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Wildest Beast [Hillarca Series 01]

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Maybe true love is the biggest obstacle of all. All Chaldene Azeria Tacata wants is to experience the normal course of life, just like everyone else. That would make paying the rent a problem. When her cousin's company recommended something. She immediately applied, she just didn't expect that her boss would be the arrogant and rude man at the hospital. Her anger started, but she was slapped suddenly. "Excuse me?" She made a mistake! It was a different person in front of her, she thought she wouldn't accept it anymore. But he still accepted her...that the simple course that Azeria wanted suddenly became chaotic. She falls harder for him, and it's too late to know that the love she was forbidden. It is unclear whether they will be two because Rezoir Israel Hillarca's family is the reason why his Mama disappeared. Chaldene then decided...she decided to stay away from him because even she loves him so much. They are not meant to is just like the wildest beast that can break her into piece.


"Are you kidding me?" Dalea laughed at him. I tried to touch her, but she immediately pushed me away—enough to push me away from her. I looked at Nashe, almost begging, but his ears were also closed like Dalea’s.

My tears fell completely when Dalea's palms landed on his cheeks. To the person my heart chose—the person I loved that I shouldn't have

“Seriously, Rezoir? " Dalea said sarcastically, "You're not just a fraud; you're really stupid! "

His eyes were still on me, even though my cousin Dalea was seething with anger in front of him. His face was very tired—maybe tired of what was happening between the two of us. I looked away. I cried on my palm. Honestly, I would have accepted more if he had let go. I can do better if he says my decision was right.

Because if I'm asked, I can't do that. If he were to say those words to me now, I would accept them. It's not because I don't want to; that's the right thing. It was right for both of us; I didn't appeal for Nashe to hold me by the arm. It's not like before, when I was completely paralyzed by its grip. I don't want it anymore. I just wanted to rest, but what Rezoir said next stunned not only me but also my cousins.

"How about our wedding then? Is it canceled?"

"What the f*ck!" Dalea shouted. When I heard that, Nashe immediately supported me; I almost fell off my feet. I didn't expect him to open up about his alleged marriage.

I closed my eyes tightly; I thought he had no use for that matter. He should just forget everything because I am, even though it is difficult. I will forget everything because that is the right thing to do.

"There will be no wedding, Hillarca!" Papa shouted hysterically.

"P-papa." My muscles trembled as he immediately walked towards Rezoir.

"What are you still doing here?! I said go back to Manila! Why are you still bothering my daughter? You got what you wanted!"

No, sir. You're wrong; I haven't gotten what I want yet. We both stared at each other. Just by looking at him, I knew what he was talking about, and I wasn't wrong. "I will not leave here as long as I'm not with your daughter, he said coldly.

"Son of a b*tch! Are you kidding me, huh? There's no reason for you-"

"There is," he interrupted Papa. At this time, I fell from where I was standing because of his tense jaw and his cold eyes. It let out words that I was sure would make my family angry with me: "She's carrying my child. There's no way in hell I'm going home knowing my child is in her womb!"

I've always been afraid to love anyone other than friends and family. Because I know that when I fall in love, love itself will destroy my life. And I was right because, after meeting Rezoir, I learned that the love I have for him is dangerous. Papa looked at me palely, confirming what he heard.

"I'm sorry. Sorry, Pa." I was crying. He shook his head and took a step between us. He grabbed me by the shoulder and shook me gently.

"N-no, that I just heard wrong, didn't I, Azeria? It's all just a mistake, isn't it?" he shouted at me and kept shaking me by the shoulder.

"Uncle," Nashe said, trying to remove Papa's hand that was firmly holding my shoulder. I cried when Dad fell to the ground and his tears fell.

"W-why? Why Azeria? Why him?" My chest tightened at what Dad said. I knelt even though Nashe tried to stop me. My hands were shaking when I took his hand and kissed his clenched fist, and I apologized again and again.

"W-why? Why did you fall in love with someone you shouldn't have liked?" I shook my head and still apologized to him. No, I don't know why I liked the person you hate, Dad. Sorry, sorry, because I don't know.

"What do you mean about that, sir? Until now, you still can't forgive us?" Even though I can't see him because of my tears, I can feel it. I can feel the pain in his voice.

"Is this in your plan? Do you also plan to take my daughter like how your father took my wife?" full of the anguished cries of Papa.

"We didn't take her! She came willingly!"

"Shut up!" I shouted and completely stood up. I try to wipe my tears, but with my tight chest, it's hard to stay.

"Do you think the same about me, huh, baby? Do you think I planned everything, do you?"

"Why? Isn't that what you want? Isn't that what your family wants to destroy us with?"

He grinned, but I knew he was not happy but hurt. He looked behind me; I knew he was looking at Dad. He tilted his head, and there I saw how his tears fell. I squeezed my hand to relieve the pain I felt.

I could hear her breathing and a few sighs. Now it's looking down, and you thought there was something that could take away the pain it was feeling.

"If I planned this, do you think I would still love you?" I clenched my fist. "B-baby, if everything was planned, we wouldn't be out of the country; do you think I'll let people get in the way of the two of us? But if it's planned, do you think I'll let you get away with it?" New tears fell from my eyes.

"It's just a coincidence that I'm attracted to your daughter, sir, and it has nothing to do with my father or whatever plan you're thinking of. Fate is the maker! But please don't involve us in the mess you three are in. I love her, I love her d*mn so much," and I didn't expect him to kneel in front of me. "Even if you search my condo and I'll prove it was planned, it's fine. But I hope you don't make my son a b*st*rd. I was tired and didn't have enough rest. Maybe my weakness was the reason I lost my trance and then everything went blank.

Chapter 1

My father told me that my mother died when she gave birth to me, it's sad that I grew up without a mother. Dad didn't fail, he stood up like my father and mother. So even if I tripped once in school, I was able to overcome all of that. I don't want papa to see that I'm weak, he says I'm his strength so if I become weak, he will lose his strength too. That's why I keep getting stronger.

We are going out of Manila on mom's death anniversary. Manila is the place where my mother was born, the place where she grew up, and also the place where she was buried. We only visit her because she has no relatives living in Manila, that's what mom told dad. It was surprising and confusing that I didn't ask dad anymore, visiting her at least once a year was enough. But this time I wasn't with dad, he was left at the hacienda because he needed to fix the problem. So, my cousins ​​Red, Theo, and Lucas are with me, the three are currently living


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