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Beg For Your Life

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Aura
  • Chapters: 4
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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"How dare you thinking I am a weak woman?" "You had hurt my family, my friends, my love. You don't deserve to live. I will make sure to finish your whole existence." After getting up from Coma, Aurora forgets everything about her past. When she was on the way of living a normal life but slowly her memories starting to come. The voices in her head are making her insane. Falling in love was never on her to do list but looks like the hot Doctor is the one who is in her heart. When Aurora gets her memory back, she got know that she is a Queen of Slavenland (The land of fairies and happiness). But One day all the fairies died. All the happiness turns into sadness. Every one of her family members died that day. Will Aurora be able to save Slavenland? Can she handle both her LoveLife and duty? Please be advise and enjoy the story.

Chapter 1: Waking up.

"Aurora, wake up."

"Aurora, you need to come."

"Why aren't you coming to save us?"

"We are waiting for you."

"Please come."

"We need you."

"They are coming."

"If you don't come, they will kill us."

"Aurora, you promised to come.”

Aurora's heart rate jumps very high. Everyone started panicking.

Someone with a gravelly calm voice said, "She is waking up."

She opens her eye slowly and saw a beautiful man in a white apron looking at her with his blue eyes. When she looks at his eyes, she felt peaceful. The feeling can't be described.

The man slowly came closer to her and in a calm voice he said, "Finally you are awake."

"It's been 7 years since you were in coma."

"Hey, can you hear me?"

She replied, "Yeah, I can hear you." Her voice was trembling. She was scared.

The guy again said, "Hi, I am your doctor. My name is Noah. What's your name?"

"My name?"

"Yes, your name."

"I... Don't know...."

Then suddenly she yelled and said, "My name is Aurora."

It looks like she suddenly remembers something. Maybe the voices which she heard before. When she was in coma, she often hears some voices calling for her.

"So, Aurora, where are you from?" Noah hold Aurora’s hand trying to give her comfort.

Aurora looks up to him. Her eyes were searching for the answer to his question. She was really confused. She was trying her best to remember where she is from... Where her home is... Who is she actually... What happened to her... But she couldn't find answer of any of those question. What she only remembers is her name Aurora. She is exhausted she doesn’t remember anything about herself.

Noah was searching deeply in Aurora's eyes. He can see fear and confusion on her face. He replied, "You don't need to say. I can understand you are having trouble to remember."

"You need rest."

"I have been resting for past few years." said Aurora

"Well... You need more rest. It will help you remember everything. If you need something the nurses are here and if you remember something or need me, tell the nurse I will be there for you."

A few minutes later

Two nurses came into Aurora's room. She was sleeping so they gave her a injection and The nurses started gossiping with each other.

"Dr. Noah is really attached with the patient."

"Yeah, because she is his first patient. After he completed his internship, she was the patient he got."

"Dr. Noah is a guy who loves mystery. The patient is pretty much mysterious. For past 7 years Doctor Noah tried his best to find her family."

"Yeah, we all know that."

"This girl is very lucky to have a doctor like Noah."

"I talked with Dr. Noah he thinks Aurora maybe lost her memories. He is really worried about her."

"Now that Dr. Noah knows her name maybe he can find the girl's family."

"Let's hope so."

When they were talking Aurora was awake, she heard everything the nurses said. She lost her memories. Does that means she is never going to remember what her life looks like?

Few days later, Aurora started to feel better. She was still in the hospital. Noah checks on her every day. He was very surprised by watching her health improving so fast. “You are recovering very fast.”

“It’s a perks of staying in coma for 7 years I guess.” They both chuckles.

“Anyways The Police was searching for your family. They even published your photo on newspaper.”

“That’s great. I just want to leave the hospital.”

“I can understand. No one likes staying in hospital.”

In the past few days, Aurora became very close to Noah. They talk with each other a lot. They have become a very good friend.

“Dr. Noah, Can I ask something to you?”

“Yes, You can ask meanything.”

“Have you ever heard some voices in your mind calling you name, telling you to help them?”

“Why are you asking this?”

“Sometimes I hear voices in my head. When I close my eyes I can see people are dying, they are screaming in pain. They are calling my name...”

“Aurora, what I think is this is some kind of your memories coming back.”

“Do you mean everything I am watching and hearing are my memories? Which means people really died?”

“Maybe that’s why you went into coma. You were so injured when you came here.”

Aurora didn’t said anything she became quite and start thinking about everything Noah said.

One day, Noah was checking up on some patients when He received a call from the Police station.

"Hey, Noah."

"We found Aurora's relative. A guy contacted with us and said he is Aurora's brother. In one accident, their parents died and then after few days Aurora went missing."

“Her brother will visit at the hospital tomorrow.”

Chapter 2: Family.

Noah's POV

She has a brother. But why am I feeling anxious about it? I don't feel good about this. My sixth sense is screaming in my head saying something is wrong. She has a family, it's good right? I want her to be safe. They are saying she should go with her brother. Her brother? Is that guy really her brother? I still remember how bad her condition was when she was admitted here. Thank God, the farmer saw her or else she would have died. I still wonder what happened to her that day. I am sure someone tried to murder her. Maybe that's the reason I don't trust her going with someone unknown. I asked the police that if they have done any investigation about the person who is claiming himself as Auror's brother. What if he is not her brother? What if he is the one who tried to kill her? Why did he came for her after 7 years? I am not a negative person but something about it just don’t feel right.


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