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You're My Ribs

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Defano is a CEO who is forced by his girlfriend Cerryka to marry him immediately on the grounds that they have been dating for a long time. But, Defano refused because of his seemingly endless busyness in the office. Until one day Defano was assigned to a branch office outside the city, and his car accidentally hit a girl. As time went by, Defano slowly liked the girl and was no longer her lover. "I have found a rib that fits my body, but somehow at the same time my heart feels that she is not my rib." - Defano . "If I really was your rib, would you be willing to leave your lover?" - Hana How will the story continue?

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Defano Brahmajaya was struggling with sheets of paper that had been neatly packed in a dark blue folder with the company logo. He kept using the ballpoint pen in his hand to write something down. One sheet is finished, then it's on to the second, and so on.

If Mr. Afnan is the President of the company, then his son Defano is the CEO who will be the next successor of the company. Defano is Mr. Afnan's only son, so like it or not, Defano must be able to control business and office matters.

From the beginning of Defano entering college, he has been introduced and even equipped with the business world and also office problems by his father. Even so, it really doesn't matter because Defano is a reliable man. He graduated from college quickly and worked as the CEO of his father's company.

When he was still busy with the files, suddenly the gray door opened, showing a girl with long straight back hair that was deliberately dyed caramel and bangs on her forehead, combined with a cream flowery blose, a black short skirt above the knee, and shoes that matched the color of her cream shirt approached Defano with a brown sling bag on her shoulder.

The girl looked a little annoyed, as seen from her furrowed brow and the way she walked quickly until she stopped in front of Defano's desk.

"Honey, I don't want to know, we have to get married as soon as possible!" as if with a pushy tone, the girl expressed her heart that had been pent up.

Defano raised his head. Yes, he knew, and even knew very well that the one who had just come was his girlfriend. Their relationship had been going on for quite some time, since both of them were still in high school. Her name is Cherryka Jasmine. Defano placed his pen on the white paper and scooped up her face using his right hand. Afterward, he looked at the girl who was his girlfriend again.

"Cherry, can you see me now? I'm always busy with work, even I always come home at night. Sleep only for a short while and leave again in the morning to work. My world now is very different from the past when I was just a student or college student and there was always time for you,"

"Well at least postpone it, you promised me that time, do you want to break your promise huh?"

"I'm sorry, darling. I really can't. But if you really want, you can take care of all the wedding preparations first either now or tomorrow. I won't run away, I love you my dear, I will definitely marry you," Defano stood up from his sitting position and walked slightly to where his lover was standing, more precisely to the left of his lover, then he embraced his lover's narrow shoulders.

"Really? Just watch out if you don't marry me. My father always asks me about marriage, if you don't come home at all to propose to me, then..."

"Then what, dear?" Cherry turned her gaze in another direction. Defano was getting suspicious of what his girlfriend was hiding. His face noticed Cherry's expressions and gestures which he found strange. Cherry faced Defano and tried to answer him stammeringly.

"Just s-just... then my father will be angry and..."

"And... what?"

"And think you're not serious about this relationship, Def!" Cherry raised her voice slightly and faced Defano, so that the man in front of her would understand.

Defano nodded in response. Putting his hands into his pants and walking towards his chair again and sitting there while linking his fingers, placed to his chin, forming a triangle if the support of his two elbows was the table.

"Alright, we'll meet your parents first later," Defano coaxed. Instantly Cherry's eyes widened, and even her mouth opened in surprise that her boyfriend was actually doing what she wanted.

"Seriously?" Defano nodded with a smile.

"Yeay! Thank you, dear." Cherry immediately ran to hug Defano who was still sitting in his work chair.


On the other hand, there is a beautiful girl from New York who is working in one of the salons that has now been established for almost a year under her Auntie Dalmi. Aunt Dalmi herself also has a main salon in Los Angeles, California and will be busier there. So, for the salon in New York she left it to her niece, more precisely just managed. The girl's name was Hana Yunita. The salon Hana had set up in New York was a branch of her aunt's salon. She was just running it, but all the income was given to her and to share it with the employees as well.

As the business progressed, Hana's salon became more popular among the wealthy. Make no mistake, even though those who come are rich people, the salon Hana runs is still a salon for women only, both young and old. Even the 25-year-old girl never complains if clients ask for strange hair colors, because a woman always wants to try new things. There are those who want colorful coloring, there are also those who ask for a haircut but afterwards the original hair is reattached. Very troublesome isn't it? But Hana still serves patiently so that customers like it.

"Hi... Hana!" Greet one of the customers who have subscribed to Hana's 'Blossom' Salon. Hana, who was fixing the hair of the customer, immediately turned her head towards the girl and immediately her face was surprised to see the person she had known, not only knew again, but was a good friend.


The one who was called came closer to Hana who was fixing the customer's hair.

"I want it, curly hair but yes,"

"Ready, wait in this chair first," Hana pointed to the chair next to her customer.

"You still work at the wagyu restaurant right?" Hana asked.

"Still, but yes..."

"So what?"

"The pay isn't right, I feel like resigning."

"That Wagyu restaurant at the crossroads, right?" Said the other customer. Hana and Naomi immediately glanced at the customer and nodded in unison.

"Yes, it's there," Naomi was a little hesitant to say.

"Ah, my son also wanted to apply for a job there, but hearing the news from you, I think I'll just forbid it," Naomi glanced at Hana as if giving a code so that the customer would not reveal the matter.

"Emm... it's better to try it first, Auntie. Maybe it only applies to Naomi, not to new employees," Hana winked at Naomi a few times so as not to appear to be bringing down the restaurant where the girl worked.

"Ah ... the boss is really nice, he's just not nice to me because I made a mistake," Naomi tried to convince the customer not to be afraid anymore if her child worked there.

"Hmm, is that so?" The customer who was called Auntie also frowned.

"Yes... Well, this is finished, please go to the cashier to find out the total, Auntie," Hana displayed her sweet smile and invited the customer to immediately go to the cashier.

Just as one customer left and wanted to handle Naomi's hair, Hana's cell phone on the counter suddenly rang, displaying her aunt's name.




"Aunt Dalmi?"

She immediately picked up the phone by sliding the green button to the right.

"Hello, what's up, Auntie?"


Hearing what her aunt had just said took Hana by surprise.



Chapter 2: Should I Move?

A girl entered a famous cafe, Star***, wearing her long cream-colored outerwear, her hair was tied up because she was not used to having her hair in a ponytail. It would just feel uncomfortable to her. Who else if not Hana.

Hana searched for the whereabouts of the person who invited her to meet, her eyes looking around the room until she found the silhouette of her aunt who was waiting for her while sipping her coffee. She immediately walked over to the table and greeted her aunt.

"Auntie?" She looked up and saw her niece's beautiful face and fashionable appearance. Instantly her face brightened as the corners of her lips pulled back.

"Hana, come sit down first," her aunt ordered and Hana complied.

"What's wrong with you wanting to see me like this? I left the salon and no one is looking after it except the staff," Hana asks as she sits on the chair in front of her Aunt.

"No problem, Han. There's somethi


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