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Emmanuel Oluwatosin

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These story dates back to a century after the DJINN WAR. This war was between all the lycanthropes and a certain set of powerful djinns who held an ancient grudge against all creatures of the night. These war took the powerful ones in the lycanthropes with it like the BITTEN, a prophesied hero who was turned into a werewolf through a bite, an incident that has never occured before. He teamed up with a certain powerful vampire who's a stray from his clan. Together with their other friends and the leader Superior Alpha of then they defeated the djinns. The war affected all the creatures of the night, the battle was won but the war has just. Now in the future, humans began to evolve with higher and better technologies. With the help of these, humans were able to create some set of humans called 'The Enhanced'. The doctor in charge of this project was Arthur's father, who died while he was still very young. His other associates took over the project and it was not until some time that he discovered he was an enhanced himself. He grew up fighting the operations of the enhanced funded by this associate of his father's whom he believed killed him. Now, the powerful vampire has just been woken from his slumber and he poses a threat to the witches who like to be in control of things, and they also had a history. This vampire was accompanied by a long time friend who had been turned to a wraith. Together they made search on what happened since they were gone and strive to gather information if any of their friends survived for the last century. As a result of the war, the realms of the other creatures were almost ruined so most of them had to flee to earth. Now, a certain vampire seeks the red crystal to bring back his predecessor who had been placed to slumber because of the war, he allied with the associate in looking for this crystal and both didn't really open to each other about what they intend to use the crystal for. And if he is successful in using the crystal for his aim, another war is bound to occur and this will affect humanity in general. And on humanity side are some enhanced, some lycanthropes and the Anti-enhanced group. Without knowing it much, they were actually working together towards the same goal. These story entails Secrecy, Revelation, Bloodshed and Romance. Your reviews are highly welcome.


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