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These story dates back to a century after the DJINN WAR. This war was between all the lycanthropes and a certain set of powerful djinns who held an ancient grudge against all creatures of the night. These war took the powerful ones in the lycanthropes with it like the BITTEN, a prophesied hero who was turned into a werewolf through a bite, an incident that has never occured before. He teamed up with a certain powerful vampire who's a stray from his clan. Together with their other friends and the leader Superior Alpha of then they defeated the djinns. The war affected all the creatures of the night, the battle was won but the war has just. Now in the future, humans began to evolve with higher and better technologies. With the help of these, humans were able to create some set of humans called 'The Enhanced'. The doctor in charge of this project was Arthur's father, who died while he was still very young. His other associates took over the project and it was not until some time that he discovered he was an enhanced himself. He grew up fighting the operations of the enhanced funded by this associate of his father's whom he believed killed him. Now, the powerful vampire has just been woken from his slumber and he poses a threat to the witches who like to be in control of things, and they also had a history. This vampire was accompanied by a long time friend who had been turned to a wraith. Together they made search on what happened since they were gone and strive to gather information if any of their friends survived for the last century. As a result of the war, the realms of the other creatures were almost ruined so most of them had to flee to earth. Now, a certain vampire seeks the red crystal to bring back his predecessor who had been placed to slumber because of the war, he allied with the associate in looking for this crystal and both didn't really open to each other about what they intend to use the crystal for. And if he is successful in using the crystal for his aim, another war is bound to occur and this will affect humanity in general. And on humanity side are some enhanced, some lycanthropes and the Anti-enhanced group. Without knowing it much, they were actually working together towards the same goal. These story entails Secrecy, Revelation, Bloodshed and Romance. Your reviews are highly welcome.


It was night in a certain metropolitan city, the roads were full of cars and all forms of transportation. Honking and curses here and there, we can’t pretend that won’t happen in a busy city.

Moreover, a certain car was moving faster than others, the car overtook a large truck and the truck driver retaliated by sticking his head out through the window.

“Fxck you, moron!. If you wanna die, must it be tonight?”, The driver cursed and went back into his hole.

“That was a nasty drive, Malcom!”, A woman berated the middle aged looking man by her side.

“I’m sorry, Mary. But I don’t have time to waste”, Malcom shouted back.

“We have a kid in the back for fxck sake, Malcom!”, Mary shouted again.

“I know. I just want him to be safe”, Malcom said and glanced at the rear mirror briefly looking at the kid.

The car took a turn and continued it’s journey in a rural area away from the disturbing sounds of the city.

“By the way, Arthur would always be safe. Is there something you didn’t tell me?”, Mary asked glaring at Malcom.

“No…not…nothing”, Malcom stammered

“Now, definitely that’s something”, Mary said and took a look at Arthur again. “Please don’t tell me you made him into an enhanced”, Mary said.

Malcom gritted his teeth. “Fxck!. I had to”, he said with a sad expression.

“He would have to live his life as a freak!”, Mary shouted

“Woman, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a heart attack from these lovely shouts of yours”, Malcom said

“And I’m grateful my husband gave me that!”, Mary shouted and Malcom sighed.

“Listen, he would be strong enough to defend himself. Things didn’t go according to plan, Mary”, Malcom said. “I was compromised”, he added.

“Won’t that make him a target too. Won’t they go after my son?”, Mary said and slowly started sobbing.

“We are in this together. But when he’s older, he’ll go after them. They don’t want this project for the good thing, and I can’t lose an opportunity to make my son stronger even if it’s too late for me”, Malcom said. “You wouldn’t understand “, He added

“Fxck. Who would have understood more in this world if not me, Malcom!”, Mary sobbed.

The car continued on a cliffy road and trailer suddenly showed up on the opposing traffic lane.

“Who the hell is this driver?”, Malcom cursed.

"Malcom!", Mary shouted as she grabbed the dashboard hard with one hand and tried holding Arthur behind with the other hand.

"What is he doing?", Malcom said aloud as he steered the other lane and the trailer did the same. When he saw the action of the driver, a dreaded thought came to his mind. And he steered again avoiding the collision, but he steered to the tip of the cliff and he marched the brake. They were panting.

"Are you both okay?", Malcom asked as he glanced at young Arthur who was panicked as well.

"No, we are not. Is the driver drunk or something?", Mary asked.

Then the trailer started speeding towards them.

“I think he’s here to take us out”, Malcom said with his lips quivering.

“No!”, Mary screamed and she tried to get a full grab on Arthur but before she could the trailer collided with their car and it flipped over the cliff. The car fell with full force striking the edges of the cliffs and eventually landed. The driver got down and looked downwards towards the car wreckage. He waited for some moments and the car exploded.


Your review is highly appreciated

Chapter 2 FREAK

The car struck the edges of the cliffs and suffered a huge wreckage before it landed.

Both Malcom and Mary had became unconscious, but young Arthur was still behind strapped to the seat belt by Mary. She had made sure to strap Arthur into the seat belt before the car fell. Arthur struggled to get free and winced in pain as few cuts had been made on his head. Malcom gasped back to life and looked to his right and could see Mary with her eyes dead open, then he could blood gushing from her neck. A broken glass had pierced her neck, and she was dead before they landed. He gulped as tears began falling from his eyes and tried moving but also discovered a shrapnel had ran through his belly. It was then that he could see blood on his legs, and hands.

He struggled as he winced in pain to free Arthur from the seat belt. He groaned in pain.

“Daddy”, Arthur quivered and Malcom forced a smile.

“Daddy will get you out”, Malcom said as he mustered his last strength an


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