to make these protagonists fall in love with him. At that time, Jiang Rong also successfully did it, but will come back to do the task, but also because he did too successful.

The current system is intelligent, does not take data as the only standard, so that the protagonist learns to love is not in love with Jiang Rong, but to see how the protagonist is in the face of things.

But Jiang Rong took a shortcut, that is to play the protagonist's love value full. When the protagonist's love value for him reaches 100%, he will be judged a success in the mission.

Since you have the love of the protagonist wholeheartedly, it is safer to stay with the protagonist for a while. But Jiang Rong does not have a patient temperament, usually after the completion of the task will quickly leave the world to the next world.

So when the last world mission was completed, they got the news that the collapse value of those small worlds had become higher. The root is Jiang Rong's departure, so that the protagonist lost the source of "love".

Jiang Rong's mission fails and he needs to go back and stabilize the protagonists.

Because even if they come back again, the strong Qi possessed by the protagonist will let them retain the memory, the system simply lets him come to the time line after the death Escape, and re-contact the protagonist.

Now they return to this first mission world, two years have passed since Jiang Rong died here.

The background of this small world is about machinery and energy, despite the rapid development of technology, but still has a heavy class system. So there are the royal city and the noble, and there are the poor slaves.

The background of the world is large, and there are many countries, but in the middle of the desert there is a huge city that does not belong to any country, which is called "the city that never sleeps".

The city that never sleeps is divided into upper and lower levels, the upper level is shiny, is the place of national trading, has the world's largest auction house, but also has a large number of weapons. It's not an exaggeration to say that this is the richest city.

The lower level is almost wasteland, a gathering place for all kinds of negative words such as darkness, sin, and chaos. There are poor people and criminals on the run, and a gladiatorial arena where lives are at stake.

It's a dungeon, also known as the "death".

The protagonist of this world, Litis, is to walk out of the dungeon as a starting point.

Like most stories, the main character had a bad time before reaching the top, and Litis was the only prince of the world's original and country, but because of internal unrest in the court, someone underneath took power and succeeded.

The faithful guards escaped with Letis from the land of peace, and fled into the city that never sleeps, which belongs to no national power. But after a chase, the guard failed to protect Letis until the end, and the young prince was trapped in the dungeon.

Life around him suddenly goes from heaven to hell, and Litis quickly ADAPTS to being the main character. He crawled through the dungeon and gathered his own forces.

Then he returned to the original and the country with a strong hand, killed the usurper, and sat on the throne. This should be the end of the story.

But the loveless Letis is not a worthy king, and the power struggle in the dungeon is far more fierce than that within the royal family. People who go out of this place, how many will touch the addiction to blood, not to mention the little prince's original thinking is a little different.

He felt that his father had been taken from him because he was weak and incompetent and deserved it. The reason why revenge is the concept should be revenge, even if the guard fought to escort him all the way, to the end he did not shed a tear for the guard.

He was able to integrate himself into the dungeon almost as quickly as he could, and the boy as young as ten could kill his enemies without hesitation.

He was described as "like he was born in a dungeon".

After taking the throne, Letis consolidated his position and declared war on other nations. The blessing of fortune made him invincible, and he became a tyrant unknown to all, turning the whole world into purgatory.

Jiang Rong's understanding of the world's mission is to keep Litis from becoming a tyrant. There's nothing wrong with letting him learn to love, or at least empathize with the pain of war.

Jiang Rong also knows that only blindly let Litis fall in love with himself is not enough, and has always instilled the concept of "protection" and "friendly coexistence" to Litis.

When he finally decided to leave, Litis also had a lot of brothers and good brain advisers around him, such tyrannic behavior should not appear again.

"So he went the same way?"

[Yes, even more outrageous than the original, in the past two years he directly swallowed the comprehensive strength of the country than the original and stronger Saida, originally this is five years later he should achieve the "achievement".]

Litis really had more of a commitment to power than anyone else, or had the word "conquer" etched into his bones.

In fact, Jiang Rong also understood that the condition for the success of the task to set him up to achieve a love value of more than 100 is to hope that he can become a person who can restrain Litis.

To be this constraint meant to constrain Litis for a lifetime, and Jiang Rong did not want to live with each other for a lifetime. He chose to leave the world quickly because Litis was too much of a dog.

If you think about it, it's not surprising that he was brought back to work. Jiang Rong took a deep breath and said, "Is he in the city that never sleeps?"

(Yes, his goal now is to conquer the city that never sleeps.)

The cage where Jiang Rong was was lifted up, and it was going to be the auction table of the City that never Sleeps. Now that Litis was here, he understood why 2222 had given him such an identity.

When Jiang Rong enters the small world to become who, those body data will become his own, so he looks the same in every world.

People around will accept Jiangrong with the help of the system and the Tao of heaven, but these are only useful for these unimportant people. The main character would have noticed something was wrong, so Jiang Rong really needed a new, leakless identity to approach Litis.

Of course, some basic Settings will still be reflected, such as the auction of "items" are special screening and cultivation, a white skin beauty is beautiful in bed.

In fact, his current status is still risky, and the bet is that Litis will buy him for his face. Although 2222 says that Letis's love for him is still worth 100, that is for the dead man, not for him now.

Soon a light shone through the cloth, showing how strong the light was outside.

There were noisy voices all around, most clearly recently the voice of the host introducing his object.

"Next, I invite you to enjoy the lot."

With the departure of the cloth accompanied by the glare of the bright face over, Jiang Rong narrowed his eyes, straightened up, and looked at the guest seat in front of him.

The author has something to say:

Attack very dog, in my setting is so, the follow-up to see how to write.

However, his dog came back to spoil Rong Rong's first mission.

Different worlds have different views, and the three views of characters do not represent the three views of the author.

Probably every world routine is similar, the local dog is like to lose only know to cherish!


Chapter 2

I'll enhance and refine the provided text to elevate its literary style and correct any spelling or grammar issues:

"The radiance before my eyes was too intense, and having been in a dim state before, Jiang Rong could only see a blanket of white. He instinctively closed his eyes to alleviate the discomfort of facing such brightness.

Jiang Rong's current appearance was pale, reflecting under the spotlight. Gradually, he felt the intensity of the light diminish slightly, presumably because the auctioneers noticed it and adjusted the brightness to enable potential buyers to view him more clearly.

Behind him, a massive screen enlarged Jiang Rong several times and projected him above. The youth in the golden cage seemed as fragile as a trapped bird, huddling in a corner, appearing somewhat lost. His golden locks gently cascaded around his face, while the emerald eyes glistened with teardrops due to the direct glare, making him look es


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